Jtv Airing Now Southwest Style Jewelry


Jawbone Television (Jtv) is the go-to destination for anyone interested in jewelry. We know that sometimes it can be overwhelming when shopping for something as special and personal as jewelry, which is why we created our Airing Now feature to help make your life easier. Airing Now brings you an exciting selection of Southwest style jewelry from all over the world.

These artfully crafted pieces bring energy to any wardrobe. Shop bold necklaces, bracelets, and rings with vibrant turquoise stones, unexpected combos of materials like white gold and black onyx, and mix intricate Celtic – inspired designs with dynamic jasper stones. You can also discover a vast selection of western-inspired pieces like spiked silver bangles paired with smooth coral cabochons. Moreover, each piece incorporates traditional Mexican designs, hand-crafted silverwork accents and other unique cultural vibes to create an undeniably captivating look. Whether you’re attending an outdoor event or dressing up for a night out on the town, Jtv has the perfect high-end Southwest style piece sure to grab everyone’s attention!

Types of Southwest Jewelry

Southwest style jewelry is characterized by a variety of symbolism and designs that reflect a wide range of ethnic cultures from the southwestern part of the United States. Common motifs that are often seen in these pieces are symbols such as Native American feathers, dream catchers, traditional silver crosses, and sacred sun images. The designs typically incorporate influences from Mexico, Latin America, New Mexico, Arizona, Native American tribes, and even Spanish Colonial elements. It is also common to see gemstones incorporated into the design such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, jasper and obsidian. Southwest style jewelry is often further distinguished by its use of sterling silver or gold-plated elements with metal filigree or scrollwork accents. It may feature handwoven beads or semi-precious stones made into small heishi necklaces and bracelets. Popular items include bolo ties adorned with leather tassels on either end that are worn by men and embossed leather cuffs bedazzled with colorful rhinestones for women. A broad spectrum of visually arresting earrings including dangles with sparkling multi-faceted gems show off mixed metals including pewter mixed with copper or brass which can further be set against organic matte finished stones like tiger eye.

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Popular Designs

Jtv Airing Now is showcasing a wide range of beautiful southwestern style jewelry, including a stunning selection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. This jewelry features popular designs with intricate detailing and vivid colors. Appealing to both classic and modern styles, the jewelry reflects the culture and heritage of the American Southwest with bold symbols and patterns. From detailed corn patterns to opulent stones representing Arizona’s vibrant landscape, these pieces make for excellent additions to any wardrobe. With so many options available, it can be tough to narrow down the best choices. To help customers find the perfect piece of southwest style jewelry for them, Jtv Airing Now is highlighting some of their most requested pieces. These include large statement pieces such as bib necklaces or chunky chains as well as delicate bracelets adorned with symbol clusters or single charms. For those looking for something more subtle yet daring, geometric shapes combined with minimalist styles offer bold yet timeless looks that still radiate southwest vibes when put together correctly. With so many gorgeous designs to choose from on Jtv Airing Now’s southwestern style jewelry collection, customers are sure to find something unique that fits their own personal tastes perfectly!

Where to Buy

Jawbone Television (JTV) is airing their exclusive southwest-inspired jewelry right now! You can find a range of elegant, cultural pieces including necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Whether you’re looking for something iconic and classic or fashionable and trendy, JTV has what you’re after!

You can buy your favorite southwest style jewelry from JTV’s online store or watch the show airs to grab yours straight away. Local shops that carry the brand’s products are also great sources for finding unique selections of the jewelry available. From retail stores such as department stores to independent boutiques, you’ll find that some of these shops will offer special discounts for their customers who purchase directly from them. Additionally, you can also find certain items at brick & mortar locations if that’s more convenient for you.

To ensure that you are purchasing authentic and quality crafted pieces of southwest style jewelry from JTV, make sure to check out the brand’s official website before making any purchases. That way, you can verify features like price points and materials used in each item to make sure they match the craftsmanship standards set by Jawbone Television.

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Benefits of Shopping with JTV

When you shop with JTV, you can be sure that you’re purchasing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from the finest materials. Pieces of southwestern style jewelry often feature traditional tribal designs or materials like turquoise and silver; buying from JTV ensures these pieces are of the highest quality. Furthermore, JTV frequently offers exclusive sales and discounts that give bargain shoppers opportunities to find their perfect piece for an unbeatable price. In addition to amazing jewelry, JTV also provides in-depth instructional resources that teach viewers insightful tips about caring for jewelry and valuable information about buying and giving perfect gifts every time. You can rest easy knowing that all orders through JTV are guaranteed secure, affording customers complete peace of mind with their purchase. With so many helpful features, it’s clear why people love shopping at JTV – your only regret will be not having discovered it sooner!


Q: What type of jewelry does Jawbone Television offer?

A: Jtv specializes in Southwest style jewelry, which includes an array of rings and necklaces featuring special stones, such as turquoise, opal, onyx, and many more. We also carry a wide selection of pendants and earrings that convey the hues and spirit of the American Southwest.


Jawbone Television is the premier destination for southwest style jewelry. Their selection features traditional styles mixed with modern materials and cutting-edge designs, so it’s easy to find something to suit your own unique look. The pieces also come from a variety of renowned brands, ensuring quality and caliber beyond your expectations. With Jewelry TV at the helm, you’re guaranteed a shopping experience like no other.