Johan Jewelry

Introduction to Johan Jewelry

Johan Jewelry is a family-run business that specializes in producing beautifully crafted jewelry pieces. It was founded in the 1970s by Johan, a passionate jeweler from Spain. Since its inception, the company has dedicated itself to creating timeless and unique pieces, guided by its mission of creating heirlooms that will be passed down through generations. To realize this mission, it employs only the finest craftsmanship and techniques, sourcing materials from all over the world and taking utmost care with every detail along the way.

The core values of Johan Jewelry are centered around quality and excellence. They strive each and every day to provide their clients with pieces of incomparable elegance and perfection. Their exclusive services include specialized engravings on precious metals or gems, custom designs to fit individualized needs, as well as guidance on selecting the perfect jewelry for any occasion. To top it off, they offer free repairs for life—giving reason after reason to choose a beautiful piece from the house of Johan Jewelry.

Celebrations and Memories with Johan Jewelry

Johan Jewelry is a perfect way to mark special occasions, anniversaries, and weddings with lasting memories. Whether it is a special piece of jewelry to give as a gift or something a couple chooses to commemorate their union, Johan Jewelry will make the occasion even more beautiful. Gifting these pieces of jewelry to someone special is sure to evoke deep emotions and excitement. Receiving a one-of-a-kind piece from Johan Jewelry means that the recipient can have something precious to remember the special day for years to come. With eye-catching designs specially made for different occasions, the wearer can tell the story of how this piece came into their life in an elegant and meaningful way. From statement rings and necklaces, intimate lockets carrying a treasured photo, bracelets commemorating love and commitment, set with sparkling gemstones – each piece has been crafted with care, creating a timeless reminder of joyful celebrations and everlasting memories.

Unique Designs

Johan Jewelry creates stunning, unique pieces of jewelry that represent the stories of the wearer. Every design is carefully crafted with sophisticated details and a unique story intertwined with each piece. Many of their pieces feature bold designs, vibrant gemstones, and intricate carving techniques from around the world. For example, the “Waala” line features two snake coils intertwined to form one figure made entirely from diamonds and gems in addition to a white pear diamond center stone for extra dimension. The beauty behind this design comes from the inspiration it takes from an ancient Hindu myth about two lovers being re-united every time they pass away into different realms during reincarnation. Aside from its stunning design, this makes it truly special. Other collections such as “Kloram” or “Kristal Bleu” have similar underlying messages and sources of inspiration behind them while still maintaining exquisite beauty and intricacy within each piece. All of Johan Jewelry’s pieces are therefore symbols of love, hope, spiritualism and growth – all values we should embrace within our lives!

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Craftsmanship and Commitment to Quality

Johan Jewelry is a leader in the jewelry industry, renowned for their craftsmanship and commitment to quality. Each piece of jewelry is made with meticulous attention to detail, from careful selection of the diamonds and gemstones, to precise hand-setting of each stone. The exceptional quality is ensured by master goldsmiths who must go through extensive training before even being allowed to work on a single piece. This dedication to quality makes Johan Jewelry stand out among other jewelry brands.

The manufacturer’s commitment does not end upon completion of production, but extends all the way to customer delivery. A team of experts carefully inspects every piece prior shipment ensuring that customers will receive only top-notch products. Moreover, an independent certification for each diamond used in their pieces is available upon request for complete transparency in terms of gemstone origin and quality standards of mining processes that have been used And as part of its commitment to customers, Johan Jewelry also provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, giving peace of mind should any accidental damage occur during normal wear and tear.

Care Instructions

Johan Jewelry is a precious investment that should be treated with care. When storing your jewelry, always keep it in a dry environment at room temperature. Also, make sure to store each item separately in order to avoid scratching or tangling.
If you would like to clean your Johan Jewelry, use a soft microfiber cloth and warm water with mild detergent or soap. You should never use abrasive detergents or metal polish as this can cause the jewelry to fade or discolor over time. Make sure to never wear jewelry when swimming, bathing, or doing any other activity that involves contact with water. Additionally,you need to avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals such as hairspray or perfume as these can damage the metal and gemstones of your jewelry pieces. Lastly, it is advisable that you bring your Johan Jewelry pieces for regular check-ups at our jewlery stores for genuine cleanings and repairs if necessary.

Shop Johan Jewelry

Johan Jewelry is an online source for exquisite custom-made jewelry. Featuring a wide selection of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more, Johan Jewelry has something for everyone’s style. Customers can customize any piece of jewelry to create a one-of-a-kind look that fits their personality and wardrobe. All pieces are created from the highest quality materials and gemstones to ensure utmost beauty and durability.

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When purchasing from Johan Jewelry customers have several options. One option is to purchase from the collection at their online store where each piece is meticulously handcrafted by expert jewelers in the finest materials available. Alternatively, customers may choose to design their own customized jewelry piece utilizing the expertise of Johan’s specialized design team. In this case, customers will be taken through an immersive customization process where they readily create a unique product with specific material choises. Once complete customers are given access to detailed 3D renderings of their product before it goes in production. Lastly Johan Jewelry offers repair services so that customers can fix any damaged or worn pieces without having to completely start over on the item design process or purchase it anew entirely.

At the core of Johan Jewelry lies a commitment to providing excellent customer service experiences through high-quality products and client satisfaction guarantee with refunds issued if they don’t live up to expectations. From their intuitive user experience on their website straight through to post-purchase support services, expect nothing but excellence and professionalism when doing business with Johan Jewelry!


Johan Jewelry has created a unique and special niche in the world of jewelry. Each piece is crafted to represent the love, connection and spirit between family and friends. Every design is carefully crafted from the finest metals, gems and diamonds into truly inspiring pieces. It’s no wonder that once customers get their hands on Johan Jewelry they are hesitant to take it off – these pieces quickly become heirlooms, being passed down through generations. From an engagement ring symbolizing two people’s commitment to each other or a bracelet two best friends sharing a special bond, every piece of Johan Jewelry carries a deep sense of meaning. Not only are these pieces beautiful, but with every design comes significant symbolism and significance for any given occasion or celebration – whether that be a birthstone necklace for mom or cufflinks for dad. The many layers of intricate elements add deeper meaning to all Johan jewelry designs – making them timeless, valuable keepsakes customers will cherish throughout their lives. This is what makes Johan Jewelry so special; commemorating your most treasured moments one gorgeous design at a time.