Jewelry Worn By Penelope In Season 13 Criminal Minds

Season 13 of Criminal Minds takes an interesting turn for Penelope’s character. Having been a part of the BAU team since Season 8, Penelope finds herself going through many changes throughout this season.

In particular, her wardrobe transformation reflects some of these changes that her character is undergoing; ranging from her choice of jewelry to overall wardrobe style. As viewers, we can observe the subtle nuances that may not have been as visible in earlier episodes as well as how they are relevant to the themes being explored in this season plotline.

Penelope’s Jewelry Throughout Season 13 Of Criminal Minds The jewelry worn by Penelope in Season 13 of Criminal Minds is more ornamental and inspired by classic styles than previously seen on her character for other seasons. Throughout this season, she wears gold earrings with thinly edged hoops and medium sized chunky decorations as well as long necklaces with delicate pendants dangling from them.

Her bracelets are all essentially longer versions of those hoop earrings with intricate patterns adorning them which match the more intricate designs seen on some rings she likes to wear throughout the season as well. The overall look created by this type of jewelry bestows upon Penelope a more regal and sophisticated presence than she had previously displayed in previous seasons.

Feeling Confident With Her New Look As Penelope’s confidence builds up during Season 13, so does her jewelry selection; it evolves into something bolder and often bordering on flashy pieces such as those big statement rings or long necklaces with bedazzled stones encrusted in them etcetera.

This ultimately creates a striking contrast compared to what viewers are used to seeing from her usually composed attire found in previous seasons; now she is making sure everyone around her knows that she no longer needs validation from anyone else but herself – inside and out.

Jewelry Worn By Penelope

Statement Pieces

Penelope Garcia, portrayed by Kirsten Vangsness, is one of the most beloved characters in Criminal Minds. Her style is both fashionable and eye-catching, much like the jewelry she wears throughout Season 13. Penelope’s signature look includes statement pieces that draw attention to her magnetic personality.

Perhaps one of the most notable pieces in this season was a bold pair of hoop earrings that kept her looking modern yet timeless. The mesmerizing loops are made of brightly polished gold and resemble interlocking puzzle pieces that bring out her charm.

Bold Rings

Another piece frequently seen on Penelope in Season 13 are rings. Her colorful collection reflects her spunky spirit and adds a little bit more sparkle to any outfit. The smooth stones often incorporate unique shapes like stars or asymmetrical designs to make them stand out even more.

Such a bright array of colors brings out her vibrant side and accessories each ensemble with beautiful flair. Whether wearing a single ring or multiple ones at once, Penelope’s look can be further enhanced with these intricate designs.

Simple Gold Necklace

Penelope wears a delicate golden necklace during many scenes in Criminal Minds, featuring an ornamental pendant shaped like the infinity sign as it dangles from its fine chain links. This item shimmers softly around her neckline, emphasizing the graceful curves of her slim figure while complementing any other jewelry accompanying it. From afar the simple accessory provides a subtle effect for onlookers but up close its dazzling detail reveals itself as it catches light throughout each shot.

Penelope’s Stunning Gold Statement Necklace

Penelope’s gold statement necklace is one of her signature pieces from the show Criminal Minds. In season 13, the necklace stands out against her deep v-neck tops and has become an iconic part of her style. The large gold medallion was designed with intricate details that make it look both lavish and substantial.

The circular charm is surrounded by small crystal beads for added sparkle. It also features interchangeable charms including a rose, a four-leaf clover and a fleur de lis symbol; these charms can be taken off or replaced to keep Penelope’s jewelry collection looking fresh and updated.

Why A Statement Necklace?

Statement necklaces have become increasingly popular over the past few years as they provide a bold yet elegant take on traditional neckwear. They are perfect for any occasion as they garner attention without being too flashy.

Plus statement pieces transition easily between day looks and night looks, so you can wear them to work or to special events with ease. Penelope’s choice in this particular piece speaks to her edgy yet classic style – it is something she wears often but still stands out as a unique statement piece compared to other accessories in her wardrobe.

The Impact Of Jewelry On Penelope’s Character

Jewelry has been used throughout the show to denote elements of Penelope’s character-both positively and negatively. Though she wears trendy pieces, like her statement necklace, there are times when she neglects wearing jewelry altogether during dark circumstances that get worse throughout the course of a particular episode.

This absence symbolizes grief or dissatisfaction that comes with certain cases that the BAU tackles each week.

Four Seasons Jewelry Gaithersburg

On the brighter side, her charm necklace serves as a reminder that beauty will remain despite whatever tragedy befalls her team onscreen every week As fans watch Penelope become more powerful each season through some life-changing moments, viewers come to turn to pieces like this one as beacon of hope that troubles can be overcome no matter how hard things seem at first glance.

Eye-Catching Diamond Earrings

Penelope Garcia, the tech-savvy FBI Computer Analyst in the crime drama TV show, Criminal Minds, is quite the fashionista. She’s often seen wearing sparkling pieces of jewelry that are sure to turn heads. Season 13 was no exception and viewers were treated to some exquisite designs.

Silver Ear Jackets With Dangling Pearls

For an episode titled “Rule 34”, Penelope sported a pair of beautiful silver ear jackets with dangling pearls. The design was unique and spoke volumes about Penelope’s personality; strong, confident but also graceful and feminine. The earrings shimmered under the spotlight, as if they were dancing along with her movements. The use of multi-color pearls added an interesting contrast to the overall look as they glided ever so gracefully towards her shoulders.

Mesmerizing Multi-Gemstone Earrings

In several episodes during season 13 such as “Scorched Earth”, “Submerged” and “Ties that bind”, Penelope looked spectacular in these stunning multi-gemstone drop earrings. They featured a combination of pink sapphires and white diamonds, which was set atop a matte gold frame that served to accentuate its beauty further.

Not only did it perfectly complement her trendy wardrobe choices for those shows but this exquisite piece of jewelry also made for an interesting conversation starter when meeting colleagues or suspects during investigations.

A List Of Jewelry Worn By Penelope

  • Silver Ear Jackets With Dangling Pearls
  • Mesmerizing Multi-gemstone Earring

A Timeless Pearl Necklace

Penelope Garcia was known for her unique style throughout her time on Criminal Minds. One of the most iconic pieces of jewelry she wore frequently during season thirteen was a lovely pearl necklace. This timeless piece featured a classic silver pendant attached to a round white pearl necklace. The entire piece had an understated elegance that made it perfect for the occasion, whether it be professional or casual.

Dazzling Silver Earrings

Another go-to accessory for Penelope in season thirteen was a pair of simple and elegant silver hoop earrings. This classic design highlighted the beauty of her large eyes and complemented her polished look effortlessly. The simple yet effective design could be seen as complimenting any outfit for any event with ease and grace.

Radiant Yellow Bracelet

Last but not least, Penelope also wore an eye-catching yellow bracelet at various times during this season. The colorful and bright shade of yellow provided an interesting contrast to her otherwise neutral wardrobe, offering a subtle sense of vibrancy to any outfit she was wearing. Not only did this add some delightful pops of color, but it is the perfect accessory to accessorize with during any night out or even on an average workday.

In Summary

  • Pearl Necklace: A classic silver pendant connected to a round white pearl necklace.
  • Silver Earrings: Simple and elegant silver hoop earrings.
  • Yellow Bracelet: > A vibrant yellow bracelet which adds pops of color to any outfit.

An Elegant Silver Bracelet

Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) wore a beautiful silver bracelet in Season 13 of Criminal Minds. It was portrayed as a timeless and delicate accessory, and her character was seen wearing it on numerous occasions throughout the series. The accessory was subtly stylish with a unique design that played into Penelope’s overall style statement.

The bracelet featured two subtle charm pendants: a 30mm silver fang stuck in the center of an ornate circular pendant, and dangling from either side were two antique silver skulls that each had four small black gems of various sizes for eyes. This design created an incredibly understated yet powerful look, giving it a cool edge which perfectly suited Penelope’s identity.

As viewers got to know more about Penelope’s life as she opened up to her colleagues more throughout the season, they began to realize that the bracelet was something much more than just an accessory-it represented a part of her character’s growth as a person as she adapted to new measures surrounding her mother’s death earlier in the season.

The elegant silver bracelet symbolized both strength and vulnerability – elements that were very relevant for the season’s major plot line.

Therefore, this particular piece held great significance for those who have followed Penelope’s journey since Season 1 all the way until the end of Season 13-truly making this piece stand out amongst many others in terms of not only its aesthetic outlook but also significant value and mark on fans’ hearts forever.

A Meaningful Charm Bracelet

Penelope, played by actress Kirsten Vangsness, is a main character in the TV show Criminal Minds. Penelope is known for her eccentric style and bold fashion choices. However, one of her most significant and memorable jewelry pieces was featured in season 13.

This piece was a charm bracelet that she chose to wear at different moments throughout the season. It had many special charms on it, each of them symbolizing something meaningful to Penelope including a rose quartz heart representing unconditional love; a feather representing freedom; and an owl for wisdom.

Each charm plays an important role in reflecting her emotional state throughout the season. During longer or especially hard cases with the BAU team, the physical charms serve as a reminder that Penelope is not alone.

The presence of this bracelet reassures her that regardless of how difficult things are, she has unconditional love from the team who always stands with her; freedom to conquer obstacles she may face during those tough times; and most importantly knowledge and wisdom to help her grow as person within the team’s dynamic.

Jewelry Storage Roll Patterns

The last charm added to this bracelet was towards the end of season 13 when Garcia visited Dr Reid in his office after he almost died in Mexico while travelling with his grandmother (the victim of an assassination attempt). That episode ended with him gifting Penelope a charm representing his name which essentially emphasized that Penelope knows she can always rely on him no matter what challenges surface during their investigations together as part of the BAU team.

This meaningful display of symbols on her charm bracelet speaks volume about how deep the connection between them truly goes and why these characters have managed to stay at front center stage in Crime Mind shows over so many years. It also serves to remind fans everywhere why Criminal Minds remains such beloved TV show – because these characters care deeply about each other even when they themselves barely understand their own emotions anymore.

Penelope’s Stylish Rose Gold Ring

Penelope Garcia’s choice of jewelry has always been a major part of her character in Criminal Minds, and while costume designs change from season to season, season 13 saw the stylish tech analyst don a particularly meaningful rose gold ring. One of the most noticeable items of jewelry Penelope often wears is a geometric rose gold signet ring, which she always wears on her left index finger.

This distinctly shaped ring can be seen in almost every episode and has become something of an identifier for Penelope through the years.

Unique Design

This particular version was designed by Warude The Label specifically for season 13’s “The Replicator?” episode, brought to life by their team of passionate jewellery makers from Rajasthan, India.

Its thin geometric lines are open at both ends and cross over each other to create an abstract angled shape – evoking what could be interpreted as either an infinity sign or a fingerprint design. Notably this symbolic jewel was worn exclusively by Penelope throughout the entirety of the show’s thirteenth season, becoming even more prominent against all the neutral tones she so often wears.

Wear It Like Penelope

The simplistic design strives to bring out the wearers individual personality style, allowing them to wear it day and night without feeling overwhelmed with compliments. Adding an eye-catching touch to court shoes or combat boots alike, when paired with sartorial pieces it really stands out.

Without ever interfering with your outfit choices this unique design adds character and attitude, also helping you stand out in any situation that comes your way while still maintaining a charming elegance about it all.


Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds, played by Kirsten Vangsness, has been seen with multiple pieces of jewelry throughout season 13. Each necklace, ankle bracelet, or earrings worn by Penelope serves a purpose and helps in developing her unique character within the show.

One special piece of jewelry that Penelope wears is a silver and navy blue striped knit necklace. It’s shown many times throughout the season and appears to be her favorite, even when she wears other types of necklaces or bracelets. The striped pattern on this necklace is symbolic because it has multiple meanings.

For one thing, stripes are quite meaningful within the show – they symbolize team unity and capture the relationships between all of the characters. The blue stripe also ties in with both Garcia’s sense of justice and loyalty – qualities she holds dear – while the silver accents tie back into her belief that people can change for good and be forgiven for their wrongdoings.

Another piece of jewelry displayed very prominently on Penelope Garcia is a heart-shaped ankle bracelet made out of a dark color metal. This anklet looks to be at least a few inches long with individual beads all around it; it’s an important part of her wardrobe as it emphasizes qualities that are often associated with Penelope such as loyalty, compassion, and trustworthiness.

By wearing this anklet, Garcia symbolizes how much these traits matter to her and how close her relationships are with people who have earned them.

The darker color reveals how serious she takes these matters while still valuing fun spirit those around her have come to know and appreciate from her presence Overall, the jewelry worn by Penelope in Season 13 Criminal Minds plays an important role in developing her character more deeply over time. Each item brings out elements of trustworthiness, loyalties, responsibility as well as fun spirit which brings unity to everyone around her on set.

Through these powerful statements pieces may encourage viewers understand modern relationships better when seeing them through Garcia’s eyes.

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