Jewelry Trends FallWinter 2020

Jewelry trends Fall/Winter 2020 offer a range of creative ways to accessorize your wardrobe. Whether you are seeking subtle pieces to enhance your overall look or bold statement pieces, the jewelry trends this season provide something for every style.

From natural materials such as gold and silver to colorful crystals, vintage gems and futuristic designs, there is no shortage of exciting options. Let’s explore some of the most popular jewelry trends for this season so you can get ahead of the style curve.

Elevated Hoops: A classic yet timeless design, hoops have been a staple in many women’s jewelry wardrobes for years – but don’t expect to see the same old design this season. Elevated hoops come in fresh and updated shapes that add a modern touch without straying too far from their traditional aesthetic. Try pairing them with longlines necklaces and delicate pendant rings for an extra dose of sophistication.

Vintage Gems: The current trends favor classic looks with interesting details such as intricate filigrees and pops of vibrant color from vintage gems such as sapphires and amethysts. This provides the perfect balance between opulence and antique charm, allowing these pieces to easily transition across various outfits. Accessorize with chandelier earrings or gemstone rings-just be sure that each piece strikes a balance between luxury and simplicity.

Multi-Layered Necklaces: Multi-layered necklaces combine playfulness with practicality by offering multiple strands in varying lengths – all connected making it easier to quickly switch up jewellery looks on the go as per your outfit or day-to-day moods. Invest in soft tones such as silver or gold coins paired with fun beads – or glamorous chains paired together layered with layering pendants like pearls & crystal stones – perfect toning fashion choices that offer just enough glitz without being overbearing.

In conclusion, jewelry trends Fall/Winter 2020 are anything but ordinary giving us plenty of unique ways to accessorize our outfits throughout the cooler months. Whether you’re into hooped dangles, layered necklaces, chandelier earrings or even just adding a bit more sparkle to existing pieces-this season offers no shortage options when it comes to finding creative ways in which you can express yourself through jewellery.

All About the Big and Bold

Tis the season for bold, oversized jewelry. Oversized earrings are all the rage this winter, and we’re loving it. We see them everywhere-on runways, at jewelry stores, and on our favorite streetstyle stars.

If you’re looking for a new way to make an impact with your fashion choices this winter, look no further than these show-stopping accessory pieces. Whether you choose an exquisite pair of statement earrings adorned with gold or diamonds,or a colorful layered necklace with bold stones and pendants, these pieces will definitely be conversation starters worth investing in.

The beauty of chunky earrings is that they can be worn to dress up any outfit, day or night. During the day time they can be paired with modern casual outfits like jeans, T-shirts and sneakers to give the look an extra oomph.

For night time events you can layer chunky bold and vintage pieces of statement jewelry over evening wear for a chic stylish effect that is sure to turn heads. When it comes to layering necklaces for evening events it is better less is more so don’t go overboard with heavy necklaces instead opt for a few delicate pieces which will also draw lots of attention without being too much.

This winter trend isn’t just about oversized earrings though; other types of unique accessories should not be overlooked either. Accessorizing with large rings or big bangles has become really popular now as well; these look great juxtaposed against simpler outfits such as a white shirt and jeans combo – perfect if you have something special coming up this winter season and want to stand out from the crowd.

If daringly large statement jewelry isn’t quite your thing then why not try out some daintier yet still eye-catching designs such as pearl studs or charm bracelets? Whatever type of accessories you choose this winter season make sure they complement your outfit perfectly so that you can truly feel confident in what you wear.

Chain-Linked Charm

Chunky chains are all the rage this fall and winter. Whether long, short, or layered with lifelike jewels, these statement pieces can take any mundane outfit up a notch. Consider interesting accents like charms to make it unique.

Warmer, darker tones like antique bronze and gold mix together for an ultimate bohemian look. Wear them alone as a statement piece or try wearing two shorter chunky pieces together for an even more daring look. Opt for effortlessly cool accessories like heavy link necklaces and gold hoops for a truly timeless style that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

Pearls – The New Classic

This fall and winter season marks the return of the classic pearl jewelry trend. Go beyond the old stereotypical idea of pearls and venture into the world of cultured pearl rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in various shapes and sizes – making them anything but boring.

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with chic black pearls decorated with diamond accents or be bold with oversized white baroque pearl earrings crafted in rose gold – no matter what type you choose – pearls remain one of the most versatile jewelry trends this season. Get creative with how you accessorize – mix different colored pearls for a fun clash effect or add pops of rose gold to classically styled pearl strings for an eye-catching touch that will get you noticed.

Cross Jewelry: Religious Meets Fashionable

This 2020 jewelry trend has risen from both spiritual as well as fashionable realms as people explore their own identities through fashion. Longer chain statement necklaces featuring heavily embellished crucifixes show off some major glamour; these pendants make it possible to combine religious connotations into everyday looks without sacrificing elegance.

For those who prefer something minimalistic yet unique in design, opt for chain cross lariats with small dainty crosses on display – perfect for layering multiple silver chains together to give off an elevated elegant look.

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Stand Out Small

The Fall/Winter 2020 jewelry trend is all about standing out with small but powerful charms. As we enter the wintery months, it’s a great opportunity to show some sparkle and personality in a subtle way. Choose from an array of classic and modern shapes with eye-catching texture and magical detailing like diamonds, pearls, crystal pave, and engraved designs that come together to create the perfect & tiny charm combinations that will amp up your look.

These small charms can be combined for maximum effect or added to existing pieces for an extra special touch. Dainty rings featuring barely-there stones make for a beautiful addition to any collection or try layering as many as you desire on one finger to really make a statement. Mix them in with different textures, colors & gemstones to add depth and shine to your look.

Small but mighty charms have become increasingly popular this season due to their ability to complement almost any style while also easily fitting into the current trend of wearing multiple items at once on the same finger or ear. Some of our favorite charms are those incorporating intricate details like stars, hearts, crosses and flower shapes; they come in a range of colors so that you can find something that speaks to you by reflecting your unique style.

Earrings seem especially well suited for these types of tiny charms since they naturally lean towards delicate design nuances – so take advantage.

Instead of one large hoop or stud earring each why not wear four smaller ones that implement natural materials such as pearl accents and artisan work? These mini gems will bring warmth & vibrancy during even the coldest days of winter; what’s better than that?.

Layers that Rock

In the Fall-Winter 2020 jewelry trends, layered jewelry is your go-to style. This look gives your outfits an effortless yet chic vibe that’s perfect for the colder months. It also allows you to make a statement and express your personal style.

Layer up necklaces, bracelets and earrings in different shapes and sizes for a maximalist feel. Dainty pieces can be combined with chunky chains or bangles to add depth and texture. Add intriguing details like gemstones, charms or vintage pendants to take the look up a notch.

One layer of accessories simply won’t do in this season’s jewelry trends – try doubling or even tripling up. Mix metal tones and choose complimentary colors that work along on each other. For example gold necklace with some blue agate stones will match really nicely with silver earrings featuring moonstone accents.

Consider adding charms that represent who you are – this could be with additional dangles or shaped charms placed strategically throughout the layering piece. If you prefer something simpler, one single chain could entwine around itself creating an interesting knot shape while displaying different elements all at once including beads, charms, meaningfully pegged coins from different eras etc

Geometric shapes are another way to create visual interest when layering jewelry during Fall-Winter 2020 season. A delicate hoop paired with angular studs is a great combination for elegant everyday look and surefire way to revamp any outfit. Look no more for striking runway looks; barrettes clipped over headbands create eye-catching style which translates well plenty of occasions: be it formal events or casual night out with friends.

Get creative – use hoops, circular discs and geometric shapes such as diamonds or stars together and craft your own unique layered composition. With these exciting ideas and endless possibilities you will impress anyone within style reach.

Mixed and Matched Metals

Mixed metals is the new jewelry trends of Fall/Winter 2020. Mixed metals allows you to seamlessly blend different colors of metals together without being too matchy-matchy. You can mix silver and gold together, or choose one metal and focus on the texture rather than the color.

Voluminous stacked rings, layered necklace chains, and earrings with matching shapes that incorporate both colors are some attractive choices. Mixed metals jewelry is a great way to show off your individual style and layer combinations for a bold statement look.

Layering Jewelry

Jewelry layering is a must for this Fall/Winter season. Layering various pieces of jewelry allows you to create an effortless yet fashion-forward look that is sure to turn heads.

Mixing various textures such as chunky necklaces, small pendants, and delicate bracelets gives you the opportunity to create your own unique style. If you’re unsure of how it’s done, start by playing around with colors, lengths, small details and have fun experimenting with different looks until you find what works best for you.

Clustered Earrings
Clustered earrings are trending this fall winter season due to the dramatic effects they give off in terms of refracting light off each gemstone used in them. These earrings will instantly add sparkle, edge and glamour to any outfit no matter how basic it may be; they come in all sizes from petite clusters perfect on their own or paired with statement hoop earrings aiming achieved volume on your ears without compromising comfortability.

Clustered earrings combine multiple gemstones expertly crafted into one piece for a jewelry look that oozes sophistication yet still retains its uniqueness – making it incredibly versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Unique Elements

One of the biggest trends for fall/winter 2020 is the use of natural elements in jewelry. Jewelers are utilizing gemstone beads, minerals, and even crystals to create pieces that have an organic feel. Natural stone colors like turquoise, rose quartz, topaz, malachite and jade are popular choices to make unique statement pieces.

Distinctly shaped stones like diamonds and raw opals look beautiful when accented with gold accents. Jewelry is often crafted into shapes inspired by the natural world such as leaves, tulips or feathers which bring a soft elegance to any outfit.

Another trend being seen in jewelry is the use of mixed metals. This new style combines silver, gold and bronze to create eye-catching designs with intricate details. Necklaces and earrings are made from mixed metals with strategically placed accents of bright colors or stones that give the look an added sparkle. Statement necklaces featuring multiple chains featuring multiple colors enhance any ensemble and make a statement.

Finally, layering has taken off as an innovative way to show creativity when putting together an outfit. Layer various necklaces together for dramatic effect or layer earrings for a boho chic look. A variety of pendants brought together can be used to create a tribal-inspired piece or one sided earrings for asymmetrical looks can be created with this trend in mind.

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Layering also allows you experiment with different shapes and sizes of jewelry – just make sure not to overdo it so as not to create too much bulk. All these elements come together to add effortless sophistication while keeping your look unique and on trend this season.

Colourful and Eye-Catching

Jewelry trends fall-winter 2020 are focusing on bright and eye-catching pieces. Colored gemstones, enamel accents, and high polish metals are being used to create unique pieces that will be sure to grab the attention of those around you. The use of colorful gems such as sapphires and rubies are being paired with gold for an elegant yet statement look.

Colored diamond jewelry is also very popular this season. Colorful pendants featuring opals and pearls in multi-colored hues are perfect for making a bold statement without overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

The next trend that we’re seeing come through for Fall/Winter 2020 is ‘oozing bling’ – think pieces that just drip in diamonds, crystals and other facets set into precious metals. The stand out item here is the chandelier earring, which is having a huge moment right now – they can elevate any look from casual jeans and a tshirt all the way through to a dressy event or cocktail party.

Go even further with gemstone encrusted necklacess full face sparkly statement rings and those creatively crafted ear cuffs for something truly special.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be flashy to make an impression – minimalistic designs can pack just as much punch as more flamboyant choices. Look for subtle geometric shapes like tiny hoops, bar studs or delicate chains adorned with only one or two stones that can be worn together or separately as part of your stackable collection – they really make accessorizing effortless while still looking amazing.

For something even simpler there’s nothing better than classic jewelry staples like freshwater pearls & white gold balanced minimalist with modern elements like exaggerated pendant shapes or oversized charms – these timeless designs take you from day to evening with ease.

Get Trendy Tips

Come winter 2020, the styles of jewelry to watch for are bold and big. Gold is out, with silver and gunmetal being in demand. Think statement pieces that have a timeless feel-maximalism is key. Expect to see classic motifs like love knots, antique imagery, large gemstones centerpieces, and metallic adornments. On the upswing are minimalist chains coupled with gold-set bees and small symbols such as hearts, stars and moons layered on necklaces and bracelets.

To help you stay abreast with the latest trends in jewelry making this season, here’s how to work them into your wardrobe:

First off, layer different sizes of metal rings and chains onto each other for an effortless boho-chic look-whether you’re heading out or not. Think petite chokers with delicate pendants and unique clasp closures made from antique gold or bronze. You can also create memorable looks while wearing simple earrings paired together or single studs or hoops.

Mix it up with cuffs and lariats for a classic touch that adds just enough edge to an outfit without going over-the-top. If you want to take it up a notch opt for hoop earrings accented with semi-precious stones for something more glamorous yet still subtle enough for everyday use.

If a daring look is what you’re after then go wild with drop earrings featuring larger stones or geometric shapes in opalite or turquoise set in sterling silver or gunmetal.

Finally, no winter wardrobe would be complete without accessorizing. Chunky woven bangles or sleek slinky bracelets can be paired perfectly with watches featuring delicate bands along with many of the other pieces mentioned earlier – these pieces can really add that extra ‘something’.

Don’t forget to finish off any look with an eye-catching statement cocktail ring that will surely draw attention wherever you go – cue glitzy stones set in yellow gold. The color combination between precious metals and vivid gemstones screams luxury whatever way you elect to layer them together – leaving everyone green (or red) eyed envious of your style savvy.

Wrapping Up the Trends

The winter of 2020 has been a great time for finding fashionable jewelry pieces. The prevalence of bold geometric shapes, layered necklaces, and eye-catching colors offer something to everyone. Whether you’re looking for an accessory to make your everyday look that much more special or searching for a statement piece to wow a virtual Zoom party audience, there are plenty of trendy jewelry options to explore.

What has proven invaluable is being aware of the latest trends and modern cuts when considering new pieces of jewelry. Doing so ensures that what we choose feels relevant and fashion-forward in the current moment rather than appearing outdated or out of sync with current times. It also gives us freedom to pick trendier pieces knowing our choices will not look aged swiftly.

By nature changing, fashion trends pave way for fresh inspiration each season as well as leave room to experiment within our personal style boundaries. Jewelry is one major area where people have ample space play around and get creative with their ensembles; it is ultimately up to the individual when determining how they’d like incorporate the latest trends into including their existing wardrobe staples or create an all-new look entirely.

Whether choosing classic ivory pearls or opting for something edgier and vibrant, we always find jewelry a funkier way accessorise ourselves while paying homage to our own tastes and preferences.

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