Jewelry Trends Fall 2017 Winter 2018

Jewelry trends for fall 2017/winter 2018 are diverse and innovative. From delicately feminine gemstone pieces, to heavier pieces featuring mixed metals, one thing’s for sure – there’s something to fit every person this season. Whether you seek a piece to complete an evening look or merely something fun, jewelry designers have been busy dreaming up statement pieces that will keep us looking fresh and polished into the new year.

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One of this season’s key players is tassel jewelry, An underrated stalwart of the jewelry game, tassels have returned in a big way this winter. Featured in earrings and necklaces alike, these look great with anything from an evening dress to jeans and a sweater. Tassel edgings add an old-timey yet luxe feel that has everyone from fashion insiders to everyday shoppers adding it to their collection.

Another trend making waves on the scene this season is statement gemstone designs. Multi-hued gemstone bracelets provide a touch of easy elegance without going All-Out glamorous. Chunky gemstones command attention while retaining a bohemian feel that is perfect for everyday wear as well as those special occasions when you need eye-catching glamour. The color selection ensures there’s something for everyone – try on everything from turquoise to opals to find your season favorite.

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It’s clear that impressive jewelry trends fall 2017 winter 2018 offer endless possibilities for expressing individual style through unique pieces that combine traditional elements with modern flair. By choosing carefully thought out jewelry staples such as tassels or chunky statement gems each look can be made even more fashionable and personal.

Add a unique sparkle to any ensemble effortlessly with stylish forward thinking accessories – all without breaking the bank. Whatever your signature style may be now’s the perfect time to update it with some trendy items from jewelers worldwide.

Earring Trends for Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Earring trends for fall of 2017 and winter 2018 will be continuing the recent trend of statement earrings. Big, bold pieces that make a statement are sure to be in style this season. Whether they’re minimalist and modern in design or a touch more embellished, the focus is all on those wild statements.

Many celebrities have been seen recently rocking large, statement earrings. Think Kim Kardashian wearing diamond chandeliers or Gigi Hadid with her geometric wood shadows. The vast possibilities for accessorizing with these pieces can make it fun and easy to express ones personal style without having to purchase many items. Having just one or two standout pairs may draw attention to your face while also keeping your clothing simple.

Statement Necklace Trends

Statement necklaces have been in fashion for many years and continue to be a popular trend during Fall and Winter 2017/2018. Statement necklaces are great when trying to add a unique flair to an outfit.

For example, if you are wearing something that is light in color or has a smaller pattern print, adding a statement necklace will increase visual appeal. A bright, bold statement necklace elevates an outfit from looking too plain and can be the perfect eye-catching accessory.

When it comes to what type of statement necklaces are trending this season, longer pieces with multiple chains seem to be the most popular. Animal-inspired designs that feature feathers, talons or mini animal sculptures also make eye-catching pieces. Colorful crystals adorn many of these pieces and are making them even more eye catching and unique. Circle shaped pendants accented with semi-precious stones is another look that has been spotted on runways recently.

Another trend that continues to take off is the mismatched layered necklace trend influenced heavily by the “eclectic” look of bohemian style. This look involves layering two or three different types of necklaces together such as several chokers or one long piece with two short ones.

Essentially any combination can work together to give your ensemble a fresh and stylish feel. Choker necklaces with statement medallions or charms seem to be the most popular for this trend at the moment but other styles get brought in all the time so experimenting should yield lots of great results.

Statement necklaces add the perfect personal touch to any outfit and they have become a must have accessory over the last few years. With all the new styles hitting store shelves each season there will always be exciting looks available perfectly suited for cozy Fall/Winter weather.

Bangle/Cuff Trends

The bangle and cuff trend is one of the hottest trends this season. There has never been a better time to mix and match your bangles and cuffs, creating an overall look that you can feel fabulous in. Whether you stick to a single colour or opt for several, the key to success is balance. Keep things consistent with similar shapes and sizes for an effortlessly elegant finish.

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For bolder looks, start layering your pieces from the wrist bone up. Start with solid colours such as white gold or silver, to anchor your bracelet stack then intersperse more decorative pieces with interesting beading or intricate filigree.

Asymmetrical combinations can also add interest by combining delicate cuffs with larger bangles. To build on a monochromatic palette, choose contrasting textures such as leather cords and polished metals in gold, rose gold or sterling silver – adding subtle sparkle with small gems or semi-precious stones are perfect accents too.

On days when simplicity is key try stacking 2-3 thin bracelets that slip neatly over your hand without overlapping too much over each other – multiples of the same same style can look just as stylish.

Alternatively if you’re going to events where you want to make a statement accessorize your outfit with statement cuffs – from oversized chunky styles or arm bands that wrap round multiple times – these provide instant impact while allowing you to leave the main piece of jewellery at home.

Finally don’t forget matching earrings – dusting commas along earlobes work beautifully together. The possibilities are endless so give it some extra thought before heading out this winter season.

Rings and Accessories

Rings always stand out, but to combine them with earrings and other accessories for a balanced look can be tricky. The secret is to use all of the jewelry to balance the rings. If you wear a statement-making ring, perhaps an oversized moonstone or turquoise piece, then tone down the other accessories so you don’t overpower the outfit.

Subdued earrings or a delicate necklace can help balance a bolder ring. Alternatively, if your goal is for the jewelry pieces to make a strong impression, use one style theme in both your pieces-if you select an eclectic mix of styles it will feel confusing and off-putting.

When putting together beautiful looks, don’t discount bracelets and cuffs as accessories either. As with earrings and necklaces that coordinate with rings, look for bracelet choices with complementary elements; however, they can also be used to offset rings that are more subtle. Select larger cuffs made up of unique semi-precious stones like tiger eye or smokey quartz if you really want to draw attention to your wrist area.

If creating an eye-catching look is still proving difficult maybe it’s time explore another trend in Fall 2017 – Winter 2018 – specifically mismatched sets for earrings. Wearing two different style of earring has become increasingly popular in recent seasons; try pairing a post drop earring with a hoop or dangly chandelier version from the same collection which makes for an interesting aesthetic choice that gets noticed.

This will work especially well in coordinating gemstones or symbols making it easy to unify these disparate looks into one stylish jeweled affair.

Color Trends

The jewelry trends for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 suggest that bold colors are here to stay. Whether you’re looking for something fun or something classic, the beautiful hues of this season are sure to make any statement. Colors such as bright pink, cobalt blue, and rich green will create a vibrant look. For those seeking a more subtle approach, muted tones like mauve, mustard yellow, olive drab and wine will surely be fashionable.

When it comes to accessorizing with colors based on skin tone and color preferences, less is more. If you want to draw attention to the details in an outfit or just add some vibrant pops of color – try pairing your favorite pieces with two or three colors instead of an entire rainbow.

For example, when choosing necklaces, rings or earrings in warmer hues like orange or reds – considering coordinating them with other metals such as gold or copper can help create great contrast while still flatter your complexion. Similarly if cooler tones are more your style – sterling silver or platinum pieces are often paired perfectly with shades of navy blues and greens.

No matter what is deemed “trendy” at any given time – personal style should always come first when it comes to jewelry selection. If you have an eye for detail playing off the trendiest colors and shapes from these collections may just help take anyone’s wardrobe up a notch – without compromising their individual taste.

So choose which new jewels appeal most and wear them confidently knowing that you have blended into the current fall/winter trend seamlessly (while staying true to yourself).

Material Trends

The materials used for jewelry making make a big difference in the outcome of the piece. This season many popular trends are featured in various different types, colors, and textures all with one common goal: to accessorize your outfit into something extraordinary. The key to finding the right metal or stone for you is to understand what works best with your skin type.

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For example, if you have cool undertones then pieces with silver or white gold will look perfect on you whereas warm tone skin looks best against yellow gold and rose gold metals. As for stones, lighter colors like pearls fit better on light-skinned people while darker tones contrast well with dark – [colored skin].

When shopping for jewelry this season, consider how each aspect fits into your individual style from the shape of the piece to the type of material used.

Pearls are a popular trend this fall winter season and can be debuted solo or combined with other stones in delicate layering necklaces. Other timeless classic favorites remain as strong staples such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires which usually come in larger sizes due to their durability and higher price tag.

But don’t fret if a large stone isn’t within your budget because unique gems like quartz, agates, turquoise and moonstones are steadily becoming household names at lower rates making it possible for anyone to rock an exquisite diamond free look at any event.

One of the most popular combinations this season highlights muted silver tones adorned by navy blue lapis lazuli or malachite swirled within which creates a beautiful canvas that tends to match most wardrobe hues wonderfully giving off both classic yet fashionable vibes consecutively. As we move into colder months more statement pieces come through such as dangly chandelier earrings usually featuring semi precious gem openings that add texture and sparkle when layered correctly over an ensemble.

Overall there seems to be no stopping the current trendsetting train from running away with us all. With so many options available now its easier than ever before to create a signature style tailored exclusively by you that suits who you really are from head to toe. Going out during this time should always be coupled with an inexpensive accessory find making every shopping mission just that much more memorable as well as rewarding.


Fall and Winter 2017-2018 fashion trends range from subtle statement pieces to eye-catching classics. Jewelry lovers will enjoy experimenting with a mix of layers, chunky items, classic go-tos, pendants and even create their own unique look with vintage pieces. Layering necklaces is a great way to put together your own uniquely modern look.

Start by mixing metals on multiple cords, like wearing a few gold chains with a few silver chains for a bold yet balanced look. You can also add dimension to any outfit by selecting different lengths of necklaces or adding charms to an existing chain.

Chunky items are definitely making a statement in wintertime jewelry trends this year. Thick rings and bangles that can be stacked on the hand are vibrant elements that draw attention when worn correctly. Having multiple sizes and styles allows more freedom in terms of how you want your bling to stand out in an outfit.

Classic earrings and pins are definitely gaining momentum as the craftsmanship employed has been updated over the years so they remain current such kinds of jewelry never go out of fashion no matter what season it is. The same goes for classic brooches and rings which can jazz up any plain outfit with ease.

Finally, when it comes to jewelry trend statements, large pendants always make a bold argument as they command attention while retaining its sophisticated air as they can be mixed and matched with other items you have on without fear of looking too busy or overdone. The key to styling larger pieces is focusing on one at time for maximum impact but remember not to overdo the jewelry so you don’t overpower the entire look.

We encourage everyone to give these jewelry trends this Fall/Winter season a try so you can spice up every outfit. Whether you decide on classic earrings, chunky bangles or large pendants – get creative; team them up with scarves, hats or even other accessories for an extra touch of flair.

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