Jewelry Trends 2019 Summer

The jewelry trends 2019 summer season has so much to offer. From modern baroque statement earrings in bold hues to classic chains and semiprecious stones, both fashion forward and timeless pieces are in style for the upcoming season. Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up a basic outfit or make a glam statement at your next event, it is easy to find something in this season’s jewelry trends that will flatter your look.

Pearl jewelry is becoming a trendy option for those who want to add an elegant touch of sophistication. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures; from freshwater pearls to perfectly round classic Akoya varieties, there is sure to be something that suits your style. For those wanting to make more of a statement, chunky necklaces and earrings made with colored stones are perfect for turning heads when you walk into the room.

For those wanting a more minimalistic look, gold and glass beads are also making an appearance in jewelry trends 2019 summer looks. This type of jewelry lends itself well as part of office wear or daytime looks as glass beads can have both semi-transparent and opaque finishes depending on the colors used which works well with multiple shades of pastel colors often seen during the warmer months.

Matching delicate necklace or earrings made from the same color scheme can further complete subtle accessories that will discretely elevate any casual look.

Final Thoughts: Jewelry Trends 2019 Summer Offer Something for Everyone

Trend Alert

Statement earrings have grown in popularity over the past few years. From shoulder-grazing pieces to studs with intricate designs, this trend is here to stay for the summer of 2019. Women are wearing statement earrings with a variety of outfits and it has become a go-to accessory for many fashionistas.

One great way to wear these bold pieces is by pairing them with light, airy dresses or blouses for a fun, summery look. A simple dress can be elevated with a few statement earrings and the wearer will instantly stand out from the crowd. If your outfit is more casual, then you can tie everything together by choosing some mid-sized colorful earrings instead of large statement pieces.

Another popular trend this summer is layering multiple pairs of statement earrings; either mix and match colors or try pairing small and large varieties of the same design. This will give your outfit an edgy, modern feel that will definitely draw attention.

For example: if you’re wearing a maxi dress with sandals, you could add two sleek-, gold long dangling earring styles on each side, with one pair made up of turquoise stones and the other made up of moonstone accent beads – how cool would that look?

If you’re attending an event during warm weather months such as family BBQ’s or outings at the beach, wearing eye catching jewelry will make any outfit pop. Statement earrings come in various shapes and colors perfect for any occasion during summer 2019. These necklaces are unique enough to make anyone stand out.

Whether you choose to wear chunky hoops, sparkling teardrop beads or metallic arrowheads – the possibilities are endless when it comes to having fun in a fresh new look. For more casual days by the pool or just chilling at home with friends choose less extravagant minimalist style pieces too like silver star outlines that create just enough glitz but keeps things more subtle as well as glamorous.

Show Stopping

This summer, the jewelry trend is all about show stopping statement necklaces and how to mix and match other pieces. These statement necklaces are unique, colorful, and intricate pieces ranging from collars bedazzled with mixed metals to vibrant hand beaded tassels that brighten up any outfit.

This jewelry trend is perfect for any event due to the versatility of these pieces. Jewelry choices for summer should be light and airy in order to match the warm weather; but statement necklaces add an element of sophistication to any look.

In order to master this trend, it’s important to have a good eye for what types of pieces work together. Try an art deco inspired necklace with either diminutive or large denim jeans accompanied by a classic white graphic tee or textured blouse – this creates a cool casual look while still maintaining the glamour of the piece.

For evening events, try pairing an oversized pendant necklace with a slinky spaghetti strap dress or long skirt ensemble – taking sophisticated dressing up note one step further.

The possibilities are endless when updating your wardrobe with statement necklaces. Create a sparkly layered combination of multiple chunky gold chains for a garden wedding guest outfit or try soft suede fringe piece which will compliment more subtle sundress choices – you’ll surely make heads turn at any outdoor soirées. With different variations of material including metal beads, crystals and faux pearls – your accessory armoire has never been fuller.

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Experiments are welcomed: pull out those vintage safety pins in your trinket box to personalize another piece with minimal effort. Summer 2019 could not be better as we welcome summer bliss in glamorous style.

Sophisticated Sparkle

The summer months are a time for expressing yourself loudly and proudly, and the trend of wearing sparkly jewelry to complete any summer look is one that definitely fits this bill. Whether it be a brightly colored glass bangles to draw attention to a dark, casual outfit, or a delicate gold plated bracelet to give an elegant twist to a simple day look, nothing speaks quite like a little bit of extra shine.

This season many brands have jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to creating standout pieces; high-end designer collections feature all manner of precious stones – from pearls, to sapphires, opals and even diamonds encrusted into elaborate wrist wear. This is the perfect way for anyone looking to stand out in large crowds at music festivals or by the pool side and make an unforgettable statement with their summer looks.

For those unable or unwilling to spend thousands on an individual piece of jewelry, not all hope is lost as there are plenty of affordable alternatives that still pack major punch. Coming in different shapes sizes and colors and accessorized by almost anybody – hoop earrings that shimmer under sun’s beam have become unbeatable when it comes stylish summer shopping.

Combining fashion trends with classic accessories has been popular among many fashionistas this season too; thick leather cuffs featuring colorful tassels or coins combined with delicate multi layered gold necklaces make for eye-catching looks that feel luxe but more affordable than alternative options. This means everybody can afford the opportunity to console their wardrobe with sophisticated sparkle this season without breaking the bank.

Eye-Catching Charms

Summer is the perfect time to add sparkle and flare to any outfit with a few eye-catching charms. This summer, fun and colorful charms are all the rage. From bright pendants to gold charms that feature classic symbols like hearts, stars, and flowers, these pieces are sure to turn heads no matter what you’re wearing.

One of the best ways to style your various charms is by mixing and matching them throughout your ensemble. For example, if you opt for delicate gold heart charm necklace you can compliment it with an equally as precious butterfly earring.

Together they can create a striking look while also reflecting your personality through color selection and design choice. Charms can also be stacked together in order to create even more impactful looks especially when complemented with other jewelry pieces including statement necklaces or arm candy.

Charms may originate from different cultures or religious backgrounds that predate today’s fashion trends. However, each charm is unique and stylish in its own way making them timeless and often classic accessories that work on almost anyone regardless of their personal style preference.

Furthermore, traditional techniques like engraving allow further customization for charm collections and allows wearers to display meaningful messages or loved ones’ names directly onto their favored piece. Showcasing such dedicated pieces makes for an ideal gift option that’s both charming and thoughtful at the same time.

Meanwhile more fashionable styles such as jewels embedded in pendants offer plenty of fun options this season ranging from fantasy-inspired designs like unicorns or mermaid tails to simpler geometric shapes with crystal adornments that boast a luxury vibe. Depending on who owns it these pieces have the potential to be themselves either a bubblegum-hued accessory full of innocent mischief or a high-end platform denoting elegance modernity and subtle embodiment of wealth wherever it goes.

Carefree and Chic

The summer season this year has been extremely hot and humid, making the wearing of jewelry seem more of a chore than an act of fashionista-style freedom. Chunky statement pieces seem to create a stifling effect in this kind of weather, which is why a carefree yet chic look is the way to go. Enter: delicate layers.

A mix of gold and silver chains featuring intricate shapes and designs make for simple but beautiful layered looks with sophisticated touches. Layered necklaces have become one of the biggest jewelry trends going into 2019 summer and we can’t help but jump on the bandwagon.

But it’s not just about having lots of jewelry pieces; instead, it’s about curating layers that work well together-creating a dainty, pretty ensemble that’s sure to be eye-catching for any ensemble choice. This trend is all about layering different textures with various chain lengths also playing an important role in achieving the desired aesthetic.

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It may fall under delicate styling, but don’t be afraid to some bold pieces as well – think mismatched earrings or larger pendants set against thin chains. These extra touches will take your look up a notch without straying too far away from its original concept.

To complement these layers, you want to ensure you’re giving off an overall polished look by making sure every piece works together perfectly-pair mismatching metals, don’t go overboard on charm details and avoid turning your neck into an overcrowded mess by keeping stone options minimalistic. Playing around with mixed tones (golden/silver), sizes, genres (tropical/bohemian) and shapes can really help to give off vibes of peace and joy when done correctly.

Whether you opt for classic chokers or subtle bracelets stacked on your wrists, opting for delicate layered jewelry is an easy way to express yourself clearly come summer time.

Out of the Ordinary

One jewelry trend that is popular this summer is to make a statement using bold and unusual rings. Rings have been seen that feature unique cuts, shapes, sizes, materials and gems arranged in unexpected ways. For those looking to stand out at the next event, these rings make sure you are noticed.

Although it can be intimidating to wear a bold and eye-catching ring for the first time, some tips can help anyone feel confident. To start, wearing less jewelry when sporting a statement piece helps keep its uniqueness in the spotlight.

It also helps to choose color combinations both for the piece as well as any accompanying items like watches or bracelets. Lastly, mix up textures like pairing a gold band with glitzy diamonds or adding a colorful gemstone to a traditional silver setting – anything goes.

On top of making sure outfits work well with what’s on the finger, people can show off their inner style icon by knowing why they love each piece they wear. Tell stories of family heirlooms or personal nostalgia so that friends and family learn more about who you are through your accessories. And if all else fails? Consider committing to an forever ring so it acts as an armor of confidence on any given day.

Finishing Touch

Accessorizing is an integral part of completing any outfit, regardless if it is an elegant gown for a ballroom or beachwear for the summer. Summer jewelry trends for 2019 have started taking shape and are sure to be the talk of the town. Incorporating the new trends in your look can create a unique style that will make heads turn wherever you go.

One trend that has been making waves is layering necklaces and choker. For example, you could layer a statement necklace with a choker featuring dainty charms or beads for beautiful contrast in textures. Add some earrings like hoop earrings with charms and accents to finish off this fashion-forward look.

Earrings in general are one of the most popular pieces out there right now. This season, try out some shoulder-grazing earrings to add moments of drama and glamour whenever you make an entrance at the beach or a night out on the town. Drop earrings that style your entire face will draw attention to your features – choose ones with vibrant hues if warm shades are more subtle than bright neon ones that stand out even more.

The best way to create an accurate reflection of yourself through accessories is trying different styles and combinations until you find something that stands out and displays your personality in the best manner possible. Mixing different metals such as silver, gold, bronze and copper can also help to create a unique look – combine it all together so they appear as one unit when put together.

Enjoy yourself while mixing shapes and sizes: long tassels, chunky rings, circular pendants…you name it they’re all going to be fashionable this season so go crazy in unique ways.

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