Jewelry Trends 2017 Cameo

Cameos have made a strong comeback as one of the top jewelry trends for 2017. The traditional cameo style has been modernized, incorporating contemporary materials and designs like those seen in Hollywood films from the 1950s.

Cameo pendants are gaining in popularity, as they can be worn either as small, subtle pieces of jewelry or eye-catching focal points on statement necklaces. Some bold examples have featured natural stones, either set directly into the hand-cut shell itself or framed with other gemstones such as opals or diamonds.

Another trend gaining ground in jewelry for 2017 is geometric shapes. Modern takes on the classic statement bracelet feature angular lines and fashion-forward silhouettes that present an unexpected twist to any look. This dynamic style can be found throughout necklace collections too, from multi stranded designs to delicate pared down looks featuring paperclip chains that bear glittering accents like diamonds and gemstones.

Minimalism is still a major force in fashion and especially rings for this year’s jewelry trends. Slim bands in rose gold or sterling silver are existing alongside statement rings set with dramatic clusters of pave diamonds or colored stones like rubies and sapphires. A new take on classic men’s signet rings has also appeared – with either flat stone fronts displaying engravings or intricately carved surfaces offering more interesting designs than traditional styles.

In conclusion, it is clear that cameo pieces are at the height of 2017 jewelry trends along with geometric shapes and minimalist style pieces. From affordable costume pendants to high-end fashion items set with precious stones, there’s something for everyone this season when it comes to adorning oneself with accessories that make a fashion-forward statement.

A Brief History of Cameo Jewelry

The history of cameo jewelry dates back to the 15th century, when it was first used as an artistic form expressing religious or political symbolism. Throughout the centuries, cameo jewelry has taken on many forms and uses. In the Victorian era, cameos became popularly used to express sentimental sentiments.

People would wear brooches featuring a portrait of a loved one that had passed away or they would have commissioned for a ring with their beloved’s profile engraved into the top. This gave way for a wide array of costume and bold rings and necklaces in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

In modern day fashion, cameo jewelry is gaining popularity again due to its unique vintage vibe and antique feel. It functions as an accessory which allows people to showcase their own individual style while also embodying tradition and sentimentality.

With bright colors and images engraved in metal rather than by hand-carving from precious stone or shell, they are becoming more accessible for those who want to embrace this trend without sacrificing too much budget. The romantic touch to everyday pieces makes it easy for anyone to take something special with them wherever they go.

Cameo jewelry is becoming particularly popular within the bridal industry this year because of how intricate, unique, and subtle yet eye-catching it looks against traditional wedding gowns or outfits. Whether it be an intricately detailed necklace or bracelet set inspired from ancient Greek ovals found in historical loot – A cameo will bring some extra pizzazz to just about any wedding outfit without needing too much effort in terms of styling.

Grooms also have accessorizing options with cufflinks that bear symbolic hints of Mediterranean motifs such as starfish or sea deities.

Why Color Matters in 2017 Jewelry Trends

The jewelry trends for 2017 are important when looking to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. One trend that has gotten a lot of attention is cameo jewelry, which is an image or portrait carved into semiprecious gemstones such as quartz, coral or shell. This form of jewelry has seen a surge in popularity recently due to its classic yet sophisticated look.

When it comes to this trend, color matters because it enhances the details and beauty of the cameo design. The pale colors used in this type of jewelry give the wearer an elegant and classy vibe, while still trying bold and eye-catching look. Pastel blues and pink shades are often chosen for this reason; while they won’t overpower the clothing you already have on, they still make an impressive statement within themselves.

For those who prefer more vibrant options, brighter tones like oranges and yellows can be chosen to really make the cameo stand out. This type of jewel isn’t strictly limited to just pastels and bright hues, however; earthtones such as greens and browns can also be used as well different mulit-colors like cobalt blue with purples are hot trends as well.

By exploring all different colors offered by cameo jewelers, you will find something unique that won’t blend in with the rest but stand out in the crowd.

What Materials Are Used for Modern Cameo Jewellery?

Cameo jewellery is a timeless classic that never fails to bring elegance and sophistication to any outfit. With its beautiful outlines and engraving set against a contrasting material, it looks just as impressive today as it did hundreds of years ago.

Although cameo pendants are usually made with a shell-like material carved into an ornate silhouette of plants or figures, 2017 is also featuring some modern takes on the traditional style. Here are some of the materials used for making cameos in 2017:

  • Onyx – Traditionally, black onyx was the preferred stone for cameo carvings due to its dense structure and ability to hold intricate details. The smooth finish of the gemstone is eye catching and gives cameo pieces an unmistakable look.
  • Glass – Glass has been around for centuries but not used in making cameos until recently. Its transparency allows light to pass through which will make your cameo glow in different colors when exposed to sunlight.
  • Wood – Wood can be whittled by hand or cut with laser precision, allowing any shape or image desired to be created. It can also be stained or painted if wanted.
  • Metals – Metals such as silver or gold are often used as foil backgrounds for plastic or resin cameos where they have less expansive appearances than precious stones.
  • Resin – Resins today come in many varieties and they serve as an inexpensive alternative for larger pieces since carving from a solid material would be too costly.

Ultimately, modern cameo jewellery comes in many shapes and sizes and features unique combinations of new materials that make them truly one-of-a-kind. With so many options available, there really is something for everyone when shopping for cameos in 2017.

How to Find the Perfect Cameo For You

Cameo jewelry has been around for centuries, and with the 2017 revival of this vintage trend, it can be hard to stay up-to-date. To find the perfect cameo that suits your individual look, consider the following:

  • Learn the styles: Classic cameos are strong profiles of people, usually from classical antiquity, set in oval or round gold frames. Modern cameos are designs featuring wildflowers, plants, geometric shapes and abstract motifs.
  • Think about material: Cameos are usually made of moldable materials like glass or pressed clay. There are also precious metal types with relief images carved out of them. Finally, there are Resins – ones that are even easier to find since they do not cost as much as metal cameos.
  • Figure out what works for you: Do you prefer brooches or pendants? Earrings? Bracelets? Accessories? Knowing what kind of style you gravitate towards will help narrow down which setting to choose.
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Once you have narrowed down the scope a little further based on these criteria, begin exploring different shapes of cameo jewelry – round, rectangular and asymmetrical ones. If you’re more into contemporary looks try geometric shapes or abstract motifs.

In terms of color and detailing opt for subtle hues such as pastel pink or purple combined with filigree work or CZ stones for a classic yet chic look. Additionally explore different sizes depending on how bold of a statement piece you want it to be – small one for a minimalist approach and bigger size if that’s more your style.

Last but not least when choosing your own special cameo make sure get something that speaks to your personality not just fashion trends; something unique that makes it truly yours. Choose an antique piece with its own story or go with a modern design featuring bright colors and modern materials – ultimately it all comes down to personal taste so don’t be restricted by fashion rules when picking your favorite diamond cut.

Came jewelry in the Spotlight

Looking gorgeous doesn’t get easier than with Cameo jewelry. In 2017, this simple and elegant style is getting everyone’s attention. From jewelry-lovers to collectors, people everywhere are going crazy for cameos. Here are just a few of the reasons:


Cameos have a strong constructability that makes them particularly useful for those who need accessories that fix well with their existing wardrobe options. The pieces don’t take all that much time to put together in an outfit, allowing users to quickly accessorize and get on their way.


In addition, cameo jewelry can be worn both formally and casually by men and women alike. This makes it extremely versatile ; it can be dressed up for a night on the town or dressed down enough to wear around the house. It also allows wearers to move from place to place without having to worry about being overdressed or under dressed.

Timeless Style

Finally, there is something timelessly beautiful about cameo jewelry. Its simplicity stands out against other styles and will never fade away as trends come and go. Its looks make it suitable for almost any occasion imaginable, something that was important during past eras as well.

  • Strong constructability
  • Can be worn both formally and casually
  • Unique timeless style

How to Wear Cameo Jewelry for 2017

Cameo jewelry is an age-old trend that never goes out of fashion, updated seasonally in new shapes and silhouettes. 2017 sees the cameo continue its sojourn in the ultimate accessory arena with versatile pieces to fit every style. Whether you’re going for a vintage look, classic beauty or contemporary chic – there’s a cameo to fit your look.

For this latest season, here are some tips on how to wear Cameo jewelry the right way:

  • Opt for rings and pendants in matte silver or dull gold settings that will draw attention to the intricately carved figure featured on the cameo.
  • Accessorize your look with earrings – be it bold long dangling styles with colorful gemstones or studs in classic silhouettes.
  • An elaborate brooch can give outfits a fashionable touch; coordinate with stones and metals that contour with your outfit.
  • Make sure that any dangling piercings from necklaces or earrings are kept neat and coordinated to ensure a classic yet dignified look.

Alternatively, accessorize scarves and bags elegantly teemed with cameos in varying sizes, crafted either in enamel, resin, ivory or metal. These simple but unique pieces will raise some eyebrows while simultaneously adding a free-spirited spin to any ensemble. For even more dramatic impact, opt for bracelets featuring large centerpieces blended along with contrasting monochromatic gems.

Despite being hundreds of years old – “wearable art” at its best – cameos have continued their reign as one of today’s most elegant accessories. With so many options available it should be easy to find the perfect piece no matter what particular fashion statement you want to make this season.

Stylish Ways to Rock a Cameo Necklace

Cameos are a classic way to accessorize. This traditional jewelry trend has held its own over the centuries, but is experiencing a stylish resurgence in 2017. Here are some ways you can flaunt your own cameo necklace:

  • With a little black dress: A cameo necklace will look smashing with your favorite delicate LBD – just make sure to keep the rest of your accessories (shoes, bags) neutral as to not look too busy.
  • To work: Outshine any competitors or critics by wearing a vintage-inspired cameo necklace. Whether you go for something classic or with updated flair, this tiny accessory will set you apart.
  • On special occasions: Cameo necklaces look especially beautiful on weddings and anniversaries. For brides, consider swapping out tradition white for canary yellow or pink stones grown with carved ebony.

Every woman should have at least one cameo necklace in her arsenal of jewelry. Besides being beautiful and symbolic, a silver or gold cameo looks great against any skin color. And best of all, there’s something for everyone – from hand-carved resin gods and goddesses to engraved Christian symbols. For those that can afford it, splurge on antique cameos made of precious stones such as lapis lazuli, carnelian, geordaite and shell.

Women who are keen on exploring fashion trends should experiment with different styles of cameos as well – ranging from quirky portraits to modern abstract designs. Some take even more daring approaches like glass etching or setting cameos onto highly crafted brooches and bracelets. Choosing interesting yet appropriate prints could potentially put you at the forefront of chic fashion trends for 2017.

Popular Cameo Themes for 2017

Cameo jewelry is timeless, and a great way to accessorize your wardrobe. 2017 has brought with it some interesting themes for cameo styles suitable for all ages. The most popular themes for this year seem to be vintage-inspired designs, gothic styles, cartoon characters, and exotic animals.

Vintage-inspired designs are making their mark on today’s fashion scene with exquisite Victorian-era charms and romantic silhouettes that reflect eras gone by. Many feature intricate patterns and soft cream or ivory tones; the perfect way to add a touch of classic elegance to any outfit. Both men and women are finding them irresistible as they can be worn as casual jewelry or dressed up for formal occasions.

Gothic cameo styles are also becoming more popular by the day, particularly among young people. These often have dramatic designs featuring spiders, bats, skulls, and coffins – all within special frames of silver and dark stones such as onyx or amethyst. They are ideal for those who want to make a statement without going over the top; subtle yet eye-catching in a stylish way.

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But it’s not just dark themes dominating this year’s cameo trends; playful characters are becoming increasingly sought after too. The likes of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck have long been adored by young children but now adults love them too. They provide an amusing nod to childhood nostalgia which helps many individuals feel connected with their younger days – plus they make excellent gifts too.

And finally there’s exotic animal cameo designs which can really bring an exotic twist to anyone’s look when matched with darker shades such as black and red. Popular choices include tigers, lions, panthers or elephants – all interlaced around intricate frames that could easily add some extra glamour to your ensemble. So if you’re looking for something different this year then these animal themed pieces could be just the thing you need.

Unique Ways to Incorporate Cameos into Accessories

Cameos are beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry that are valued throughout history. The intricate imagery and texture is appealing to the eye, and can easily be added as a stylish statement piece into any outfit. 2017 has been all about pushing fashion limits and being daring in self-expression, and this trend encompasses that perfectly. Here are some creative ways to wear cameos this season:

  • Wear a simple black cameo necklace with a simple designer dress for an interesting take on night out fashion.
  • Make a bold statement by wearing earrings with a larger cameo set against antiqued gold or silver.
  • Layer charms such as birds or cherubs around the perimeter of the cameo for unique appeal.

As cameos are steeped in rich heritage it adds a classic touch to any outfit – but don’t let that stop you from finding ways to make them more modern. You can achieve this through pairing simplistic motifs such as floral patterns with bold colors. For example, instead of sticking with traditional white, look for cameos carved from rose quartz or onyx – these will give your look an edge over the simplicity of white.

These comeos make beautiful addition to other accessories too. Spice up a plain hat or headband with an elegant Cameo brooch. You could also opt for feminine sandals crafted in natural espadrille material adorned with vintage style flowers, foliage designs or shells around the base of the shoe – instead why not replace those floral jewel embellishments with tiny carvings of childhood memories?

DIY Projects with Cameos

The jewelry trend of the 2017 has been classic cameo. This vintage-style charm has come on strong as a fashion and design accessory. In addition to modern-looking necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that feature cameos, many people have turned to a do-it-yourself approach. There are many ways to create unique projects with cameos that will reflect personal style and become treasured items.

One popular DIY project with cameos is repurposing an antique or family heirloom piece of jewelry. With the correct supplies, a cameo pendant can be put onto an existing necklace for quick transformation. Also it is possible to completely redesign a vintage item into something that is all your own.

For example, transforming grandma’s old watch chain into a festive bracelet with cameo accents. Cameo charms can be added as an accent element or made the centerpiece of the newly designed item depending upon individual preference and purpose.

Another way to use cameos in DIY projects is crafting them into home decor items or accessories not normally associated with them such as picture frames or functional objects like key holders. A cameo makes a great centerpiece for wall decors such as wreathes or window displays.

Additionally they can be used to upgrade existing household items like trays; simply gluing them securely creates chic pieces perfect for home decorating purposes. One can even make fun magnets or push pins by attaching the cameo to specialized backings along with other beads and knickknacks of choice and stick onto fridges or cork boards for a fashionable statement accessory in any room.

Cameos not only look good but their potentials are limitless. This wearable connection between fashion trends of the past and present are versatile enough for anyone to find enjoyment in these modern takes on an age old beloved jewelry style choice so why not get creative today.


The fashion and jewelry industries are ever-changing and growing. New trends develop as cultural changes occur, giving rise to new style statements. In 2017, a popular jewelry trend has been the reemergence of cameo jewelry.

Cameo is a beautiful gemstone that features an engraving featuring a profile portrait or miniature scene from Greek mythology. Many different metals have been used to make cameos including gold, silver, bronze, ivory and jet.

This timeless and naturally elegant design could be interpreted as symbolic of protective portraits for one’s armor or costume. During the 18th century cameos were very fashionable among nobility circles but this style became less common in the 19th century when marquession settings started being sold, framing cameo portraits in diamonds set into gold mounts.

As 2017 continues to bring forth new trends into fashion it appears that the cameo jewellery trend is here to stay. Modern interpretations of the classic style offer something for everyone with materials ranging from carved stones such as coral or onyx to metal featuring intricate etchings highlighting fabulous subjects with historical relevance.

The fashionability of this piece is timeless and can take an outfit to greater heights adding a touch of sophistication completed with love by skilled artisans over the last few centuries It’s no wonder why this piece remains popular during modern times.

Some popular designs have featured lovers embracing against detailed natural scenes while others portray inspiring female protogonists like Cleopatra, Athena or the majestic lioness NanaSahib – all bold figures whose stories echo throughout time. Creative jewellers blend tradition with contemporary flair which allow them to produce unique renditions these pieces’ undeniably captivating presence proves why they will continue trending through 2017.

In conclusion it is clear why2017 made cameo jewellery so popular – its timeliness both plays homage to history while continuing to make statement pieces for young audiences. The passion that past designers put into their intricate designs intensifies their ability be relevant today making them especially attractive adornments within 2017’s modern marketplace swathed in luxury fabrics and embellished accessories.

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