Jewelry Trend Forecast 2021

Jewelry trend forecast 2021 looks to be all about wearable art and comfort. 2020 was a year filled with highs and lows, which definitely showed up in the jewelry trends people sought out.

Although it may have been difficult to manage through remaining socially distant during key holidays and anniversaries, it gave way to some creative ways of expressing love. With the new year just beginning, it’s time to look forward and focus on the world of jewelry trends for 2021.

One jewelry trend that has gained a lot of attention in recent years is sustainable fashion. Consumers crave sustainability, whether that means buying products made from recycled materials or supporting small local businesses by choosing handmade pieces over mass-produced options from big name retailers.

The idea of repurposing existing materials to create something new is an integral part of sustainable fashion and can be seen with many modern jewelry pieces today – such as upcycled wood beads for earrings or necklaces that are made from vintage buttons.

In addition to sustainable fashion, simplicity and minimalism are also core components of 21st century style when it comes to jewelry. Going with this aesthetic means looking for simple designs that still make a statement without being too bold or obtrusive. Pieces such as small charm necklaces or delicate lever backs can add a subtle touch of sparkle without overpowering an outfit.

The last major trend worth mentioning when looking at the upcoming 2021 jewelry trends is “stacking” – layering multiple pieces together that each have their own personality so they create one larger statement look altogether; think bracelets, earrings and even several rings worn at once. Stacking has been popular ever since its inception during the 90s thanks to celebrities like Madonna making it cool again.

However, it has evolved quite a bit since then – now many are stacking vintage pieces with modern ones which creates unique looks each time around.

Customization & personalization will also keep growing: DIY elements where consumers make their own special piece come into spotlight as more people explore how they can add sentimentality into jewellery. This can range from items like engraveable necklaces to lockets where personal photos are added inside.

Consumers now recognize the power of personalized jewellery as a meaningful gift option that leaves behind memories & stories when shared with others. With all these trends combined, we are sure 2021 will bring us some amazing jewel styles straight off the runway.

Eco-friendly Jewelry

In 2021, eco-friendly jewelry is expected to become a major trend in the fashion world. Jewelry lovers will have the opportunity to choose pieces of jewelry that are both stylish and sustainable. There are several ways consumers can do this, such as leveraging renewable materials, recycling and upcycling old jewelry, and avoiding materials that contain toxins and pollutants.

One of the most exciting renewable materials used in eco-friendly jewelry is bamboo. Bamboo has been increasingly popular for years for its versatility and sustainable nature; it’s even been featured in collections from luxury fashion houses such as Gucci.

Bamboo earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and more are now used to create unique and beautiful looks – or something bold with a hint of edge – perfect for any occasion. Not only does bamboo look great when crafted into jewelry but it generates little waste which makes it a great choice for those who want something that’s stylish yet sustainable too.

Another great way to find eco-friendly jewelry is by utilizing resources like sites like Etsy or handcrafted fairs around the world that specialize in creating one-of-a-kind pieces with recycled materials such as old watches or broken costume jewelry parts. Shoppers can also look for items made from glass beads that may have been recycled from local sources near them in order to not only indulge their fashion sense but create something meaningful as well.

For those looking for something a bit more special, 3D printing technology is being increasingly used to craft intricate styles using filament made from biodegradable material (such as cornstarch). This not only allows shoppers to invest in unique pieces but also reduces energy consumption because it produces much less waste than traditional manufacturing processes.

At the same time, it’s important to be mindful of different metals and stones used when crafting pieces of jewelry since some may include toxins like lead or nickel – these should always be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives available including sterling silver (much less alloy elements) and diamonds certified with conflict-free origins.

Whether they choose investments pieces such as statement necklaces or everyday favorites like classic rings, 2021 offers more options than ever before to ensure shoppers embrace trends while staying mindful of environmental protection.

Colorful Combinations

Jewelry trends for 2021 have been shaped by a host of influences, including the continuing wild ride of 2020’s uncertain times minus a lot of runway and store closings – thank goodness for the magic of digital shows. Above all, it seems consumers are hungry for joy, amusement and positive energy in their everyday lives and jewelry day-to-day looks. Blending various colors and textures can yield unexpected yet attractive combinations to make a bold visual statement.

Holiday Jewelry Trends 2019

The vibrant hues that are popping up this season have turned up the heat when it comes to styling options. Designers have unleashed bright gemstones specifically set to act as strong accent pieces in otherwise muted outfits.

For example, opt for vivid tones like acidic green tourmalines, rich purples in spinels or warming oranges to give any look an instant zing while maintaining a subtle radiance with lots of texture. Lively yellows resembling pollen lit up in diamonds also take prominence this season – wear them styled with bright whites like opal or quartz to really get those must-have Instagram likes.

Bright primaries like reds, blues and greens are making their mark on the scene, though there is no exact formula when it comes to pairing such bold mixes together. Yellows can give an eye-catching background color to showcase red sapphire drops, or perhaps switch things up with subtle orange rubies as gorgeous centerpieces within an otherwise cool palette of blue sapphire accents.

In short? Let your creative impulses take over and you’ll be sure to come out on top.

Experimentation abounds this season, so don’t shy away from vividly colored pieces; let it become your statement piece or use them as accent accessories depending on how daring you’re feeling that day. Feel confident stepping out amongst the crowd available bursts of personality from uncommon palettes offered by unique designs set in surprisingly warm stones – stand tall and turn heads without fear.


One of the biggest jewelry trends for 2021 is sculpted and structured pieces. Jewelry designers are taking modern, angular shapes-like squares, circles, ovals and rectangles – to create earrings, necklaces and bracelets that have depth and high contrast finishes. Bright silver accents add shine while matte black elements add a hint of darkness. The combination of these two distinct materials results in a 3D design that draws in the eye of passers-by.

Not only are these pieces beautiful to look at, but their sturdy construction ensures longevity even when worn frequently. Many of these sculpted and structured jewels come with hooks or chains so they can be switched up from day-to-day without compromising on the overall look. This style cleverly mixes the old with the new – geometric forms combined with sleek elegance – creating an altogether captivating aesthetic sure to turn heads wherever it appears.

Moreover, no two pieces are alike as most designers experiment with different patters for each item. They use minute details like carved lines and textures, varying sizes and unusual gemstones to ensure an exclusive piece for their customers.

Furthermore, sculpted jewels will never feel outdated or too classic because modern techniques allow them to achieve a timeless yet contemporary appeal that transcends beyond trends and seasons. Thus allowing you the opportunity to purchase something special that will keep your wardrobe alive forever.


Metals are sure to remain popular in 2021, whether in traditional or more contemporary forms. For example, sterling silver will continue to be a staple of the jewelry market due to its beauty and affordability. Furthermore, many people will search for items like silver rings and necklaces when looking for that special holiday gift.

Gold is still a popular choice for birthdays and other important occasions; however, more consumers may opt for rose gold as a unique alternative for gifts. The classic look of yellow gold may also be combined with other colors to create bolder pieces such as two-toned or even tri-colored bracelets and pendants. Additionally, platinum will remain a top choice due to its superior shine, durability, and relative rarity.

When it comes to modern metallics, there’s no shortage of interesting options-particularly stainless steel. With its hypoallergenic properties and significantly lower price point than gold or silver makes it an attractive option for those who don’t have the budget to invest in precious metals.

There’s also tungsten carbide which has become increasingly popular in recent years; not only is this metal extremely hard, but it also doesn’t require nearly as much cleaning/polishing like most other metals do. Lastly, titanium remains a sought-after option due its lightweight yet highly durable properties; perfect for those who are looking for jewelry that will last them years without compromising on quality or style.

Statement Accessories

Jewelry this year is all about making a statement. Just look around, and you’ll see that everywhere people are utilizing unique pieces to express their innermost feelings and showcase individual style. 2021 is the time to reach out – not just as a way of self-expression, but to communicate our hopes and dreams with others around us. As such, statement accessories have become more popular than ever before.

Chunky chain necklaces have made it big in the world of fashion this year and found a beloved place between luxury and urban styling. Women looking to add a touch of sophistication are including these pieces into their everyday looks; from an oversized gold chain necklace paired with an oversize white blouse and fitted jeans or a delicate crystal-encrusted link layered in amongst multiple thin pendants for a high-end feel.

What’s more is that these chunky chains also make wonderful gifts for friends and family – trend-savvy yet timeless, meaning it’s something they can be sure to cherish for years to come.

Artisan Jewelry Trends 2019

Statement earrings are also boasting an exciting resurgence in 2021. Giant hoops encrusted with semi-precious stones or brightly coloured resin beads always turn heads at any kind of event – and with the round shape exuding warmth, personality, good luck charm vibes what’s not love? Furthermore, dangling tassel earrings remain simply irresistible due to their striking combination of ethereal beauty intertwined with sparkling accents – both perfect for adding life to any look.

The jewelry carried by us in 2021 reflects a desire to turn the tide – this includes daring pieces like intricate hair clips spread through perforations or tiaras accentuated by colorful rhinestones that help bring life back into our routines. A sentiment echoed time and time again when it comes to jewelry: experimentation should always be encouraged.

Make your mark this 2021 by venturing out beyond simple bead bracelets and elegant stud earrings for statement pieces that are sure to take your style up another level.

Vintage Touches

Vintage jewelry is set to make a big comeback in 2021. After taking a back seat for a few years, timeless designs of the past will take center stage this year, allowing wearers to enjoy the best of both worlds – classic designs with a modern twist.

This trend is perfect for those who love traditional jewelry pieces, but don’t want their looks to appear outdated. In 2021, vintage jewelry will be reimagined in many interesting ways without sacrificing its basic structure and aesthetics.

One of the most popular takes on vintage jewelry this year centers around edgier and darker motifs mixed with Victorian-era elements. Jewelers who specialize in antique pieces have created some truly one-of-a-kind items with pieces like gothic rings adorned with skulls or a necklace featuring an all black center stones option surrounded by fresh white diamonds. These unique items bring luxury and whimsy to the world of vintage jewelry in exciting new ways.

Another area where vintage style will become prominent this year is mixing antiquated materials with more contemporary elements for modernized appeal. These new updates will include things such as gem-encrusted chokers paired with artisan chains, or filigreed earrings that transform into cuffs coated in gold flakes and fine stones. By adding these artistic touches, jewelers can recreate old silhouettes with trendy upgrades that are sure to delight customers all over the world.

These are just two examples of how vintage jewelry is making its way back into style this year, but they show how jewelers have been able to find creative new ways of utilizing traditional designs while still making them look chic and current. From darkly romantic touches to cutting edge elements, both men and women will be able to find timeless items that reflect their personal style choices no matter what look they are trying to achieve.

Final Thoughts

Making a statement with jewelry pieces in 2021 is all about standing out from the crowd. As we enter the new year, many look to fashion trends to accurately accessorize with jewelry and find pieces that match our individual style. However, with this particular trend forecasted for 2021, it will be less about making generic purchases with cookie-cutter designs and more about finding bold and unique accessories that truly stand out.

From small crystal touches to abstract dangle earrings, knowing how to make a statement with your favorite jewelry choices can be quite the challenge. This trend offers an opportunity for everybody to take a step outside of their comfort zone and make attention-grabbing choices. Many of these statement pieces are available in professional properties like 925 silver or gold-plated material which opens up even more options for anyone’s wardrobe.

When selecting new gemstones, color palettes and bold designs, mix formality with simplicity so as not to overwhelm your look but still show off your piece of artwork. Combining lighter hues like lavender or rose quartz for a softer effect if you’re looking for something subtle yet elegant or choose heavily studded bangles paired against an animal print blouse for an exciting combination of loud design aesthetics.

It is ultimately important to focus on one area at a time when making these larger statements; limit yourself to either the earrings or bangle chain and don’t overload your look with too many contrasts in order avoid confusion.

Statements pieces are crafted in order emulate strength and confidence within its wearer through stunning design selections and details that draw immediate attention. Accessorizing doesn’t require adhering to trends; rather it should be utilized as an outlet to express creativity while constructing one’s outfit.

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