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is an online retailer of fine and fashion jewelry. We carry a wide variety of styles, from classic to contemporary, to suit every taste. Our selection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches, from top brands like Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, and Cartier.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience, and we’re proud to offer free shipping on all orders within the United States. We also offer a 30-day return policy, so you can be sure you’re making the perfect purchase.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Alibaba Jewelry Reviews

is a website that provides honest, unbiased reviews of various jewelry products. We aim to help our readers find the best jewelry products for their needs by providing in-depth product reviews.

We believe that jewelry is a very personal item, and that everyone has different needs and preferences. That’s why we take the time to fully test each product before writing our reviews. We want to make sure that our readers can trust our recommendations and make the best decisions for their jewelry needs.

We also believe in providing our readers with helpful information about jewelry. In addition to our product reviews, we also offer articles about different types of jewelry, how to care for your jewelry, and more.

We hope that you will find our website helpful and informative. We welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for visiting Alibaba Jewelry Reviews!

What Is Cts In Jewelry

What Does 526 Mean On Gold Jewelry

526 is the karat weight of the gold in the jewelry. The number 526 comes from the calculation of 52.5% gold by weight. In the United States, the karat weight of gold jewelry is expressed in 24ths. So, a gold piece that is 526 karats would be 24 karats, or 100% gold.

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Welcome to Ashkal Jewelry!

Our shop is devoted to the creation of beautiful and unique jewelry. Our pieces are handmade with love and care, and we take great pride in our work.

Our jewelry is inspired by the natural world, and we use a variety of materials including gemstones, metals, and wood. Our pieces are designed to be both stylish and timeless, and we hope that you will find something that you love in our shop.

Thank you for visiting Ashkal Jewelry, and we hope that you will come back soon.


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Does Nickel Free Jewelry Turn Your Finger Green


Nickel is a common metal found in jewelry. It is also a common allergen, causing a skin rash called nickel allergy. Nickel allergy is the most common type of metal allergy. Symptoms of nickel allergy include a skin rash, redness, itching, and swelling.

Some people may believe that wearing nickel free jewelry will prevent them from developing a nickel allergy, but this is not the case. Nickel free jewelry is made of materials other than nickel, such as titanium or stainless steel. While these materials are less likely to cause a nickel allergy, they are not 100% nickel free and may still cause a skin reaction in some people.

Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry

If you are concerned about developing a nickel allergy, it is best to avoid wearing any type of jewelry, including nickel free jewelry. If you do develop a nickel allergy, see a dermatologist for treatment.

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