Jewelry Stores In Lake Mary Florida That Buy Loose Diamonds

When searching for quality diamonds, look no further than the jewelry stores of Lake Mary, Florida. This area has a long history of buying and selling some of the finest gems available on the market today.

Whether your preference is for finished pieces or loose diamonds, these stores have experienced jewelers who are ready to help you discover just what you’ve been looking for. From engagement rings to special gifts and more, there is no shortage of options within the jewelry stores of Lake Mary, Florida that will buy loose diamonds.

Dedicated Customers Jewelry stores in Lake Mary provides dedicated customers with excellent service. Evaluation of any loose diamond is a free service that they offer as they strive to ensure customer satisfaction with their purchase.

They are well-educated on diamond sizes and can provide accurate grading on the size and clarity when it comes to making an appraisal. Furthermore, since each stone varies in its characteristics it will also be noted for what type of diamond it may be – such as cushion cut or circular cut – before determining an appropriate price for its grade level.

Fine Quality Apparel In addition to loose diamonds, the jewelry stores in Lake Mary offer fine quality apparel perfect for any occasion from gifting during holidays or birthdays to finding the perfect piece fit for your special day. Certified gemologists specialize in helping customers find exactly what they need befitting their individual taste.

With professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of the diamond industry; you can shop with peace of mind knowing that every aspect from selection and sizing will be taken care of by these experienced jewelers immediately after purchase completion. Of course many retailers also offer guarantees which add an extra layer of security for those purchasing products from these establishments; something everyone should take advantage off if so presented.

What Are Loose Diamonds?

Loose diamonds refer to the actual diamond stones. They are not set in any setting, like an engagement ring or necklace. The loose diamonds have been cut and give so that they possess perfect symmetry, clarity and color. Loose diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, from one carat round brilliant cuts to large heart-shaped stones. These gems sparkle brilliantly even when unset with prongs or a bezel setting.

What Does It Mean To Buy Loose Diamonds?

Buying loose diamonds means purchasing them without any type of setting or design around them. When buying loose diamonds it is important to pay attention to the four ‘Cs’: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. These attributes influence the overall quality of the diamond stone and its ultimate value. Additionally, depending on where you purchase them; there may be certification documents authenticating the quality of the stone as well as certifying that it has not been treated artificially.

Where Can You Buy Loose Diamonds In Lake Mary Florida?

If you live in Lake Mary Florida you can find a number of reputable jewelry stores that sell loose diamonds such as Wixon Jewelers and Jewelry Affairz who are renowned for their fine selection of certified gems. Additionally, if time is short; then online shopping platforms such as James Allen provide an extensive selection of beautiful stones which offer virtual 360 views along with HD images for better inspection before making a final purchase decision.

Also if budget is an issue then searching online will offer valuable comparisons for prices from a variety of retail stores so buyers can get the most bang for their buck when making their jewelry purchases.

Different Types of Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are categorized based on the color of the diamond, its size, and its shape. Colorless diamonds are the most common types and also one of the most expensive varieties. They are usually found in various shades such as clear, light yellow, and faint pink.

Fancy colored diamonds, which are rarer than colorless stones, have rich colors such as violet, blue, pink or yellow. They usually come in more unique shapes than colorless diamonds too. Commonly cut shapes for diamond jewelry include marquise-cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and heart-shaped stones.

Effect of Quality on Prices of Loose Diamonds

The type or quality of a loose diamond affects its price significantly. Popular grades for assessing quality often include carat weight (size), clarity (extra elements within the stone that can be seen with a microscope), cut (which affects its brightness and overall shape) and color (the hue and shade).

Grading services like the Gemological Institute of America assesses these factors to determine an official diamond certification that is used by many buyers to verify a loose diamond’s worth before purchase.

Local Jewelry Stores in Lake Mary Florida That Buy Loose Diamonds

In Lake Mary Florida there are several local jewelry stores that will buy loose diamonds from customers directly for resale at their shop fronts or through other channels such as online auctions. Ritani helps customers find assistance quickly when they sell their loose diamonds locally by connecting them to local authorized jewelers who can appraise their item(s).

Through this platform customers can get assistance face-to-face with experienced gemologist who provide impartial advice navigating options available when selling as well searching for new stones to add to collections or create breathtaking jewelry pieces using them.

Why You Should Consider Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying loose diamonds is a great way to access quality stones at a fraction of the cost of pre-set diamonds. When a diamond is sold as part of a setting, often two-thirds or more of the stone’s cost goes to cover the craftsmanship, labor and design elements involved in manufacturing the piece.

For those who value the intrinsic beauty and fire of an uncut gemstone, buying loose diamonds makes economic sense – you get more stone for less money.

Additionally, purchasing loose diamonds gives buyers superior flexibility when it comes to setting their stones. They can choose settings that match their personal style and budget much more easily than with pre-set pieces. Jewelers typically also offer discounts on settings paired with loose gems, making it possible to get even higher value out of each purchase.

The Benefits Of Shopping At Local Jewelry Stores

When looking for reputable jewelers who deal in high quality loose diamonds, many people choose to shop locally in order to get personalized service they can trust. Unlike online stores and internet-based retailers, local jewelry stores give customers the opportunity to see pieces on display in person and try them on before committing to any purchases. This allows for better assessment of the diamond’s fire, brilliance and overall quality; something which is extremely difficult through online means alone.

Local jewelry stores also generally have friendly and experienced staff members that can answer all questions about cut specifity, clarity grade etc., thus helping shoppers make informed decisions before completing any transactions. Additionally, these professionals are usually licensed gemologists that certify authenticity on every purchase – offering yet another layer of assurance when investing in valuable gemstones such as loose diamonds.

Finding Quality Loose Diamonds In Lake Mary Florida

Lake Mary is home to a number of reputable retail establishments where customers can find top quality natural loose diamonds at competitive prices – including Kay Jewelers, Macy’s and Helzberg Diamonds. All three stores feature knowledgeable staff who are trained not only to help select suitable gems but also appraise them accurately within current market values.

What Jewelry Stores Sell Lab Created Diamonds

Moreover each store offers inventory consisting exclusively from officially certified suppliers – thus providing accountability for quality assurance plus warranty coverage on all products purchased under their roofs.

Benefits Of Buying Loose Diamonds

1. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a loose diamond is the ability to select from a large variety of stones with distinct characteristics that appeal to individual preferences. Loose diamonds enable customers to select the exact colour, clarity, cut and size they desire. Customers will have access to an array of gems; ranging from white diamonds, cognac coloured hued stones, fiery yellow diamonds and classic blues.

2. There is no better way to get genuine quality then when buying a loose diamond at reputable jewelry store in Lake Mary, Florida. Professional gemologists will help customers buy the best quality diamond with the most desirable characteristics at optimum prices in comparison to pre-mounted areas which cannot offer such specialized attention.

3. By simply selecting a setting for their diamond selection buyers are able customize and design their own unique piece of jewelry that suits their various tastes along with precise budget specifications. Selecting a specific centre stone allows customer to complement it with complimenting side stones picking similar or contrasting shades as well as creating an amazing array of angles created by particular shapes like Round Brilliant ideal for light reflection.

List Of Jewelry Stores In Lake Mary Florida That Buy Loose Diamonds

  • The Miami Club Jewrys: This premier jeweler has been in business since 2005 and offers high-end fine jewelry featuring breathtaking GIA certified diamonds.
  • Premier Jewelers: With over 35 years of jewelry making experience this store offers stunning unique designs featuring exclusive hand made items.
  • Lewis Jewelers : Offering superior service providers for all type of jewelry repairs services on site this stores also features stunning pieces for wedding day events.

What To Consider When Purchasing Loose Diamonds

Purchasing loose diamonds can be a daunting task. It is important to ensure that you are dealing with experienced professionals who can help you find the right diamond for your needs. Here are some of the things to consider when buying loose diamonds in Lake Mary, Florida.

  • Size – The most important factor when purchasing a loose diamond is its size. Diamonds typically range from 0.1-5 carats in size, so make sure to pick the right weight and size for your specific needs.
  • Clarity – The clarity of a diamond refers to the amount and type of imperfections that naturally occur in them. Knowing the level of clarity helps determine the diamond’s value.
  • Cut – Diamonds come in various shapes, sizes, and cuts. Consider what best reflects your style and budget before investing in one.
  • Color – Color grading systems categorize colors on the D-Z scale. Higher color grades represent rare, more valuable stones.

When it comes to choosing jewelry stores in Lake Mary, Florida that buy loose diamonds, there are many factors to consider. Make sure that you choose an experienced jeweler who offers quality customer service and has ample expertise when it comes to diamonds. Be sure to ask questions about their certification processes and inspect any of imaging or reports they may provide on their stones for accuracy and consistency with industry standards.

Additionally, have a budget set beforehand so as not to overspend on higher quality stones than what you originally intended to purchase. Finally, research into current market prices on loose diamonds prior to visiting any jewelry stores or online vendors so that you will be more informed if presented with different prices for the same type of stone or similar characteristics between different sellers.

Different Price Points of Loose Diamonds

When looking to purchase loose diamonds, it is important to understand the different quality and price points that are available. Essentially, the value of a diamond is determined by four key characteristics known as the ‘Four C’s’ – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. Different diamonds will have varying levels of these attributes which in turn affects their value.

Generally speaking, higher grades for all four ‘C’s will lead to a higher diamond price. Fortunately, there are several jewelry stores in Lake Mary Florida that can help customers find diamonds that match their desired taste and budget.

Popular Jewellery Stores

One of the most popular jewelry stores in Lake Mary Florida is Johnson & Sons Jewelers. They offer customers an array of options when it comes to selecting loose diamonds and even provide expert advice on how best to purchase them based on personal preferences.

They pride themselves on being a family-run business with more than 30 years experience in jewelry retail and personal service. Furthermore, they are competitively priced compared to other local jewelers and provide special offers for their customers such as free rings sizers and complimentary cleanings.

Online Shopping Alternatives

In addition to purchasing loose diamonds from physical jewellery stores in Lake Mary Florida, there is also the option of buying them online from companies such as Whiteflash or James Allen. Both companies offer customers thousands of certified GIA loose diamonds they can choose from at various price points depending on quality variables such as clarity, cut, color or carat weight etc.

These online retailers also offer high resolution photos and videos which allow customers to really get up close into intricate details before making an informed decision about their purchase. Additionally, all online purchases come with a satisfaction guarantee and many even allow for flexible payment terms such as layaway or financing plans which makes this an attractive option for those who just cannot part with all of their money up front when making an expensive purchase like this.

Popular Jewelry Stores in Lake Mary Florida That Buy Loose Diamonds

For those looking to buy or sell loose diamonds in Lake Mary Florida, there are a variety of reputable jewelry stores that offer the service. Below is a listing of these outlets:

  • Gold & Gem Palace Jewelry Store: Offering diamond transactions since 2010, this store has become a trusted site for purchasing quality diamonds. They conduct appraisals, too.
  • Tairona Jewelers: Well-known for its expertise in restoring the value and brilliance of diamonds, this family-owned business offers comprehensive diamond services.
  • J&S Diamonds In Lake Mary: Specializing in loose diamonds, J&S Diamonds caters to both consumers and trade customers. With years of experience, it has maintained an excellent reputation for providing sound advice and quality diamonds.
  • O’Byrne Jewelers: Founded in 2005 by Seamus O’Byrne; the store is known for its custom design services and ability to source high-quality stones that fit your budget.

In most cases, when visiting one of these stores you will be asked to bring along certification documents such as AGA or GIA (Gemological Institute of America) reports. These certificates help guarantee authenticity and can significantly increase the value of your diamond.

el if you are not sure what kind of certification you need or how much it should cost – it’s worth discussing with your jeweller first before making any purchase decisions. Depending on the quality of the stone being purchased, an appraisal may also be required.el

Services Offered by These Jewelers

Jewelry stores in Lake Mary, Florida offer customers an array of services related to jewelry and loose diamond purchases. These services include the following:

  • Custom Jewelry Design
  • Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Appraisals
  • Loose Diamonds Purchases
  • Diamond Upgrades & Trade-ins
  • Repairs and Restorations for Fine Jewelry

The custom designs offered by Lake Mary jewelry stores will allow customers to create their own unique pieces that are tailored just for them. No two designs will look the same thanks to expert advice from certified jewelers who specialize in the design process.

What Percentage of Diamonds Are Used for Jewelry

Customers can find a variety of designs such as charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings all created with stunning diamonds. Whether the design is modern or classic, customers can be sure that they will have one-of-a-kind pieces with these exclusive custom jewelry designs.

Those looking for engagement rings should take a trip to one of Lake Mary’s jewelry stores as well. Here customers will find a variety of diamonds ranging from traditional solitaires to fancy three stone settings all set into beautiful metal such as white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Customers also have the option to upgrade their current engagement ring after they’ve been married if they wish to do so. This is because Lake Mary jewelers also offer diamond upgrade & trade-in services which allows customers to trade in their existing diamond for something bigger and better at competitive prices.

In addition to custom designs and diamond engagement rings, Lake Mary jewelers specialize in buying loose diamonds from those looking sell or trade theirs in for cash or store credit. Customers can bring their loose stones into any of these establishments where certified professionals are able to provide accurate appraisals on what your stone is worth.

Once an inspection is done, customers have the ability negotiate purchase prices on their stones based on market values plus any other factors like cut, clarity, carat size etc. This turn around time allows sellers obtain quick money without having wait long periods of time or endure tedious processes normally related selling diamonds.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Jeweler

When choosing a Jeweler in Lake Mary Florida to purchase loose diamonds, there are several factors to consider before making the final purchase. One should think through the strength of the jeweler’s reputation, the quality assurance processes they have in place, and their pricing structure.


The reputation of a jewelry store is a vital factor when it comes to buying diamonds as it demonstrates the transparency of their business practices and reflects how satisfied previous customers have been. Reputation can also impact customer service, so if a store has positive reviews from prior customers, then they are more likely to provide outstanding service and address any issues which might arise during or after the transaction.

Additionally, customers can feel confident that their money is going towards genuine diamond products and not to some effortless fraud.

Quality Assurance Processes

When purchasing diamonds, quality assurance processes are essential for guaranteeing that buyers get value for their money. Jewelry stores should subject diamond purchases to rigorous tests such as light transmission evaluation and gems analysis using specialist equipment in order to confirm authenticity and identify any flaws which may influence price or beauty of the stone. Without this process in place, customers could potentially buy diamonds with hidden damage which would lowers its worth significantly.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure of a jewelry store should also be taken into account when purchasing loose diamonds. Most stores belonging to well-known brands will have fixed prices set up according to weight or carat size of each diamond purchased – often known as ‘wholesale’ prices; however other shops might vary depending on factors such as demand at the time or stock availability.

It is important for purchasers to do thorough research into what they want beforehand so that they can compare different stores’ prices for the same product accurately without being overcharged by any one retailer:

  • Check reviews online
  • Compare prices between multiple stores
  • Verify certification documents supplied
  • Ensure quality assurance measures were conducted correctly

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Jeweler

When it comes to getting the most out of your jewelry store visit, there are certain things to keep in mind. First, it is important to research different jewelry stores in the Lake Mary Florida area to find the best option for you. Finding a reputable and experienced jeweler with expertise on selling, appraising and buying loose diamonds is paramount.

It is also wise to ask for referrals and recommendation from friends or family who may have experience with a particular jeweler. Checking online reviews can also provide insight into other consumer experiences the store has had.

Once you have found a suitable store, it is important to be prepared before visiting for an appraisal or sale of your diamond. Having any authentication documents that came when purchasing your diamond can help immensely, providing certification that highlights the diamond’s cut clarity color and karats. Additionally, taking a picture of the piece and having photos of any previous evaluations can greatly increase the ability for the jeweler to give an accurate estimations on its value.

Finally, when meeting with the jeweler have clear expectations about what outcome you are looking for. Are you hoping to sell or need some advice about updating your pieces?

Being straightforward about what you would like in terms of pricing and repairs will make it much easier for them to judge their offer based upon quality whilst meeting expectations from both parties. When trying to receive top dollar for selling loose diamonds ensure that trustworthiness remains at its core throughout entire process and stay patient as finding potential buyers may take time depending on market demand.


If you’re looking to buy loose diamonds for an engagement ring or any other jewelry item, Lake Mary, Florida is certainly the place to go. With its reputation as one of the most luxurious locations in central Florida, Lake Mary also has plenty of jewelry stores that specialize in loose diamonds. From local favorite Parls Jewelry Design to national staples such as Jared and Zales, there’s no shortage of places where you can find loose diamonds.

Each store offers a range of quality and styles that will suit even the most discerning buyers. Whether you’re looking for traditional round brilliants or unconventional cuts like princesses and baguettes, there are plenty of options in both certified and non-certified stones at all price points.

Better yet, you’ll have the assurance of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff at each location who can provide expert advice on which jewels are right for you based on your individual needs and budget.

When it comes to purchasing loose diamonds, buying from a reputable source is key if you want to guarantee quality stones. Fortunately, Lake Mary is home to some of the most trusted names in diamond trade – and they come with stellar customer service too. With jewellers like Parls Jewellery offering enhanced protection programs so that your purchase is insured in case of theft or loss, you can rest assured that your purchase is safe and sound.

Making a purchase from one of these fine diamond specialists not only guarantees credibility but also provides peace of mind – particularly when it comes to making significant investments such as an engagement ring or anniversary gift. Furthermore, many jewelry stores offer preferential payment terms which allow customers to work around their budget without having to break it straight away.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to Lake Mary today and find out why it’s a great destination for buying loose diamonds.

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