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Jewelry Store Longmont has been serving the customers of Longmont, Colorado since 1987. The place offers one of the most complete selections of jewelry and watches in the area. It features a wide variety of gems and precious metals that range from diamonds to sapphires, and their collection spans a broad range of price points. With impeccable customer service, they offer nothing less than quality items that any buyer would be proud to own or give as gifts. Jewelry Store Longmont is conveniently located in downtown Longmont, making it easy to access shops and restaurants.

The jewelry industry has existed for thousands of years, evolving with cultures to reflect style and trends. First crafted from stone and bone, today’s pieces are manufactured using precious metals like gold and platinum as well as synthetic materials such as plastic or glass beads to make intricate collections suited for every budget. Jewelry Store Longmont stays up-to-date on the latest styles while offering timeless classics so customers have options they will treasure forever. They work hard to meet each customer’s individual needs from giving advice on how to select quality pieces, to providing repairs when jewelry is damaged. Most importantly, the staff at Jewelry Store Longmont ensures buyers find the perfect item for their special occasion or everydaywear look that expresses their personal style within an affordable price point with satisfaction guaranteed by attentive customer care before and after purchase.


Jewelry Store Longmont has been a part of the community for over sixty years, dating back to its founding in 1959. Originally specializing in sterling silver jewelry and watches, it quickly gained a following of dedicated customers. Longtime owner Martha Harris made sure each customer felt special and appreciated, setting her store apart from other local businesses. Throughout the years, Jewelry Store Longmont has evolved to include fine gold jewelry, estate pieces and custom designs. Despite modernizing with time, the store has still kept its old-world charm while boasting exceptional customer service and attention to detail. From engagement rings to pendants, Jewelry Store Longmont prides itself on carrying something special for all occasions – including those coming up next week!

Unique Experience

Jewelry Store Longmont is a premier jewelry destination located in beautiful Longmont, Colorado. We specialize in providing our customers with superior service, stunning and unique jewelry choices, and incredible value. With our selection of both timeless pieces and modern trends, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece for any occasion. Our expert staff are knowledgeable mentors who provide valuable advice on all of your jewelry needs. Whether you’re in search of diamonds, precious metals or something to commemorate a special moment – we have it all. Craftmanship is guaranteed with every purchase as we stand behind quality workmanship and customer care that is unparalleled. Make Jewelry Store Longmont your go-to source for your jewelry needs today! Shop in store or online – either way we guarantee an unforgettable experience. Our customer satisfaction team makes the process easy and painless, ensuring smooth transactions along with fast shipping and delivery times. The perfect combination of personalized service and world-class product selection provides customers with an experience truly like no other! Let us make those moments even more special by allowing Jewelry Store Longmont to become part of them!

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Product Overview

Jewelry Store Longmont offers a vast selection of beautiful jewelry pieces. We emphasize quality, allowing our customers to express themselves with stunning items that they can trust will last. Our collections include signature engagement and wedding rings, classic pearl necklaces and earrings, exquisite birthstone pendants, and fashion-forward pieces made with solid metals and gems. Customers also come in droves to explore our special Rose Gold Boutique, featuring opulent rings and necklaces set with diamonds, topaz, citrines and more. If you’re looking for the perfect piece at an unbeatable value, we have it!

Customization Options

At Jewelry Store Longmont, we offer a wide range of products that can be customized to fit each individual’s unique style. From stunning engagement rings and sparkling eternity bands to everyday statement pieces, you’ll find something here for you. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the entire customization process, from selecting your metal to choosing the perfect setting and diamond shape. Once your piece is finished, it truly becomes “your” jewelry item!

We offer a variety of customization options for all our clients. Whether you are looking for something modern and classic or funky and fun, we have what you need. We can customize any piece with your choice of diamonds or colored gemstones as well as different shapes, sizes, settings and designs. Products can also be created in any type of metal such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum so you can find something that suits your individual taste and price range. Just tell us what you’re looking for and our design experts will work with you every step of the way to create something truly special! Our store also carries ready-made products if customization isn’t your thing. So come on in and browse our selection today!

Community Involvement

At Jewelry Store Longmont, we believe that it is important to give back to our community. We do this through a number of different initiatives designed to help the residents of Longmont and the surrounding areas.

One way that Jewelry Store Longmont shows its commitment to making the city a better place is by partnering with various local charities and organizations. We donate jewelry pieces, host fundraisers, and volunteer our time as well. By doing this, we can support local causes such as homelessness shelters, animal rescue centers, hospices, domestic violence prevention groups, youth education programs and so much more.

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In addition, Jewelry Store Longmont has also collaborated with smaller grassroots organizations in the past to address specific needs within our community such as providing meals for the hungry or helping homeless individuals find employment.

By taking part in these efforts, we aim to make a real difference in our local communities and beyond – from familiarizing people with issues they may not be aware of, advocating for meaningful change, and empowering others to get involved and create positive impacts themselves. For us, it’s about giving back in whatever way we can.

Events and Special Offers

Jewelry Store Longmont offers various events and special offers throughout the year. Our most recent offer was 50% off selected items in our online store. This promotion ran from April 16th through May 15th 2020 and was exclusively available to customers who were members of our loyalty program; however, our everyday discounted prices remain available to everyone with no extra discounts required. Additionally, we host monthly trunk shows in store featuring exclusive pieces created by up-and-coming jewelry designers. Starting June 1st, we are hosting another trunk show that will be showcasing the latest collection of Cynthia Chao Designs. The event will last for two days and is open to the public – no appointment necessary! As a token of appreciation for attending, each guest will receive an additional 20% off select items from participating designers at checkout. Be sure to visit us on these dates so you don’t miss out on great deals and wonderful pieces from some of the best jewelry designers in both print and digital media!


Thank you for considering our Jewelry Store Longmont. We hope that you have found the perfect piece of jewelry to fit your needs! If you haven’t, we encourage you to come and visit us here in store; we’d love to show you our extensive inventory of jewels. Alternatively, join our mailing list on our website and stay informed about our newest collections, exclusive discounts and special offers!

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