Jewelry Service Center

Customer Testimonials

“I was very pleased with the work done on my wedding ring at the Jewelry Service Center. The staff were so friendly and professional and were able to help me find a wonderful solution that would look great and still stay within my budget. Highly recommend!” – Grace S.

“My grandmother’s watch had been broken for over 10 years – I was so worried about taking it somewhere for repair in case it would be too expensive. However, I brought it to the Jewelry Service Center who fixed it quickly and without any fuss! Highly recommended!” – Joe M.

“The team at Jewelry Service Center took such great care of me when I wanted my diamond ring resized. They made sure all the intricate details of the piece were handled exceptionally well, and they finished quickly too! Very impressed.” – Alyssa L.

“I’m very pleased with how my bracelet looks after getting repaired at Jewelry Service Center – they did a fantastic job! Everyone here is always friendly, helpful, and patient throughout the whole process.” – Tyler P.


Q: What types of services are offered at the Jewelry Service Center?

A: The Jewelry Service Center offers a variety of repair and maintenance services for jewelry pieces. This includes cleaning, polishing, rhodium plating, stone setting and tightening, restringing beads, replacing clasps and watch batteries, as well as engraving and customization.

Q: How long will repairs take to complete?

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A: The turnaround time for repairs vary depending on the type and complexity of the repair/maintenance required. Most basic repairs can typically be completed within one week to 10 business days from the time the item is received. It is recommended that you contact us for an estimated timeframe prior to sending your item in for service.

Q: How much do repairs cost?

A: Cost of repairs will depend on the specific job being done and the materials needed for it. We provide free estimates​ upon inspecting your jewelry piece so you can know exactly what to expect before work is started.

Before and After Images

Before: The above necklace appears heavily tarnished, has visible signs of wear and tear, and is missing a few stones.

After: The Jewelry Service Center has revamped this necklace to look as good as new! The tarnished silver has been brought back to its original shine and luster. Missing stones have also been replaced with ones that match the original design perfectly. It is clear they pay keen attention to detail providing customers with an impeccable service.


The Jewelry Service Center is currently offering a 20% discount on all repairs to customers who book online. In addition, they are running special deals on select jewelry pieces in their showroom. Customers can receive up to 50% off designated products. The service center also offers free shipping for orders over $50 before taxes. As an added bonus, new customers will receive a complimentary Jewelry Care Kit with their first purchase.

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Cost Comparison

The Jewelry Service Center provides superior care at competitive prices. When compared to other jewelry service centers in the area, customers will find that our team of expert technicians and skilled craftsmen deliver work of the highest quality for an unbeatable price. We have a wide range of services from basic repairs and maintenance to total restorations of antique pieces, with all jobs being done in-house. Our parts are industry-leading, for maximum durability and efficiency, so you never have to worry about inferior results. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee meticulous attention to detail whether you’re bringing in something simple or intricate. Our goal is to always provide outstanding service at an affordable rate so you can feel confident trusting us with your needs.