Jewelry Ring Holder Diy

The fashion accessory known as a jewelry ring holder can be made with a few simple tools and materials. With the right supplies, a do-it-yourselfer can create an attractive display for their most cherished rings. Especially popular are crafted wooden holders that feature ornamental designs or monograms to personalize the piece. To make one, the DIYer will need some woodworking basics such as saws, chisels, sandpaper, and measuring tapes.

To begin constructing the holder, first use a jigsaw to cut out two identical shapes from scrap plywood or even a plank of softwood such as pine or fir. Then sand down the rough edges and ends for clean lines around the shape. The next step is to trace out a design or monogram onto the wood using pencils or paper stencils.

This can be just about anything from circles and flowers to letters and initials in various fonts – depending on what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Use your chisels to carve out these details before finally smoothing everything down with sandpaper again until you have achieved the desired effect.

The final step is to attach some kind of hooks onto each shape so they can be hung on display. This can be done by drilling small holes into each piece and using metal screws to secure them tightly in place. Once this is finished, your custom-made jewelry ring holder should be complete. It’s easy enough for anyone with basic woodworking skills and makes for an impressive gift for friends, family members or even yourself.

Materials Needed

The materials needed to make a jewelry ring holder diy are relatively simple and cost-effective. First, you need to choose what type of material you would like to use. The most popular base for the ring holder is a ceramic plate or something similar. It should be about 4-6 inches in diameter for best results.

A good quality foam brush is also required for brushing the paints onto the ring holder surface. Acrylic craft paints work just fine and can be mixed together to create more intricate designs. It’s best to invest in some small detail brushes that are appropriate for such projects as this will be essential when adding finer details like flower petals or polka dots.

In terms of embellishments, there are lots of possibilities for making your jewelry ring holder diy unique and special. Glitter, rhinestones, buttons or pompoms can be added before baking it in the oven or after baking it depending on the material methods used.

You can also paint jewels with nail polish or acrylic paints to achieve the perfect effect – the possibilities are endless. Finally, a sealer is always recommended when dealing with paper crafts such as this one to give them a protective coating which will enhance their longevity and aesthetics over time.

To hang your jewelry on the holder once completed, use either metal binder rings or suction cup hooks (that come with pads) which will adhere nicely onto your creation without leaving any permanent marks on its surface. Both options offer durability and an aesthetically pleasing way of displaying your favorite pieces of jewelry for all eyes to see.

Common Design Ideas

A Jewelry Ring Holder Diy can be constructed in multiple different ways and can be designed to fit anyone’s individual needs. One of the most popular designs are jewelry ring trees. Ring trees are often made with branches that resemble real tree branches, allowing users to hang multiple rings on them at once. The process of creating these trees is relatively simple and only requires two sticks, wire, glue and paint.

First, secure two sticks together by wrapping them with wire. Then, depending on desired design, twist and turn the wire around the two sticks to give it a tree-like appearance. Once this is done, apply glue onto the entire structure so that all parts stick together before painting the entire thing in preferred color.

Another popular way to construct a jewelry ring holder is through wooden spools or wooden plates with holes drilled into them to hold rings. This can easily be done at home by taking a wooden board or plate and drilling as many holes as desired into it (while making sure they are small enough for each ring).

Any additional decoration such as painting or engraving can be added afterwards for aesthetic purposes. Rings are then placed onto those holes in order for them to stay secured and easy accessible when needed.

Finally, an old school idea but still an effective design for a ring holder is ceramic molds which have been used for centuries due to their ability provide convenient access while also keeping rings safe from dirt and moisture at the same time without needing extra protection or cleaning.

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Such designs consist of ceramic basins painted with any desired decorations and plenty of indentations big enough for fingers so that one can easily take out whichever ring they want without having it scattered (or misplaced) on top of other rings within the basin itself.

Making Your Jewelry Ring Holder

Creating a jewelry ring holder is a great way to organize your rings and keep them safe. Making your own will also give it a more personal touch and make it look unique. With the right supplies, some simple tools and a few steps, you will be able to make your own jewelry ring holder in no time.

First you should gather the necessary materials. The items you need include paper mache, adhesive cork circles in various sizes, painter’s craft-sticks, masking tape, decorative paper or fabric squares and paint of your choice. Once you have all the materials together, measure out how much paper mache you need for the base of the tray and cover an area with adhesive cork circles in different sizes for each individual ring space.

Cut sand sections of painter’s craft sticks and put them together in a square-like shape to create a border around all the circles which act like individual trays for each ring when the project is finished. Once everything is securely attached, use defensive painters tape to attach fabric or decorative paper on the bottom before painting it with your chosen color.

Finally your jewelry ring holder diy project should now be complete. Organizing jewellery can often be tedious but with this handmade piece you get to enjoy not only every day organization convenience but also something that was made with love as well as having a super stylish item that no one else has. All that’s left now is to fill up all those trays with rings that can coordinate better while keeping safely preserved at home.

Attaching the Jewelry to the Holder

Making your own jewelry holder is an interesting and fun way to showcase your favorite pieces. A DIY jewelry holder allows you to customize how each piece of jewelry is showcased according to your taste. One of the important steps in making a DIY jewelry holder is attaching the pieces of jewelry onto the holder. This can be done in several different ways.

The first option for attaching jewelry to a DIY jewelry holder is by using ribbon or twine. This allows for easy arrangement and movement so that various pieces can be angled differently on the holder, thus creating creative displays.

By loosely looping each piece with ribbon or twine, they can also be easily removed and rearranged as desired. Additionally, due to the delicate nature of most ribbon and twine, it can be easily hidden among the different items on display so as not to take attention away from them.

Using clips or pegs are another option for fastening jewelry onto a DIY ring holder. These focus more on function than aesthetics because their main purpose is for strong secure attachment without slippage or damage to the displayed items.

The clips can also be adjusted depending on how big or small a piece of jewelry needs to be attached. As part of ensuring that no damage occurs when handling the displayed items, plastic will generally work best over metal options; however, metal may provide better grip with certain metals such as silver and gold plated items.

Lastly, gluing directly onto the base material of the jewellery holder itself is yet another option for securely attaching pieces of jewellery onto a diy ring holder. This method works best with heavier items such as costume jewellery made out of wood, stones or crystals so that these remain firmly adhered whereas light weight materials may need additional assistance in order to stay attached.

It’s best practice to use appropriate glue types per type material being used as well as allowing enough drying time so that damage doesn’t occur when attempting removal after wards.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve put together the jewelry ring holder with either store-bought or natural supplies, it’s time to make it your own. Customizing the jewelry ring holder is an easy, creative way to create decor that reflects your style and personality. A great place to start is by adding a splash of color with crafty embellishments.

Glitter, paint, rhinestones, and feathers can be used to liven up the jewelry ring holder and create a design that stands out. These are simple but effective ways to make the jewelry ring holder uniquely yours, either as stand-alone accents or as subtle complements to existing elements in a room’s décor.

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If you’re looking for an even more unique look, try experimenting with texture too. Using fabrics such as burlap or velvet can add depth and character to the jewelry ring holder.

You could also use rope or twine for an outdoor or rustic feel and glue them around any edges for extra detail. Experimenting with different textures allows you to achieve a custom look that shows off your artistic skills as well as enhances the overall appearance of the piece.

Finally, if you want an extra special touch that will truly set your jewelry ring holder apart from anything bought in stores, consider adding personal touches like family photos or meaningful messages inscribed on a plaque or small pieces of wood. If you really want your artwork to shine through and make people take notice when they walk into a room, these personal touches will do the trick while helping you express who you are and what you believe in.

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to storing jewelry, it’s important to be organized and make sure that pieces don’t get lost, tangled or damaged. A jewelry ring holder is a perfect way to organize and store your jewelry while giving your space an aesthetically pleasing touch.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that matches the décor of your home. When picking out a jewelry ring holder diy project, consider the size of the ring holders and the type of storage you will need for your jewelry.

The best part about making your own jewelry ring holder is being able to customize every detail down to what type of paint you use and what shape it has. It’s also possible to upcycle objects like thrift store dishes or vintage frames into something beautiful, creative and one-of-a-kind.

With just a few supplies like yarn, ribbon or mini wooden dowels from a craft store, you can turn everyday materials into displays for your favorite earrings and necklaces.

To properly care for your DIY jewelry ring holder, keep it away from any direct sunlight as this can cause discoloration over time. Avoid applying any products such as sprays or oils as these can also cause damage over time.

Be sure to gently dust off any grime or dirt with a slightly damp microfiber cloth every couple of weeks, creating a longer shelf life for your custom piece. Storing your delicate pieces on the display regularly can prevent them from tangling together and help them last much longer than if they were stored in heaps in drawers or on shelves.


Having the perfect jewelry ring holder can add the perfect touch of specialness to one’s jewelry collection. Whether you’re a fan of antique or modern, creating a homemade DIY jewelry ring holder is easier than ever and adds an extra level of uniqueness that can’t be felt with store-bought varieties.

One great way to start your DIY project is to use an old picture frame, almost any type will do. All you have to do is take out the back piece of cardboard and replace it with chicken wire or another type of fine mesh. This allows you to easily insert your rings into the frame and build your beautiful design as you go.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle of putting together a frame yourself, there are many ready-made frames available for purchase. In doing so, all you need to do is personalize it by painting or decorating in order to make it fit perfectly in your home. A simple addition of ribbons or twine on either side can also add a touch of personalization which will make the whole jewellery display unique.

Finally, don’t forget about accessories. Small trinkets like gems or little charms that can be glued onto the ring holder make all the difference when bringing your creation together. Adding these little details will help draw attention and make every visitor ooh and ahh at how creative your jewellery display really is.

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