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Many people rely on their local jewelry store for repair work of all types. From simple projects such as watch battery replacements to complex repairs such as chain re-sizing and ring redesign, ajewelry repair store provides valuable services that keeps family heirlooms in beautiful condition. As one customer said after having her grandmother’s necklace repaired and restored, “My grandmother’s necklace looks brand new, thanks to the experts at my local jewelry repair store. After decades of wear it was amazing to see it looking so good again!” These words are echoed by many who have had the pleasure of seeing their beloved jewelry revitalized through the skillful work of a repair professional.

Different Services

Jewelry Repair Store offers a variety of services to help maintain the quality, beauty and value of your jewelry. These services include:

• General Cleaning & Polishing – Typically starting at $30, this service can consist of taking a look at the entire piece and diagnosing any issues with it. The technician will then go about cleaning and polishing each individual item.

• Resizing – Prices for resizing depend on the type of metal being resized, but can range from $30-125.

• Ring Shank Repairs – If you have worn out or damaged parts of your ring shank, such as bent prongs, repairing them can cost anywhere from $30-75.

• Stone Replacement/Resetting – This is one of the more expensive repairs as it involves customizing settings to fit new or different stones. Prices typically start around $100-150 depending on the complexity and size of the stones being set or replaced into the piece.

• Chain Repair – Depending on what needs repair, chain repair start around $25-35 per inch and can climb to hundreds depending on amount needed to be repaired, i.e., if replacing a few links in a larger section is necessary then price will be higher than just simply repairing a small clasp link.

Key Benefits

Janet was always afraid to leave her wedding ring out of her sight, worried that it would be damaged or lost. After over a decade of marriage she had to make the difficult decision to take her precious family heirloom in for repairs. She did some research and eventually chose to take it to a local jewelry repair store, and she couldn’t have been happier with her decision.

The experts at the jewelry repair shop provided Janet with thoughtful guidance and advice about the entire process. They thoroughly inspected each of the intricate details of the ring, discussed all potential solutions with her, then shared their recommendations for resulting in a safe and satisfactory restore job. When Janet returned for pickup after nearly one month, she was absolutely elated to see the results – it was like brand new! The jewelers took extra time and care when repairing her ring, allowing Janet peace of mind in knowing that her cherished family heirloom would be around for generations to come.

Where Is My Jewelry

Janet highly recommends taking any broken or damaged pieces of jewelry you may have to a reliable jewelry store rather than attempting a home repair job yourself. An expert jeweler can quickly assess what needs fixed and how best to do so, ensuring that your treasured items are restored beautifully—and safely—so they can last many lifetimes and beyond.

Notable Repairers

The Jewelry Repair Store is a local business that stands out for its top-notch repair services. With years of experience in creating unique and custom jewelry pieces, they are dedicated to providing excellent service to their satisfied customers. They have a team of experienced and certified jewelers who take the time to listen to their customer’s needs and provide efficient repairs.

The reviews for The Jewelry Repair Store are glowing, with many customers praising their workmanship and quality of service. Customers report that their jewelry repairs were done quickly and efficiently, noting high satisfaction with the results. One popular review site features five stars for this store, noting how exceptionally well-done the repairs were on both antique and contemporary pieces. Another review mentions how friendly the staff was in answering all of their inquiries during the repair process. Customers have commended them for going above and beyond expectations with their dedication to keeping finely crafted pieces looking beautiful while maintaining reasonable prices.

What to Consider

Payment options offered at a jewelry repair store typically include cash, credit cards, debit cards, check, or PayPal.

The payment terms for each option vary depending on the store. For instance, most stores may require full payment upfront for cash transactions; however, other stores might offer payment plans or in-store financing. Credit card and debit card payments usually require immediate full payment. With checks, some stores may require the check to clear before repairs begin while others may hold off on beginning repairs until customers pick up their jewelry after receiving a notification that it’s ready. Finally, payments through PayPal often have shorter delays in service time than other types of payments since they are completed immediately and electronically.

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Tips & Tricks

Properly storing your jewelry is essential to minimizing repairs in the future. There are several tips and tricks to help ensure your jewelry remains in good condition.

First, you should make sure that the environment you store your jewelry in is clean and dry. Moisture can cause metals to corrode or tarnish, which can be difficult or nearly impossible to repair. Make sure that items are not touching each other as this can cause scratches or abrasion on delicate pieces such as pearls and opals. Additionally, choose an airtight storage container with soft fabric-lined compartments; this will help reduce exposure to dust, dirt, extreme temperatures and humidity.

Besides storage, proper care is also key to minimize repairs down the line; use a gentle cleaner when cleaning your jewelry so it does not become damaged by harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing tools. It’s also important to avoid any activities that could put strain on metal such as opening lids or using rubber band holders with thin metal pieces like chains. Finally, it’s recommended to take your jewelry into a professional every once in awhile for a cleaning and inspection; they may be able to spot issues before they become more severe and costly!


If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced jewelry repair store, come to [Store Name]! We offer quality jewelry repair services so that all of your precious items will look as beautiful as the day you got them. Whether you need ring sizing, stone setting, gemstone replacement, engraving, soldering, or any other service – our team of expert jewelers can help. We understand the value of your jewelry and ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship when providing repairs. Visit us today to have your beloved jewelry repaired or restored to its original condition!

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