Jewelry Photography Tips – Using Your Digital Camera to Capture the Real Sound and Beauty of Jewelry

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Jewelry Photography Tips – Using Your Digital Camera to Capture the Real Sound and Beauty of Jewelry

Jewelry photography is a specific subgenre of product photography that comes with its own unique set of challenges and rules. Although jewelry is undoubtedly beautiful and it looks like an ideal subject for photography, it tends to be rather small and quiet, making it difficult to take a great shot. Another challenge in jewelry photography is lighting. Without proper lighting, even the most dramatic jewelry photos can look flat and boring.

As you’ll recall, one of the most popular tricks for improving color accuracy when shooting jewelry scenes is to use a small, white backdrop instead of a colored one. However, white backgrounds are hard to use when you’re trying to create a photo of jewelry which has a very fine texture or is highly polished. Instead, opt for a black or gray background. Even though gray is considered a neutral color, this color will stand out against a gold necklace, silver jewelry, or highly polished metal.

Lighting conditions should always be taken into consideration when you photograph jewelry. If you want to take the shot at different times of the day, then place the camera in different areas of your studio to capture multiple light spots. This will help you avoid overexposure during low light situations.

Another option to use when photographing jewelry is to use props. Props such as rings, earrings, and necklaces will help make your jewelry photograph look more interesting. It helps create a more realistic background since props naturally add depth and dimension to any image. Plus, these props are often easier to position in your scene than your jewelry. If your chosen background is already captured on your computer monitor, then you can just remove the props and your simple photo of jewelry will be ready to download to your computer.

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Color plays another key role in how good jewelry photography is. Colors can actually change the mood of your photo. Black and white photos are often boring and do not create a good atmosphere for a jewelry photo. Try to incorporate colors that compliment your image. If the light is too dim, then opt for more contrast while using more colors.

A good jewelry photographer should also know how to mount their camera. The jewelry camera should always be mounted on a sturdy tripod or sturdy arm. For larger, bulkier jewelry pieces, try to find a tripod with a swivel bar so you can rotate the camera for a more interesting photograph. Another important thing to remember when photographing jewelry with a digital camera is that you need to keep the camera steady. If the camera shakes, you will not get clear, great shots. Instead, try taking the shot from an angle so the camera will be level with your hands.

Also, when photographing jewelry with a digital camera, you need to think about location. Do you have natural light available at your location? Is there any lighting at your venue that could enhance your photographs? How about dressing up your props with more natural light? For example, you may use a handheld reflector rather than the flash provided by your camera to create a moodier and less harsh effect.

One final tip for photographing jewelry with a digital camera is to know your white balance settings. Your camera should be using a white balance mode that works best for your type of jewelry, your light source, and your subject matter. If your lighting is too dark, your jewelry will appear grey. If your lighting is too bright, your jewelry will appear red. Understanding your settings will help you adjust accordingly.

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