Jewelry Making Basics

Jewelry making can be described as the art or hobby of creating and designing beautiful jewelry. This is probably one of the oldest forms of personal decoration, possibly dating back to 7,500 years ago in Egypt and Mesopotamia. The practice has continued through the ages, especially in various parts of the world, until the early Renaissance and the introduction of movable decorative items such as the movable screens and the tambourines.

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The most common materials used in jewelry making are gold, silver, tin, copper, lead, quartz, jade, coral and other gemstones. There are two basic methods in jewelry making: handmade and machine-crafted. Handmade jewelry has a higher price due to the difficulty and time required to create it. Machine-crafted jewelry is easier and less time consuming.

Jewelry making involves complex physical, chemical reactions. Jewelry-making machines are used to aid the process. Some of the most commonly used machines in jewelry making processes are roll forming equipment, wire rollers and lathes. These machines help speed up the process and reduce costs. However, most jewelry makers still do their manual work manually.

Although this occupation does not require formal education, it is not an easy task. Jewelry making skills can be learned only by practicing and doing them on a regular basis. A good knowledge of measurement and algebra is also required. In addition, the most important tool that a budding jewelry maker needs is mental discipline. This is because no two jewelers are alike and each of them still has his or her own way of viewing the entire process of jewelry making. A good eye for colors, shapes and designs is also very helpful in this field.

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When you plan to start a jewelry making business, you may require starting capital. Your first investment may be from your own savings. But if this is not possible, then you may require starting small. You may start with the most basic of materials like beads, semi-precious stones and metals. After gaining some experience and working on your craft, you may then move up to more costly materials like fine jewelry making stones and semi-precious metals.

The business of fashion jewelry making business may require you to get your hands on expensive gemstones. But these gems are not really required in the jewelry making business. Perfumes, hair colors and hair accessories are all equally important as well. Some jewelry makers even make use of precious stones and crystals to add to their collections. Though this might seem somewhat ostentatious for a common person, it is another selling point for a jewelry making business.

The most common materials used in creating jewelry are metals like silver, gold and copper. These metals are the purest form of themselves and thus cannot be altered in any way. But besides metals, one can also opt for other materials that are less expensive but just as appealing as their counterparts. For example, gemstones are often used in creating fancy costume jewelry. There are precious gemstones available in different sizes and color, which can match perfectly with different outfits. And if you want to create a very elegant piece of jewelry, you can always go for gold or silver tones instead of the purer metals.

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Costume jewelry can be made using a variety of materials but each piece will look as elegant as it is due to its varying base metals. And no matter what material you use in your jewelry designs, you must keep in mind that fashion jewelry does not always have to be luxurious and expensive. Even semi-precious stones and metals can make very pretty and elegant pieces of jewelry. And best of all, you can be assured that your precious pieces of jewelry would never lose their luster and sparkle even when they are worn every day.

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