Jewelry In Trend 2016

Jewelry in trend 2016 has put forth a variety of new styles and elements that have made bold statements come this season. Setting aside the bohemian charms of festivals gone by, many trend meets tradition for classic, sophisticated looks. These are intricate pieces that transcend the occasion. From minimalistic gold jewelry to chokers to tassel earrings, the accessories of the year has been making a statement and commanding attention from onlookers all across the world.

A few top looks perfect for a night on the town include bedazzled statement rings with gems, pearls layered necklaces and an abundance of bands. With attention on fine details, these pieces come in both silver and gold with various gemstone opalescence adding extra character and flare to all outfits.

For those looking to make themselves stand out even more, many leading designers have put together their own collections of jewelry plated in rose gold which pair perfectly with pastels or bolder hues alike.

This year’s trends also revolve around subtle touches such as dainty necklaces and pendants. These provide a strong air of elegance ideal for weddings or anniversaries but can also look great when dressing up for brunch at a cafe or simply if you want to add some sparkle during daytime events. Showing off personal style is easy when you opt for pendants featuring your favorite sayings or charms that represent meaningful locations in your life – such as oceanside towns.

Overall, 2016’s top looks show not just respect for classic styling but also an understanding of fashion-forward concepts that will set new standards in accessorizing for years to come. As always mixing pieces will prove beneficial so it is important to select wisely when curating pieces that shout louder than words ever could.

Glamorous Jewelry Pieces of the Year

Jewelry has always been a great way to accentuate any look and no trend is safer than wearing beautiful jewelry pieces. This year 2016, the trends in jewelry have brought beautiful new pieces that anyone can wear. Such pieces have been seen on runways, celebrities, influencers and all over social media.

One of the most popular looks stars such as Blake Lively and Melissa McCarthy are rocking right now, is combining modern and vintage-style jewelry. A delicate choker or a heavy statement piece, both silver or gold – traditionally contrasting ones – go amazingly well together.

Bold pieces are currently dominating fashion magazines like Vogue and Glamour with the likes of bib necklaces and layered medallions making big impressions at exclusive events. Wearing this kind of combination transforms any outfit into a much more sophisticated one in an instant.

Also making waves this season are chains as jewelry accents. Whether around the neck, wrists or made into ankle bracelets and rings; lengthy necklaces with refined details can be seen everywhere from current street style images to red carpet appearances.

Chains allow for subtle but dynamic changes depending on how you wear them pairing many looks no matter your style sense – it really is a game changer. Finally versatility reigns supreme when it comes to 2016’s trendiest jewelry styles; from smaller pieces meant for catch-all days at the office to those perfect for after hour drinks with friends – there is something for everyone.

From bold statement pieces to colorful gemstones mixed with traditional silver or golden chains these are all the key trends of what is being worn today by celebrities and fashionable people alike. Many stores including online boutiques continuously refresh their stock so you can further explore 2016’s most interesting Jewelry trends as they come up throughout the year until 2021 hits us.

Layering Jewelry

This year’s jewelry trends feature many great styles to give your wardrobe the ultimate upgrade for a modern, yet timeless look. One of the most popular ways to accessorize is layering jewelry. The advantages of layering jewelry are virtually endless. Simply putting multiple necklaces or bangles together can truly make an impactful look.

When creating your layered look, you have the option of choosing various pieces which range from delicate and dainty, to bold and eclectic. Layering a few thin necklaces with varying lengths and metals will lend an organic feel to your outfit.

Consider opting for mixed metal pieces such as gold and silver to enhance even more dimension from the different shades of each metal color. To create further contrast in your ensemble, don’t shy away from adding larger pieces such as statement necklaces and linked chokers that can be stayed on top of simpler items in order to really make them stand out.

Creating impactful layers can also be achieved by wearing multiple pieces of one particular type of jewelry. Try layering 3-5 bracelets on one arm or sporting two or three matching necklaces at once to get heads turning in your direction.

Experimentation will help you find the style which works best for you; so feel free to select various combinations until you discover a layered look that brings out your personality or channelizes energy depending on what occasion or mood you’re trying to express.

Yellow Gold Jewelry Trend

Adding texture by wearing multiple bands around one wrist is also a chic way if including this trend in your everyday style routine – especially when mixing cool metallic hues like gold and rose gold together with leather bands in rustic earth tones. Layering doesn’t just have to apply only toward necklaces either; set trends with interesting rings against stacked bangles for an up-to-date street look that screams modern fashionista.

Embellished hoops are also another way to switch things up since they provide a fashionable yet edgy appeal when worn solo or adjacent other earrings for purely exquisite effects. Show off your innovative spirit with trendy necklaces, bracelets, multiple rings and lots of charm – it’s time necessary time add some kudos back into layering jewelry selections and stay ahead in 2016.

Oversized and Statement Jewelry

Oversized and statement jewelry has become hugely popular in the fashion world this year. It creates a strong visual impact while in the spotlight. A large bib necklace is a simple yet effective way to make an entrance with your outfit, scooping up plain looks into trend worthy ensembles.

This style of jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can encompass earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. There is something for any season, for day or night, for formal or casualwear. From pastels to golds to edgy black pieces to bold neon’s; it is easy to find that perfect item.

As well as being stylish this type of jewelry accentuates one’s look by drawing attention directly towards the face which acts much like a frame. It can add dimension to an already stylish look; taking it from great to amazing.

For example take a simple party dress wearing it would be finished off perfectly with a dangling mix of pear shaped earrings combined with an elaborate bib necklace which would also sparkle nicely against her dark hair color creating making her even more glamorous while still looking natural and sophisticated.

No matter the style you are wanting – chunky minimalism or multi-strand layered pieces – there are multifarious variations available that are sure to suit anyone’s taste or occasion preference. Whatever look you decide on be assured that making any dramatic statement with oversized jewelry pieces will surely have you noticed. So step out of the ordinary and embrace your fashionable personality by having fun experimenting with larger-than-life pieces of jewellery you will not be disappointed.

Statement-Making Prints and Patterns

Jewelry this season is getting bolder and more daring. Big, statement-making prints and patterns are at the top of the trends for 2016. From sleek and sophisticated animal prints to vibrant floral designs, you can easily create an eye catching look no matter where you go. Whether you choose to make one piece the star of your outfit or pair several pieces together, you are sure to be the center of attention.

One fun way to work statement-making jewelry into your look is by wearing it in multiple colors. A great example of this could be a pair of leopard print earrings and bracelet with a cheetah print necklace. This allows you to still keep the focus on your bold accessories, but still have a cohesive look.

You can also add nuances to your look by creating tonal outfits that draw attention to the detail in your statement jewelry. For example, wear a black and white dotted dress with a golden necklace for an elegant yet edgy monochromatic look.

Another way to incorporate statement-making jewelry into your outfit is by choosing pieces that create contrast with other elements in your ensemble. If you’re wearing solid colored clothing such as neutrals, try adding brighter and more playful jewelry like multicolored earrings or necklaces with geometric shapes to help break up what could otherwise be a dull look.

Alternatively, if your garments have busy patterns, opt for simpler jewelry designs so as not to overpower them. Neutral metal tones such as gold or silver will complement any type of print so they’ll make the perfect addition to any outfit.

Color Me Pretty

One of the hottest trends for 2016 is utilizing jewelry to make a lasting impression. Jewelry has been around for centuries, but this year its eye-catching appeal and vibrant colors are making a notable comeback. If you want to stay ahead of the trend, then incorporating some classic pieces into your wardrobe is the best way to go. Whether you like simple pendants or more ornate statement necklaces, there is something out there that will work for anyone.

The silver and gold classic tones are great for any fashionista looking for a timeless look, but more color is being seen than ever before – in all shades imaginable. Skilled jewelers are able to craft vibrantly hued pieces that look incredible when paired with neutral wardrobe staples like black or navy.

Some of the most popular stones used in these colorful creations include garnet, sapphire and aquamarine. Each stone brings an individual beauty to the piece while adding depth and sparkle and allowing wearers to express their own unique style.

Jewelry always seemed like it was too extravagant or lavish, given its hefty price tags and often dazzling design. However, times have changed and jewelry shopping has become much more accessible over the past few years; with high street stores providing designer-style options at affordable prices that appeal to all budgets.

Thigh Jewelry Trend

Brands such as H&M and Zara have become increasingly popular because they offer customers fun looks without breaking the bank. Paired with careful clothing choices, these pieces can be dressed up or down according to each individual’s personal taste for any type of occasion.

Regardless of where you buy it from, there’s no denying that jewelry has gained so much attention this year; as people search eagerly for new ways to complete a look with subtle yet meaningful accessories. With festive holiday times upon us many people will opting for glitzy trinkets that don’t just look good on Christmas day – they are sure to serve all winter season long.

So why not follow suit this winter season by adding a touch of sparkle with some unique jewelry pieces?.

Uniquely Shaped Jewelry

This season, jewelry trends have been focusing on things that are unique and eye-catching. One trend that has gained a lot of traction is the use of uniquely shaped jewelry. This trend can be seen everywhere from casual looks to more formal attire. Many fashion designers are taking advantage of this current jewelry trend and incorporating it into their designs.

One way this uniquely shaped jewelry trend is being seen firsthand is in the form of quirky and unexpected shapes like hearts, stars, and airplanes. These shapes instantly draw the eye, making it the perfect accessory to choose when wanting to make a bold statement with your outfit. For example, pairing an oblong heart necklace with a white top can add an extra touch of fun and flair – instantly creating an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd.

Uniquely shaped rings have also been gaining popularity as well. Large chunky rings have been gaining lots of attention, with bold shapes like squares or hexagons being spotted all over runways during Fashion Week events like Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

These rings allow for plenty of room for customization and create edgy yet sophisticated style for any type of look you may be going for. Not only does this unique shape give off a modern yet timeless vibe – but wearing one truly sets off any outfit with charm and style.

This season there are plenty of ways to sport uniquely shaped jewelry and create stand-out looks in effortless fashion. Whether you’re opting for something classic like a simple stud earring or want to make an impact with daring pieces like heavy chunky rings – uniquely shaped jewelry is a great way to express yourself while keeping abreast on fashion trends at the same time.


Jewelry today continues to be a timeless fashion statement, effortlessly reflecting the personality and style of an individual. For 2016, the runway has seen many new trends emerge allowing individuals to find their perfect match. Layering as a trend was definitely one that made a comeback this year, no longer just being associated with necklaces or bracelets.

It’s now quite common to layer different types of jewelry such as earrings on each ear or combine statement pieces made up of several fine pieces. This multi-accessory trend offers bold and stylish looks that are fun and easy to incorporate within your wardrobe.

Chokers have had a recent surge in popularity as well in 2016. These colored ribbon necklaces either alone or paired with other necklaces may be worn for a casual every day look or even for a kind of dressy chic look. Chokers also come in multiple styles whether you choose simple velvet designs or gold plated styles for that more glamorous touch. No matter the type you choose, wear them high up and tight around your neck.

Another popular jewellery trend has been for oversized rings and boho bangles. Whether worn separately or together these two make an eye-catching combination perfect for any occasion.

With these bold accessories it’s best to go with minimal makeup while allowing your jewellery to take center stage and be the main focus of your look. You can also style them together under long printed sleeves tops too if you’re looking for a fully fledged boho vibe that screams sophistication yet comfortableness all at the same time.

In conclusion, 2016 has proven itself to be an amazingly versatile year full of flamboyant jewelry trends making it pretty hard not finding something that suits your own unique taste. Your biggest dilemma should probably be deciding what outfit would compliment which accessory better. So grab out those statement earrings, dangly layers and cute chokers now because why not make heads turn wherever you go?.

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