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The 1970s were a golden age for jewelry. People of all ages and social classes embraced an eclectic style ranging from hippie-inspired to high fashion. Chunky accessories from the decade remain popular among fashionistas and trendsetters alike. The influence of the 60s, 70s, and 80s can be seen on current designs. Many of the most distinctive pieces make use of dangling beads, pendants, feathers, leather accents, and bold colors like yellow gold and avocado green. Designs also often include swirling patterns, art deco shapes, geometric figures, and rhinestone accents – lending a tasteful but flamboyant feel to the finished product. Synthetic stones like opalite or quartz added a unique touch to each piece while paying homage to their more leisurely predecessors.

Color Analysis

The 70s was a time of rebellion, experimentation and self-expression. Jewelry from this era often featured bright, bold patterns and prints to capture the excitement of the decade. Many pieces used colorful accents to express individuality. Bright hues such as neon yellow, hot pink, electric blue and chrome green were popular at the time and characterized many jewelry items from this period. Color blocking- combining contrasting colors together in unconventional ways”was also all the rage during this era.

In addition to bright colors, abstract lines and shapes were common when it came to jewelry design during the 70s. Colorful lines radiating outwards or interconnecting circles in luminous hues were common motifs on many pieces from this decade. Statement jewellery such as oversized earrings complemented these designs further and allowed wearers to make a statement with their outfits. Platform heels featuring bedazzled straps also served as a subtle accent for these larger than life styles.


The 1970s was an era of bold self-expression. Jewelry from the time is often characterized by lots of color and big, statement making designs that reflected the progressive themes of the decade. Earrings, especially, were a popular way to express the self; and many pieces had Bohemian, hippie or ethnic influences. During this time, bold and bright shapes and colors dominated the earring trends ” circles and sun motifs featuring turquoise stone set among gold metalwork were very common. In response to the traditional Flower Power Movement, there were also geometric shapes like triangles and squares as well as minimalistic pieces in muted tones that were paired together perfectly for a truly unique look. Of course, statement drop earrings still reigned; they may have featured colorful tassels or bright stones strung together with beaded detailing. Whatever style people chose during this decade, jewelry was an artistic representation of one’s individual style ” expressing freedom without sacrificing elegance and sophistication.

Necklaces and Sets

The 1970s seem to be remembered for garish, over-the-top costumes, big and voluminous hair styles, and huge jewelry. Necklaces and sets of pendants and earrings emerged where bigger was better. Long strings of pearls that could be worn doubled if desired, creating a large presentation. Popular precious metals like gold and silver were often used in combination with acrylic gems set in colorful beads or foil as accessories. Collars of metal necklaces were common, woven with shining gold wire or occasionally set with tiny rhinestones or other small gems.

Earrings of the 70s often followed the same aesthetic trends as the necklaces. Larger hoops, thick gold circles in graduated sizes, or dangling earrings were popular choices that could be worn at harmony with wide necklaces to create a larger look. Rhinestones in bright colors glimmered beneath billowing hair, setting off those retro outfits that remain so iconic today. Like the necklaces and pendants of the decade, earrings tended towards larger shapes like stars and crosses rather than smaller more delicate pieces like butterflies or bows to match lace dresses.

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Statement Rings

Statement rings from the 70s were an explosion of creativity, featuring a vibrant pallet of abstract shapes and sizes paired together with brilliant gems. Popular during the disco era, they featured materials like tourmaline, opal and quartz with bright hues like blue, green and yellow. Style icons ranging from Princess Diana to Cher embraced their shimmering beauty which could easily be combined with fashion trends ranging from bell-bottom trousers to mini dresses. They also made a great accessory for outwear staples like leather jackets or fur coats. These rings often had heavily adorned frames around the center stone in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. The rock and roll culture of this decade influenced jewelry designers to generate unique looks using hand-cut stones set solo or complementary with others in many different formations such as clusters or stackables. Collectors often hunt for vintage pieces that have been well preserved from this period since most of these styles have since been discontinued.


The 70s had some great fashion trends when it came to jewelry. Bracelets in particular had some fun and unique designs during this era. One popular style of bracelet featured a range of geometric shapes and patterns that could be combined to create a unique fit for each individual’s personal taste. Shapes included circles, diamonds, hexagons, triangles, and more with the added intricate detailing of metalwork and colorful beads stringed together along leather straps or chain link designs. These mix-and-match bracelets allowed anyone to customize their look with jewel-toned colors jam-packed into one accessory. Popular jewelry brands such as Nadri, Avon, and Monet also emerged from the ’70s jewelry scene offering quality bracelets with detailed craftsmanship of pearls, colored stones, and metallic tassels amongst its offerings. Jewelry from the ’70s was truly ahead of its time when it comes to funky accessories on trend today!

Unique Designers of the Time

The 1970s was a revolutionary time for jewelry design, ushering in bold new styles and trends that remain sought-after today. Some of the most popular and iconic designs from this decade were created by respected jewelers such as Bulgari, Seaman Schepps, and Cartier. These high-end designers pushed the boundaries on traditional design to create modern masterpieces incorporating materials like gold, silver, gemstones, pearls, shells, wood and glass. Bulgari’s bold yellow gold pieces often adorned with precious gems offered a new take on classic shapes such as rings and necklaces while Seaman Schepps’ intricate enamel and pearl work gave their pieces an unmistakable style. Cartier’s famed Panther pieces used emeralds or rubies set in intricate paillesettes to mimic the iconic big cat’s spots. Regardless of their taste or budget, every 1980’s woman wanted to wear one of these fashion houses exclusive designs.

Besides these famous design houses other jewelry has become popular over time as well. Pieces from Marco Bicego and Graziano use natural elements including tumbled marble stones into their necklaces, earrings and bracelets for an organic touch. Italian designer Mario Buccellati pioneered the micro-mosaic technique which uses tiny beads of glass mosaics to create remarkable floral motifs for brooches that are still highly sought after today. Likewise artist David Webb pushed the boundaries of conventional American jewelry design with his eye-catching use of color combinations between precious stones to create bold rings that still boast contemporary appeal over 40 years later. Clearly the 1970s offered timeless jewelry designs that are still admired today!

Reinvented Vintage-Modern Fusion Jewelry

The 1970s was a time of artistic exploration and experimentation in fashion jewelry, marked by bolder aesthetic choices which still influence the current trends. Popular 70s jewelry designs typically featured bold geometric shapes, statement-making chokers, brightly colored semi-precious stones and natural materials such as leather and wood. Gold was a prominent metal for jewelry pieces during this era as well, often combined with precious stones in one-of-a-kind pieces. Today’s fashion trends have been heavily influenced by the 70s styles with vibrant colors, intricate designs and unique details that often feature on earrings, necklaces and rings. Jewelry designers are reinventing the vintage look with modern finishes such as mounting diamonds or other shimmering gems next to antique watches, combining different metals for unique sculptures or layering metallic crafty pieces for an on trend edge. Gone are the days of plain simple jewelry”today’s designer jewelry is all about embracing daring shapes and making a statement! Whether your style be sultry boho or a punk rock attitude, there will always be options when it comes to finding the perfect 70s piece that fits your wardrobe.

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Styling Ideas

The 1970s are remembered for their bold fashion, from bright colors to animal prints. Luckily, you can use jewelry from the 70s to add a touch of nostalgia and modern style to any outfit. Here are some styling ideas on how you can accessorize with jewelry from the 70s:

1. Pair large hoop earrings with an off-the-shoulder blouse or jumpsuit. Highlight your head-to-toe look with statement earrings reminiscent of the decade’s funky vibes.

2. For an edgy finish, rock a vintage bib necklace. Look for one that features glitter or gold accents, or an assortment of charms like feathers, stars, and turquoise stones inspired by Southwestern decor.

3. Brighten your ensemble with mismatched earrings from the 70s. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different shapes, sizes and metals when creating your one-of-a-kind look!

4. Wear several thin necklaces layered together for a bohemian feel or wrap yourself in a long pendant chain and tassel around your chest area. Add interest by hanging charm pendants such as stars or moons at differing lengths to create a textured effect.

5. Another fun way to wear jewelry from the 70s is to go full mod and pair geometric jewelry pieces with contrasting colors like bright reds, blues and purples against pastel shades of orange and yellow – perfect chic attire for any special occasion!


The 1970s saw a fantastic and vibrant array of jewelry that continues to have a large influence today. This era included trends such as cock rings, chunky chains, charms, funky stones and beads, wide cuffs, lavish statement pieces and more. 70s jewelry is characterized by its boldness and eclectic mix of materials that often featured bright colors or unique shapes.

While many fashion trends from the 70s have long since passed out of style, jewelry from this era remains popular to this day. Whether it is vintage costume jewelry you’re looking for or handcrafted sterling silver accessories, 70s style has always been fashionable. Both men and women have embraced the look with a vast array of necklaces, earrings, brooches and rings that hark back to this exciting decade in fashion history.

The 70s was truly an interesting period in the world of jewelry design. Not only did it bring us some outrageous pieces such as long feather earrings or plastic loop earrings but also sparkly rhinestone designs which perfectly complemented any evening outfit or occasion. Those who prefer a subtler option may opt for simple metal squares or circles dangling from thin yet eye-catching chains. Furthermore, bringing an edge to any wardrobe were leather rings and playful animal adornments such as tigers or fish enamelled onto gorgeous pendants in bold colours!

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