Jewelry Four Seasons Mall

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall is a popular mall located in North East Raleigh, NC. This iconic shopping center has been providing the community with a wide selection of merchandise, services, and entertainment for over 30 years. Located just off of I-540, on Glenwood Avenue, the mall is open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm Monday through Saturday, and 12pm-7pm Sundays.

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall offers something for everyone between its 130 stores and 33 eateries; some of the most popular retailers include: Apple, Bath & Body Works, Best Buy Mobile Boutique, Macy’s and more. Additional features that make Jewelry Four Seasons Mall unique are its AMC Movie Theater which shows both 2D and 3D films and its Lego Store where kids of all ages can find their favorite movie characters.

Events Jewelry Four Seasons Mall puts on many events throughout the year that help bring people in to the mall to not only shop but also enjoy interactive experiences with friends and family. Some recent events have included movie nights where guests could spend an evening outside watching one of their favorite films under the stars or Yoga Mornings every Saturday from 8:30am-10:00am providing relaxation as well as exercise before their shopping sprees.

In addition to these weekend get togethers there have been super sales as well like their Black Friday special where shoppers could find unbelievable deals especially from vendors such as Bed Bath & Beyond or footlockers shoe store.

Seasonal Attractions Jewelry Four Seasons Mall puts up seasonal attractions every 3 months to bring in new shoppers with exciting lights shows such as their 10 Halloween attraction featuring hundreds of pumpkins illuminated by colorful LED lights or their winter festival charming their visitors with snowy decorations set inside their magnificent atrium.

Visitors will experience a festive atmosphere complemented by classic holiday music while browsing around shops like Target to find amazing gifts for family members or friends this holiday season perusing collections pool supply stores showcasing must-have pieces this season buyer warm boots cold winter months’ fashion.

Unique Shopping Experience

The Jewelry Four Seasons Mall offers a unique shopping experience that focuses on great customer service and unbeatable discounts. The Mall is committed to ensuring customers have an enjoyable shopping experience which is why they offer personalised assistance from the friendly staff. This assistance extends to advice with selecting the right pieces for any occasion, as well as providing options for customizing jewelry.

All purchases at the mall come with exceptionally competitive discounts. Customers can enjoy up to 70% off many of the displayed items, making Jewelry Four Seasons Mall a highly attractive destination for local shoppers and visitors alike.

To further ensure a pleasant experience, staff members also make sure customers need not worry about feeling rushed, take their time when choosing from the beautiful collection at the mall. That’s why if a customer walks in when nearing closing time, they will still be invited in and welcomed by smiling staff members who are more than willing to answer all their questions and address their needs despite becoming more occupied towards closing time.

The Jewelry Four Seasons Mall thus provides:

  • Personalised assistance with product selection.
  • No rush environment.
  • Incredibly competitive discounts up to 70%.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Option for customizing certain products.


The Jewelry Four Seasons Mall offers a diverse selection of jewelry, with something for everyone. With fine jewelry, costume jewelry, antique, and vintage pieces available in the store, it can be difficult to choose one item to purchase. Fine jewelry is crafted with precious metals and gemstones and is often more expensive than other styles of jewelry.

Costume jewelry often uses less expensive materials such as brass or plastic instead of precious metals. Such pieces are often created to look like real diamond earrings or gold necklaces, but without any actual value beyond aesthetics.

Antique and vintage pieces are highly sought after for their uniqueness and beauty. These items typically come from older collections such as Victorian era items or those made prior to 1850s. They tend to stand out due to their vintage and unique quality that can’t be imitated by modern day jewelers. Vintage pieces will typically be made between the 1950s-1990s and can vary in style due to the changing trends during this period of time.

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At Jewelry Four Seasons Mall customers can find:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Antique Pieces
  • Vintage Pieces

Uniquely crafted designer pieces are also featured in the store. Designers focus on creating specialty designs that feature intricate details that capture the eye of customers like never before. Specialty stones in bright colours also add a touch of uniqueness for those who want something truly beautiful and unique. Customers will find everything they need all under one roof at Jewelry Four Seasons Mall.

Specialty Jewelry Boutiques

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall is located in Nashville, TN and features many different specialty jewelry boutiques. Each boutique offers its own unique approach to jewelry design and features items that appeal to customers of all ages. The mall has something for everyone.

  • Annie’s Jewelry Boutique: Offers a wide selection of hip, fashionable items including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Many of the pieces feature high-end materials like diamonds, sapphires and gold.
  • Morgan’s Fine Jewelry: Specializes in timeless statement pieces with a classic vibe. Popular designs include beautiful pearls, diamonds, precious gemstones set in sterling silver or yellow gold settings.
  • Josie’s Gems: Has a variety of options for people looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Josie’s Gems specializes in cutting-edge contemporary designs made from sterling silver and rare gems such as jade, topaz and turquoise.
  • Finkleton & Moore: Crafts affordable custom pieces that last for generations using select metals such as white gold or platinum. Customers can create their own personalised rings and necklaces with Finkleton & Moore’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Each unique boutique at Jewelry Four Seasons Mall provides customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. With so many options available, shoppers are sure to find something special that fits their individual taste.

  • Pearson’s Treasures: Combining traditional materials with modern techniques, Pearson’s Treasures carries an array of fashionable rings, necklaces and other jewelry items crafted from the purest metals like 18 karat gold or sterling silver.
  • Geneva Jewels Co.: Known for their unusual take on traditional styles this store carries interesting pieces made from semi-precious stones; from intricately beaded strings of colorful glass beads to bold chokers with gemstones set into them.
  • < strong >Vintage Love™: Specializing in vintage themed fine jewelry designs this store carries a unique selection of earrings, charms, pendants and bracelets all created with antique style elements like filigree detail or monogrammed motifs.

Special Events & Promotions


Gemology Masterclass

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall will be hosting a Gemology Masterclass, open to all ages. This event is designed to teach people of all different backgrounds the basics of gemology and how it contributes to jewelry design. Attendees will learn from on-site guest experts, including gemologists, leading designers, artists and craftspeople, who will share their expertise in the field.

There wil also be live demonstrations of how gems are cut and formed into jewelry pieces. Participants can even get up close and personal with special tools used by professionals in the industry. All guests are welcome to attend, regardless of experience or knowledge level.

Meet & Greet with Jewelry Designers

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall also hosts meet and greet events with some of their most popular jewelry designers. Guests have an opportunity to meet the people responsible for creating these stunning pieces in person, ask questions about their creative process and gain insight into how they approach new designs. These meet and greets not only allow customers to learn more about the designers behind the beautiful jewels but also build relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.

In-Store Shopping Promotion

Looking for something special for that special someone? Come down to Jewelry Four Seasons Mall this weekend for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The store is launching a promotion offering discounts on select items when purchasing two or more items at once.

Not only does this give customers incredible savings potential but also encourages further exploration of our hallowed halls featuring iconic collections spanning multiple decades of exquisite style and grace. Don’t miss out on your chance to make someone happy while saving money at the same time – visit us during this weekend’s promotional period now.

Exquisite Engagement Rings

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall offers a wide selection of engagement rings for couples to choose from that will help make any proposal one to remember. With a stunning selection of traditional metal bands or unique stones like black diamonds and pearls, customers will be able to find the perfect ring for their partner. The store is known for offering quality craftsmanship and beautiful designs, making it the ideal place to shop for an engagement ring.

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Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets

The mall also has a large selection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that can be worn on special occasions or everyday. Customers can shop from designer collections or custom design their own jewelry pieces to truly capture their individual style.

With options ranging from petite studs to elaborate neck pieces encrusted with gemstones, there’s something for everyone at Jewelry Four Seasons Mall. For those shopping for gifts, they also have pre-made gift sets available in different price ranges that make great presents.

Unique Custom Pieces

For customers looking for something more tailored, the store also offers custom jewelry creating services where customers can work with designers to create unique pieces made just for them. Customers will get the chance to not only pick out materials but design their own piece that reflects their taste and personality.

As these are custom creations, they make excellent gifts that will truly show how much thought was put into them. The store also offers repairs and polishing services so customers can keep their jewelry looking its best.

Luxury Watches

Four Seasons Mall offers luxury watches from some of the world’s top watchmakers. From sleek and sophisticated Swiss brands to bold and glamourous Italian collections, there is something for everyone.

  • Vacheron Constantin: Vacheron Constantin offers elegant watches that are made using traditional techniques combined with cutting-edge technology. Their iconic timepieces are renowned for their classic designs, intricate mechanisms and timeless style.
  • Rolex: Rolex has been a leader in the luxury watch market since 1905. Their impeccable timepieces have become iconic symbols of success and sophistication, combining elegance with superior craftsmanship.
  • Omega: Omega is an innovative Swiss watchmaker that produces some of the most exquisite luxury watches in the world. With fine attention to detail and advanced materials, they create revolutionary designs that have both visual appeal and technical excellence.

The mall also offers high-end jewelry pieces from established designers such as Cartier, BVLGARI and Chopard. All these collections are crafted with the utmost care from luxurious materials like diamonds, gold and silver. In addition to this, Four Seasons Mall also features contemporary pieces by emerging jewelers so shoppers can find unique items not available anywhere else.

Professional Jewelry Experts

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall is the perfect place to find the latest styles in jewelry. Established in 2013, Jewelry Four Seasons Mall has long been renowned as a premier destination for finding your favorite pieces of jewelry. Not only do they carry all the top jewelry brands, such as Cartier and Breitling, but they also have many unique and exclusive pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Furthermore, their professional experts are well versed in their craft. They’re committed to helping customers find exactly what they need and can be trusted to provide great advice regarding certain pieces or even custom designs.

Jewelry Four Seasons Mall also offers a variety of services. Their repair and refurbishment services mean that you don’t need to worry about getting your jewelry back into tip-top shape after normal wear and tear.

Not only that, but they also offer free cleaning and inspection, so you can rest assured knowing your precious items will stay in pristine condition for years to come. Additionally, their staff members go above and beyond by being educated on popular trends so that they can help customers pick just the right pieces for any occasion; whether it be a special event or a thoughtful gift.

At Jewelry Four Seasons Mall, customers can expect more than just expert advice when shopping with them; they look forward to an enjoyable experience full of helpful guidance from start to finish. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable so that shoppers feel confident making their purchase decisions when they leave the store.

Moreover, the convenient location means there’s no need for traveling farther than necessary-the mall really has it all. Whether it’s finding a new piece of jewelry or having an old one fixed up-Jewelry Four Seasons Mall is sure to exceed expectations every time.

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