Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach

Having your jewelry professionally cleaned at an experienced jewelry shop in Long Beach can often times have many benefits far beyond simply keeping you and your accessory looking its best. Not only will this provide a sparkling display that enhances the beauty of any formal or casual outfit, but it also maintains the quality and longevity of your precious pieces.

Whether store bought or something heirloomed over several generations, jewelry cleaning in Long Beach can give further protection against damage to both its aesthetic and financial values.

Regular Cleaning: To Ensure Lasting Quality Jewelry is traditionally a high value item and while some pieces may be safely kept out of view for long periods after purchase – they should not be ignored completely when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Regardless of the materiel type or design of any accessory – regular check-ups and timely cleanings with professionals can drastically increase how long each piece stays wearable.

Carefully checking for structural wear such as cracks, chips, discoloration etc while investing in proper jewelry servicing services can make all the difference in avoiding costly repairs or replacements later down the line.

Save Your Investment: Choose Professional Cleanings Taking on DIY projects for cleaning things like necklaces, rings, bracelets or any other pieces of jewelry may seem ideal on the surface – but when attempting to retain their original finishings (especially on metals) there’s risk involved with these tactics as well. Without access to certain types of high powered equipment – a lot of deeply tarnished areas just cant be reached without possibly doing more harm than good in the end.

With professional care though; those same stubborn issues are much easier solved when trusted specialists handle properly take on tasks such as deep cleaning, refinishing details or even colour restoration work etc That said; by entrusting knowledgeable experts at Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach shops – you’re helping avoid potential risk for less than half the costs associated with typical repair/restoration services.

Types of Jewelry and What Professional Cleaning Typically Includes

Jewelry comes in a variety of forms ranging from pearls and gemstones to precious metals such as gold and platinum. Professional cleaners pay special attention to each type of jewelry when they clean it, as the exact cleaning process varies depending on the type of material used. For example, sterling silver jewelry can be polished with a specialized cloth and solution whereas diamond jewelry may require ultrasonic cleaning to ensure all dirt and oil is removed from its crevices.

Pearl Jewelry: How to Care for Them

Pearls are one of the most delicate types of jewelry that require special care when being cleaned. As many pieces have lustrous coatings, they should not be exposed to intense heat or harsh chemicals. Additionally, sharp materials like paper towels should also be avoided as these can scratch the surface of the pearl.

To effectively remove tarnishing and dirt accumulate on pearls, professionals use a damp cotton cloth along with mild soap or detergent created specifically for pearls. It is important not to scrub too hard while cleaning so that none of the coating fades away.

Gold Jewelry: Caring for this Precious Metal

Gold Decorative pieces containing gold need extra care during cleaning as well, given its preciousness and relative softness compared to other metals. Professional cleaners often rely upon an ammonia-based cleaner when dealing with this metal as it helps remove layers of grease or dust collected over time without causing any damage.

They are then rinsed in lukewarm water before lightly buffing them with soft threads or cloths gently so that no abrasive marks are left behind on their surfaces. Specialty polishers may also be used by professional cleaners if they feel additional polishing needs done before returning the pieces back to their owners.

Platinum Jewelry: Polishing Process

Cleaning Platinum jewelry requires more gentleness than other metals since this kind tends to become brittle overtime due to its low melting point and malleability compared to others. Before anything else, professionals must inspect whether certain parts have become overly discolored due microscopic cracks in order keep them smaooth during the polishing process that follows right after inspection (otherwise cracks.

DIY Cleaning Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Jewelry

1. Regular Cleaning Use a soft cloth to thoroughly clean all pieces of jewelry regularly. This will help remove dirt and grime from the surface so that it remains as bright as the day you got it.

Jewelry Cleaner That Removes Tarnish

2. Soap and Water Mix a mild soap with lukewarm distilled water to create a solution for cleaning jewelry at home. Use a very soft toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt, then rinse off the soap under running lukewarm water.

You should avoid using harsher cleaning solutions such as bleach or ammonia as these can damage certain types of jewelry and their finishes. Finish by drying your items off with a soft cloth or air dry on a towel before storing them away in their protective cases.

3. Prevention

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when doing strenuous activities such as laundering clothes, washing dishes, swimming or bathing.
  • Remove any jewelry when showering, applying lotion, perfume, hair spray or makeup.
  • Store each item separately in its own box or pouch so that they don’t come into contact with each other.

4. Professional Cleaning Schedule It is wise to take your jewelry to an expert for regular professional cleaning every few months, especially if you wear it often. Experts have access to special cleaning tools and machines that can return some pieces of jewelry back to their original glory without damaging them in any way.

Products and Methods of Professional Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach is a professional jewelry cleaning service that specializes in keeping your favorite pieces sparkling and looking like new. With years of experience, they offer delicate and specialized methods for cleaning all types of jewelry items, from basic to high-end. They understand the importance of proper care when it comes to protecting your beloved jewelry pieces and ensuring their longevity.

Their experienced team utilizes the latest techniques for cleaning precious metals, gems and stones. They start with a gentle pre-cleaning that is tailored to the specific type of item being cleaned. This includes safely removing dirt and oils using ultra sonic wave technology or steam cleaning as needed, taking extra precautions to not damage any piece.

They also utilize a variety of other products and methods to remove tarnish or discoloration:

  • Ceramic cleaners – containing special solutions designed specifically for polishing metal
  • Gemstone cleaners – safe to use on semi-precious stones like rubies, sapphires and opals
  • Diamond cutters – used to polish faceted diamonds for maximum sparkle
  • Ultrasonic Instruments – gently cleans even intricate designs without damaging small details
  • Polishing cloths – impregnated with special liquid detergents

Once each item is completely dry, Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach proceeds with hand-polishing each piece carefully, followed by pressure buffing for perfect luster results. The final steps are two types of waxing – mirror wax applied directly followed by feel wax to maintain intended level of shine on each piece.

Professional Cleaning Kits and Recommended Solutions

Jewelry requires special attention when cleaning. Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach offers a professional jewelry cleaning kit to meet your needs. Included in the kit are essential tools and solutions for keeping your precious metals, diamonds and gemstones looking their best.

The kit includes special cotton swabs, designed specifically for cleaning jewelry, as well as recommended solutions to help remove tarnish from silver and gold pieces. In combination with a soft bristle brush, the swabs and solutions help remove dirt and debris from hard to reach corners while also brightening any jewelry surface. For added convenience, the kit is easily stored in the provided case.

List of Tools Included in Jewelry Cleaning Kit

  • Cotton Swabs
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Tarnish Removal Solutions (silver/gold)
  • Cloth Polishing Pad
  • Jeweler’s Loupe
  • Soft Storage Case

The cloth polishing pad helps to further brighten up almost any gemstone or diamond that it comes into contact with. The jeweler’s loupe magnifies the surface of a piece of jewelry so minute details can be seen more clearly ensuring nothing is missed. Finally, the soft storage case will keep everything organized and allows for easy transport if out traveling.

When used together, these items can be used to provide an effective method of deep cleaning almost any type of jewelry piece without the fear of scratching or damaging it. In addition to this convenience, all items included are eco-friendly and non-toxic making them an ideal solution for any environment.

Potential Issues with Cleaning Jewelry at Home

While cleaning jewelry at home can be a convenient and cost-effective way to keep items looking like new, many people do not take the proper precautions that are needed when doing this. Not only can improper cleaning damage the gold/silver in many pieces of jewelry, but it can also harm delicate stones. Some of the potential issues with cleaning jewelry at home include:

  • Using abrasive materials to clean jewelry
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures while cleaning
  • Not being aware of what type of metal and stones the jewelry is made out of
  • Cleaning with harsh chemicals (like chlorine)
  • Not using a soft brush or cloth
Isonic Jewelry Cleaning Solution

Using abrasive substances, such as steel wool or baking soda, can scratch and damage the finish on jewels and metal surfaces alike. Extreme temperatures, like boiling water, may cause precious metals to irreversibly lose their shine as well as make certain stones brittle. Additionally, applying household cleaners such as bleach or other chemicals may strip away protective layers from jewelry or even cause discoloration in some cases.

For these reasons, hand-cleaning with mild soap on warm water is usually recommended for regular maintenance. One should also use a soft brush or cloth instead of harsher scrubbing materials – especially when dealing with gems set in fragile settings like prongs and claws. Finally, knowing what type of metal and stone one’s piece is made from can help prevent any potential accidentals damages due to unfavorable treatments (e.g., pearl deterioration from chlorine exposure).

Popular Cleaning Services in Long Beach and What to Expect

It is important to care for jewelry and precious metals to keep them sparkling and eye-catching. Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach offers professional services that help restore, repair, and refurbish jewelry from a wide variety of metals. Here are some common cleaning services that Long Beach customers can expect:

Ultrasonic cleaning

This specialized technique entails the use of sound waves to break down dirt, grime, and tarnish from jewelry without causing any damage. Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound technology safely removing all traces of tarnish, residue and other contaminants from the surfaces of delicate items. This safe yet effective method ensures that all pieces will look as good as new after their treatment.

Diamond dust cutting

This service is best for restoring brilliance to diamond-studded jewelry pieces. A process known as diamond dust cutting applies a thin coating of diamond dust mixed with alcohol onto the affected area providing a gentle cleanse that is sure to leave the jewelry sparkling like new. This method is especially useful in repairing stone fractures or chips away precious gemstones and diamonds.


Polishing is done by hand using special polishing agents such as pumice or metal polishes mixed with detergents. The jeweller then carefully buffs and shines each piece one at a time using specific tools designed to achieve the desired finish on silver, gold, platinum, titanium or tungsten alloys. Jewellery may be polished either mat or glossy depending on customer preference

  • Ultrasonic cleaning removes dirt, grime & tarnish without damage.
  • Diamond dust cutting uses diamond dust mixture on stones & diamonds.
  • Polishing restores shine by buffing pieces by hand.


Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach is a great investment for those who own any type of jewelry. Like all fine things, regular maintenance and cleaning is important to keep the sparkle and shine that drew you to it in the first place.

Investing in professional cleaning goes beyond just looking good; having a professional clean your pieces can extend its original life and value. Professional jewelers use special techniques and state of the art tools when cleaning jewelry to preserve both its beauty and brilliance.

Professional cleaners can perform tasks like repairing settings, tightening stones, abrasion cleaning, spot cleaning, polishing or buffing, oxidation removal, acid treatments, electropolishing or electrocleaning, as well as ultrasonic jewelry cleaning. All these steps are essential for returning life back into a dull piece of jewelry that has lost its luster over time. These processes are damaging if performed incorrectly so it’s important to trust the technician doing the work with your valued possessions.

Entrusting your priceless items to just anyone could be a costly mistake resulting in damage not covered by most insurances. Using advanced technology together with experienced professionals will ensure that your pieces remain safe while getting proper care no matter being rings, bracelets or diamond pieces from chains with charms and beads all cleaned without any problems as each item requires plenty of attention for proper care and maintenance purposes.

This way you can save yourself time from having to frequently go through routine housekeeping duties which require tedious up keeping every now and then so eventually invest investing in quality services especially if you came across Jewelry Cleaning Long Beach.

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