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Jewelry Cape Cod is a unique shopping experience, full of charm and tradition. Located in the Northeast coastal corner of Massachusetts, the city of Cape Cod has a centuries- old history of jewelry making and renowned jewelry artisans. Jewelry crafting on Cape Cod dates back to 1790 when John Loring, an engraver from England, opened a shop where he sold handcrafted silverware and jewelry. Since then, the city has produced some of the world’s finest examples of nautical-themed jewelry crafted in both precious metal and ivory.

From antique gold and silver pieces to modern-style sterling designs with contemporary flair, you can find it all at Jewelry Cape Cod. Not only is this region renowned for its craftsmanship but also for its historic sites and bustling art galleries. The seaside landscape amplifies the charm associated with vintage nautical collections while further contributing to its reputation as an iconic destination for timeless handcrafted jewelry items. Visitors to Cape Cod can wander through quaint cobblestone streets lined with colonial buildings, or soak up ocean views along sandy shores as they explore our many charming shops filled with precious treasures—including that perfect piece of jewelry you’ve been searching for!

Explore the Boutiques

Jewelry Cape Cod is the premier destination for shopping lovers seeking beautiful jewelry to accentuate any look. Many jewelry boutiques have been established in the city, each with their own specialty pieces and interesting stories behind the shop owners.

One distinct boutique is Gemstone Treasures on Main Street. Here, customers can indulge in excellent craftsmanship of gemstones that include diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds embedded inside stunning necklaces, rings and earrings. The shop owner serves as an expert in handcrafted items for her selection of jewelry. She also shares her experiences with customers about each precious stone’s origin and its symbolism according to ancient belief systems.

Harris & Beck is another notable jewelry boutique located downtown. This store has a unique collection of antique and vintage jewelry pieces that were discovered from all over Europe and Asia, including delicate brooches made of silver filigree and luxurious jade pendants encrusted with diamonds. Customers can gain knowledge from research conducted by the shop owner regarding these one-of-a-kind pieces that date back centuries ago.

Get in on the trend at Posh Boutique located on Queen Street near the promenade boardwalk. This store carries a selection of trending accessories such as fashionable charms crafted into bracelets, anklets or hoop earrings in sterling silver or gold plate finishes. The creative designer who owns this boutique adds various symbols to many of these designs as a form of self-expression – a perfect way for anyone who wants to make “lasting memories” part of their loyalty pledge statement! Shop owners often customize select items for certain special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

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Jewelry Cape Cod provides remarkable boutiques for shoppers seeking fine pieces that speak with beauty and elegance through story or symbolism.

Crafting Opportunity

For those seeking truly unique jewelry, look no further than Jewelry Cape Cod! Here, experienced artisans will guide you through the entire crafting process – from selecting the type of precious metals you prefer to work with and choosing exquisite gemstones, to fashioning a one-of-a-kind piece that suits your style. Once you’re ready to create something special, take advantage of their wide range of crafting classes and experiences.

Immerse yourself in some of Cape Cod’s bold designs, learn a few new techniques or gain insight into reliable joining methods for custom pieces. You’ll also have access to cutting-edge tools and the latest technology, each designed to bring out the true beauty of your creations. Learn how to match subtle hues with workable metals and metalsmithing basics so that they compliment each other flawlessly. And once you have everything just right? Share it with friends and family, who can customize their own jewelry based on your design!

Attractions and Events

Cape Cod is a beautiful coastal area that has something for everyone. Visitors can check out Historic Sandwich, the oldest town in all of Cape Cod, for a glimpse into the past or take a stroll along some of the most picturesque beaches in New England. Along with spectacular sights, visitors can also enjoy a variety of events. On Fridays during the summer months, Head to Court Street in Hyannis for an outdoor market and live music while you shop. Other great events include Barnstable Comedy Club, Movie on the Beach and plenty more. Stop by popular attractions like the John F Kennedy Museum or take advantage of local shops and galleries such as Albert’s Jewelers to pick up unique pieces of jewelry Cape Cod. There are also seasonal activities like kayaking in Martha’s Vineyard Nantucket Sound, sailing and deep-sea fishing tours available to help visitors make the most out of their stay.

Shopping Tips

1. Be sure to consider the quality of materials you’re buying and ask about the durability of the piece if this is important to you.

2. Consider how you will use the jewelry, such as for everyday wear or for special occasions. Depending on how often you plan to wear it, different types of jewelry may be a better fit for your needs.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about warranties and returns in case something goes wrong with the piece after purchase.

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4. Ask about customization options and engraving services if you want something unique and personal.

5. Do your research ahead of time to learn more about gemstones and metal types so that you can gain an idea of what kind of materials are available in Cape Cod stores.

6. Take note of shop owners’ expertise; some may specialize in antique or vintage jewelry, while others may specialize in modern designs or raw materials like gems or gold ingots
7. Speak with multiple shop owners in order to get a sense of their respective experiences and knowledge on jewellery making and craftsmanship before committing to a purchase

Where to Stay

The Ocean View Lodge is a great place to stay for visitors who want to experience Jewelry Cape Cod. This stunning condo has panoramic views of the distant ocean, perfect for relaxing and taking in the beauty and charm of this historic town. Alternatively, The Surfside Inn comes highly recommended for luxury amenities and a picturesque setting of beach and harbor. For somewhere more modern yet still situated near the waterfront district, The Pier at Wharf House offers upscale accommodations right on the pier with convenient access to shops, restaurants and sightseeing locations. Finally, Baycrest Hotel by the Sea provides upscale elegance with supremely comfortable rooms. It’s family-friendly too making it an ideal choice when traveling with young ones in tow.


From the breathtaking shoreline of Cape Cod, to the winding roads leading you to our handcrafted jewelry workshops, a visit to Jewelry Cape Cod is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Our talented and experienced team of artisans have a wealth of knowledge and creativity that results in exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you’re searching for something special for yourself or that perfect gift for someone else, your visit to Jewelry Cape Cod will not leave you disappointed. We guarantee craftsmanship quality and no two pieces are ever the same! Come get inspired and be amazed when you explore our curated selection. Visit us today and take home a piece from Jewelry Cape Cod that you’ll cherish forever!

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