Jewelry Box Pottery Barn

Customization Options

At Pottery Barn, customers looking for jewelry boxes have the option of personalizing and customizing the box with an array of options such as monograms and engravings.

Monogramming: Monogramming is available to add a unique touch to a customer’s purchase. Customers can choose from one or three initials on the lid of the box in their chosen font to create a personalized piece that is truly unique. The selection includes traditional Scripts, Block Prints, Formal Scripts, Serieux Italicized and more.

Engraving: Another option offered by Pottery Barn Jewelry Boxes is engraving. This allows customers to choose from a variety of messages or dates they would like potentially imprinted on the lid or side of their box such as Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Always & Forever, Love You Always and Never Forget.

Gift Suggestions

Jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn are perfect gifts for a variety of occasions and recipients. For example, jewelry boxes make perfect gifts for anniversaries. These stylish little boxes can hold a variety of items including necklaces, earrings, watches, and loose gemstones. It is also nice for the sender to include a special piece of jewelry or another item of special significance in with the box itself.

For bridesmaids’ gifts, jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn can be personalized with initial engravings and names to make them even more special. The bride may choose to fill these boxes with other treats such as body lotion or perfume as part of her thank-you package for her attendants. For graduations or birthdays, jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn may be filled with fun charms or collectibles that celebrate the recipient’s interests and hobbies.

Finally, jewelry boxes can make heartfelt presents for any mother or grandmother in your life. These small vessels may contain meaningful items such as family photos or treasured heirlooms that will always remind them of how much you care about them.


When you make the decision to purchase one of the beautiful jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn, you will also have access to some accessories that can be included with your box. One such accessory is a jewelry organizer. These organizers come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for organizing necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. Additionally, depending on the size of your jewelry box from Pottery Barn, you may have the option of purchasing a tray to fit within the box for further organization. Trays are available in different colors and materials so that it can match or compliment your jewelry box. Many of these trays are designed with sections either separated by walls or with compartments to place individual pieces of jewelry. Having an organizational system like this makes it easier to find and keep track of items placed in the box!

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The cost of jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn can vary drastically, depending on the type and size of box and the materials used for construction. Generally speaking, small jewelry boxes made from wood or crystal materials tend to cost less than larger, more ornate designs that feature intricate carvings and hand-painted detailing. In comparison to similar retailers, Pottery Barn’s prices are in line with industry standards of quality. However, shoppers may find lower prices at other retailers if they’re willing to compromise on quality, or if they shop during sales periods when discounts are offered.

Video Review

Pottery Barn’s jewelry box selection is a great option for those looking for an attractive way to store their jewelry and keep it all organized. This video review showcases the various jewelry boxes Pottery Barn offers, from tabletop accents, to wall mounted hanging racks, to dresser tops and more. The reviewer looks at materials, such as wood and metal, as well as detailing on the units. She also touches on practicality — what these pieces can hold in terms of number of items or weight capacity. In addition to this, she looks at accent trays which are designed to be used as jewelry displays when kept on top of dressers or shelves. Overall, this review provides helpful insight into the many design and configuration options available in Pottery Barn’s jewelry box collection.

User testimonials

The Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn is a popular item for customers looking to keep their items organized and secure. The box comes in different sizes, colors and designs, allowing one to pick the best style for their needs. It also has many features such as drawers with velvet lining, removable compartments and dividers, and easy-to-use clasps.

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User testimonials rave about the product’s quality construction that ensures its safety and longevity even with consistent use. Many reviewers also noted that it was difficult to find an attractive jewelry box at an affordable price until they found the Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn. It has become a favorite of many consumers due to its stylish design and various features that make using it a breeze.

A frequent user commented on the convenience of having removable compartments which allowed them to easily mix-and-match pieces in order to accommodate any collection size. Others praised the variety of colors available in the Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn because it allowed them to select one that matched whatever room it would be placed in. Others remarked about how pleased they were with their purchase after eyeing comparable items that cost significantly more but offered fewer features than what this one had.

Overall, customers seem very satisfied with the Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn! Its affordability combined with its quality makes it an ideal storage option for any jewelry owner – both beginners and veterans alike!

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