Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry

Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry is the premier artisan gemstone jewelry destination for unique pieces that are crafted with precision and creativity. Established in a small factory in Jaipur, India, Jegem creates timeless jewelry that reflects traditional yet modern designs and has an exquisite range of gemstones and diamonds.

The distinctive Jegem aesthetic combines traditional craftsmanship with bold silhouettes to create exquisite pieces of jewelry for any occasion. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to reflect the beauty of the stones, while also capturing the elegant spirit of Jegem’s unique style. Every item is handcrafted with natural precious materials like 22-karat gold, sterling silver, genuine diamonds, and other beautiful gemstones.

The fascinating variety of precious stones available includes rubies, sapphires, opals, aquamarines, jadeite, topaz and many others. All stones are ethically sourced by expert artisans who cut them according to their unique shapes.

Jegem also carries a wide selection of bridal jewelry sets for those seeking to capture the essence of their special day with custom rings, necklaces or earrings crafted from the signature gemstones of this artisan company. Jegem provides all its customers an above average customer service experience along with customization options on their handmade pieces making every visit well worth it.

A perfect addition to any wardrobe or collection; these exquisite types of gems have withstood time and will be cherished for generations to come. It’s no wonder why Jegem has become a leading jeweler in India.

History of Jegem and its Journey Through the Years

Jegem is an artisan gemstone jewelry company that has been crafting unique and timeless pieces since 2003. Founded by Anthony Jegem, this family-ally business has grown from a small, simple storefront into a beloved go-to for exquisite and one-of-a-kind gemstone and bead jewelry.

At the outset, Jegem was focused on selling semi-precious stone cabochons. Since then, it’s styling repertoire has evolved to include intricate beaded necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets made from upcycled materials gathered from all around the world.

In 2008, Jegem received the opportunity to launch a series of custom designed items for large luxury retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus which marked an important turning point in its success. Being welcomed into this platform allowed Jegem to expand its reach at a consistent pace leading to greater growth in demand for its products over time.

One aspect that sets apart Jegem is their commitment to their long standing partnerships with various artisans around the world who continue to supply them with knickknacks used in creating some of their most exquisite pieces:

  • African tribes in Tanzania provide them with carved wood.
  • The Amish community in Pennsylvania contribute handmade metal works.
  • Mongolian metalsmiths offer solid sterling silver bead work.
  • Different Buddhist Communities throughout India bring forth unique findings adorned with intricate designs.

With every piece of artwork crafted from a combination of these sourced materials detailed craftsmanship passes on the incredible story told through each item projected onto the wearer. This emphasises how Jegem weaves together visual symbolism while missioning to enhance humanity through art as well as jewellery.

They embrace diversity and punctuate commitment towards using sustainable sourcing techniques in order to produce ethical handmade products than never before seen beauty. By doing this they have solidified themselves as a leader among artisan designer jewelry brands aiming for social consciousness within fashion industry standards today.

Inspiration Behind Jegem’s Unique Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces

Jegem is an artisan gemstone jewelry company founded in 2015 by designer and founder Jeffrey Scott. Specializing in handmade crystal jewelry, each piece is carefully crafted with intention and light encased within. With sustainability as its core, Jegem’s mission is to use gems and crystals from renewable sources to create unique designs that celebrate beauty, symbolism, and the healings of these magnificent stones.

Sourcing Stones for Jegem’s Jewelry Pieces

Jeffrey Scott combines modern design techniques with ancient knowledge and practices when sourcing stones. The natural raw minerals are sourced from mines mainly located on the African continent with an emphasis on fair-trade practices. All of the minerals are closely inspected to guarantee excellent quality. Jeffrey values transparency, and he follows a long ethical procurement line beginning with the mine operator all the way down to the consumer, ensuring everyone involved gets paid fairly for their hard work.

The Process Involved in Crafting Each Piece

Once the minerals are procured, they are then cut into rare shapes and sizes within Jegem’s custom workshop using special hand grinders or diamond cutting tools under optimal crystal alignments to guarantee optimal ringing tones as part of Jeffrey’s strict criteria. Many of his pieces feature ornate gold-plating sculptures to complement the vibrant coloring of natural gemstones.

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He also takes pride in creating abstract sculptured pieces such as those found in The Silver Dragon collection; a bold yet artistic combination displaying intricate patterns that make perfect accents for any contemporary wardrobe choice.

Holistic Benefits Found Through Wearing Jegem Jewelry

Not only are Jegem pieces stunning works of art that make great fashion statements but they also act like ‘jewelry therapy’ helping people connect on a deeper level with their unique spiritual energies. Each stone holds its own unique properties which help promote personal growth, self-confidence, wealth luck Feng shui and much more. Furthermore, Jeffery embeds secretive love notes within select pieces so recipients can carry their positive messages with them wherever they go.

Ethically Sourced Gemstones and Metals

Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry is a worldwide renowned jewelry brand, specializing in ethically sourced gemstones and metals. For over 20 years, they have been dedicated to sourcing the most luxurious and high-end gemstones from around the world, with an unwavering focus on ethical sourcing practices. Jegem only works with hand-picked local artisans who are committed to ethical mining practices, and upholds strict labor policies to ensure safety and transparency throughout the industry.

The array of gems offered at Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry is unbelievable. From diamonds and diamonds swirls cut into jagged edges to rubies carved into spheres, their selection is unbeatable. Each design they craft is a unique combination of intricate shapes, vibrant hues, and captivating luminance that can’t be replicated elsewhere. All materials used in their carefully crafted pieces are ethically sourced from countries like Afghanistan, Colombia, Russia, Tanzania and more.

Everything from production to distribution occurs under strict guidelines to ensure transparency of the supply chain processes for customers Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of Jegem’s priorities, as evidenced by their international customer base spanning across 18 different countries. They offer free worldwide shipping on all purchases over $50 as well as complimentary gift-wrapping options too – surely no other jewelry store can match this level of service.

Consumers can rest assured that when they shop at Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry they’ll not only receive an exquisite piece of brand but also know it was ethically created without compromising quality or style standards either. To top it off every purchase comes complete with a certificate of authenticity so you have a sure testimony of its legitimately sourced materials.

Innovative Design Techniques Used by Jegem Artisans

Jegem artisans are known for their creative and innovative designs when it comes to gemstone jewelry. They use the latest techniques, tools, and processes to create beautiful unique pieces of jewelry that are timeless.

Their artistic technique involves combining materials such as gems, pewter, gold, silver and other metals to make each piece of jewelry an incredible work of art. By utilizing this diverse combination of materials they can produce pieces which blend organic shapes with elegant sparkle.

The Jegem artisans approach to design is to start with natural gemstones from around the world. These stones may be set in a way that evokes feelings of vibrance and vitality or a more subtle sophistication and elegance. Each stone is examined closely by an experienced artisan who will determine how best it can be highlighted using various metals and process such as sawing, grinding, engraving and soldering or combinations thereof.

  • They use the latest tools and techniques
  • Elements like gems, pewter, gold and silver are combined into a single piece
  • Designs evoke feelings of vibrancy or subtle sophistication
  • Patterns may incorporate sawing, grinding, engraving or soldering
  • Each stone is carefully chosen for its unique color or shape

Jewelry Care Tips to Prolong Beauty and Longevity

Clean with a Soft Cloth

One of the best ways to care for your Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry, particularly gemstones set in sterling silver or gold, is to clean it with a soft cloth. A lint-free jewelry cleaning cloth will gently remove oils and light dirt without scratching the surface of your gem. Rub in a circular motion over the entire piece, including any setting, clasps and chains. Dry with a second cloth and allow to air dry if necessary before wearing again.

Keep Away From Water

Water can be damaging to your Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry since it can contain abrasive chemicals such as chlorine or salt that can corrode metals. It’s also important not to wear jewelry while swimming or showering as this contact could cause long term damage that may not be easily visible.

As a rule, try not to wear gemstone jewelry around water but if you must do so make sure it is taken off as soon as possible after contact has been made.

Limit Exposure To Cosmetics And Lotions

In order to maintain its original beauty and luster, keep your Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry away from Lotions, hair spray products and makeup. These harsh substances aren’t always kind on delicate gemstones or metals and may permanently damage the stones’ settings if allowed prolonged contact time. If necessary use a soft cloth moistened with warm water (not hot) for removing stubborn dirt or product build up around the stone settings prior to wearing again.

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A Comprehensive Look at Styles and Collections Offered

Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry offers exquisite pieces that feature the finest craftsmanship and design. Every piece of their jewelry is crafted by hand in Los Angeles, California. The quality and attention to detail is evident in each stylish item available. From timeless classics to modern trends, Jegem has something for everyone looking to make a personal statement with their jewelry.

One-of-a-Kind Designs

The unique designs offered by Jegem stand out from the crowd and provide stunning eye-catching pieces that will be sure to turn heads. From classic sterling silver earrings to ornate diamond rings, each item is crafted with an eye toward style and quality.

Along with traditional styles, they also offer pieces that combine different stones such as vibrant rubies, splendid sapphires or sparkling diamonds embedded into intricate patterns. Rings in particular are designed in many multi-colored shapes as well as trios of parallel lines or curving overlapping arcs.


The craftsmanship of Jegem’s jewelry is unparalleled due to the fact that all jewelers involved specialize in one particular type of material such as gold or platinum or work exclusively with gemstones. This allows for perfect detailing which you won’t find anywhere else – the items are truly works of art that show imagination and creativity alongside technical precision.

The success of Jegem lies in its combination of traditional techniques mixed with contemporary styles and materials which creates a product unlike any other on the market today.


Jegem offers gorgeous collections for men and women alike featuring a variety of colors, stones, metals and cuts – including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings both plain and embellished with pearls or gemstones such as rose quartz or opal set within intricate gold settings – designed to be worn from day to night for special occasions as well everyday wear.

With popular collections like Tone It Up, Ringspiration, Daisy Chains Jewelsmithing Workshop, Winged Jewelsmithing Workshopand Granditas Saga Evening Collection there’s something for everyone to appreciate when it comes time express your individual style through their expertise and passion for precious gems.

Insights on How to Purchase and Where You Can Find Jegem Products

Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among custom jewelry buyers. Since Jegem designs and produces bespoke pieces which are one-of-a-kind and tailored to the customer’s specifications, customers are often delighted at the quality of materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail found in these products.

In order to purchase any of the beautiful rare gemstones, semi-precious organic material or lapidary art offered by Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry collections, clients must visit the official website At the site you can peruse through over 400 categories of items ranging from bracelets to rings, pendants to earrings – each with its own unique style that perfectly speaks to personal flair.

Once you find something you like, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout where you can process your credit card or payment information securely using PayPal or an eCheck system.

Once an item has been purchased from Jegem Artisan Gemstone Jewelry collections, customers also have the option of having their gemstones set professionally for a more polished end product. With this service provided by Jegem Professional Setting Services (PPS), customers can ensure that they get top quality craftsmanship that will not only enhance their stunning collection but also stay secure for many years down the line.

In addition to settings available on jegem’s website, customers may also take advantage of their Custom Design Service that allows them to draw out and submit a custom design for consideration prior to purchase.

Lastly, customers may also opt for free shipping when ordering directly from jegem’s online store or they can choose from one of several retailer partners worldwide who stock Jegem products in stock – including select locations in Europe and Asia. So no matter where in the world a customer might be located, they can feel confident knowing there is likely a reliable retail outlet nearby carrying some of the most beautiful artisan gems around.

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