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At Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store, a unique atmosphere is created with store employees who make shopping luxurious and enjoyable.

When it comes to customer reviews, Jack Of Diamonds has loyal customers that are eager to tell their amazing shopping experiences. Amy, a long-time loyal customer said “I’ve always been impressed by the quality of the service – they’re always willing to go above and beyond to make sure I get exactly what I am looking for. They listen to my requests and don’t try to sell me something that I don’t need or want. The jewelry selection at Jack Of Diamonds Jewellery Store is beautiful and very reasonably priced for such good quality too!”

Another loyal customer, Colm shared his experience when shopping for an engagement ring at Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store. He said “I can honestly say that without the assistance I received from the friendly staff at Jack Of Diamonds, finding the perfect ring for my fiance would have been impossible. I could not believe how flexible they were when it came to customizing and changing a design so that it had everything we wanted on it. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.”

These amazing customer testimonials are only a tiny sample of what makes this store an amazing place to shop! With its luxurious atmosphere, reasonable prices and accommodating personnel, Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store offers an unparalleled experience in jewelry shopping.

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Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store is proud to have an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our team includes Doris, the manager, who has over five years of experience in the jewelry industry and knows how to guide customers through finding the perfect piece for any occasion. She also works closely with our jewelers, Daniel and Samantha, who come from generations of experienced craftspeople and are both experts in creating custom designs. Finally, there’s Rudiger – our newest addition to the team who brings a modern flair to the store’s offerings while imparting his knowledge of rare stones that he has gathered over a lifetime of travels. With this dynamic team, you can trust that Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store offers top-notch service and exceptional pieces that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store is highly regarded for its exceptional products and services. For the past several years, they have been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including “Best Jewelry Store” award by City Magazine, “Outstanding Customer Service” honor from leading consumer ratings organization, and “Best Collection Of New Diamond Precious Stones” award at the state level. They regularly receive positive reviews in industry publications, emphasizing their dedication to offering quality jewelry at competitive prices. Jack Of Diamonds is also renown for their commitment to giving back to their community through charitable engagements, such as donating proceeds of select pieces of jewelry to local charities.

Local connections

Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store has longstanding local connections in its community. Not only does the store carry products from local jewelry designers, but it also works with customers to create custom pieces that reflect the style and culture of their area. In addition, Jack Of Diamonds has been a committed sponsor of numerous local charities over the years, providing both monetary and product support to causes near and dear to its heart. Their commitment to being an integral part of the local community is what sets them apart from other stores in the industry.

Product spotlight

The Jack Of Diamonds Jewelry Store is a premier destination for those searching for exquisite pieces of jewelry. With a range of products crafted with meticulous care, they offer an extensive selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are both unique and luxurious.

One collection available at the store in particular showcases their commitment to quality – the Eternity collection. This range of timeless pieces make great gifts and can add a burst of color to any look. Each piece has been crafted with top-quality diamonds set in 14k gold or sterling silver making each piece truly dazzling.

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The Eternity collection includes pieces such as diamond studded pendants featuring dazzling stars or exquisite snowflakes made from diamond pavé; each one is finished off with a high-polish shine that rivals its sparkle! The rings feature showstopping designs made from eternity bands, mixed cut stones and accents stones like moissanite that provide additional brilliance. Every item takes up to eight hours on average to create, showcasing these items as true masterpieces!