Is Vitaly Jewelry Legit


Vitaly Jewelry is a Canadian-based fashion jewelry brand. Founded in 2013 by Vitaly Borker, the company quickly rose to popularity for its signature minimalistic and timeless pieces. Its simplistic, contemporary style made it an instant hit among millennials around the world. It attracted customers with sophisticated designs that could easily be worn every day and make a statement while still looking sophisticated and stylish. Vitaly Jewelry has won multiple industry awards and many of its pieces have been seen on celebrities and influencers alike. With superior customer service and quality craftsmanship backing customers’ purchases, Vitaly Jewelry has become one of the go-to brands for well-crafted fashionable jewelry. Offering products within most budgets, it has become increasingly popular among fashionistas everywhere. With its successful online presence across both Canada and the US, there is no doubt to Vitaly’s legitimacy as purveyors of quality jewelry.

Vitaly Jewelry

Vitaly Jewelry is a brand which specializes in creating intricately designed and stylish pieces of jewelry for both men and women. Founded by three brothers, Vitaly has grown to become an international fashion powerhouse with stores located in the US, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Kuwait and many other countries. The company prides itself on offering high quality products with an eye-catching finish. From classic gold chains to detailed necklaces that feature semi precious stones, there is something for everyone at Vitaly Jewelry. There are also rings and bracelets available for those looking for something more modern or exotic. Additionally, the company showcases collections of fine earrings made with diamonds or pearls set in delicate filigree settings. Finally, they offer a range of special items such as pendants engraved with special messages or even custom designs created specifically for the customer’s desired look! Overall, Vitaly Jewelry is a highly reputable brand dedicated to providing beautiful pieces of jewelry that will stand out regardless of the occasion or outfit. They have built up a strong base of satisfied customers who are happy to recommend their signature designs and styles to friends and family alike. Based on this evidence it seems safe to say that Vitaly Jewelry is indeed legit!

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Is Vitaly Jewelry Legit?

Yes, Vitaly Jewelry is a legitimate jewelry company that has been around since 2014. They offer quality and affordable jewelry pieces that come with a lifetime warranty. Customers have been generally satisfied with the ordering process and customer service experience and they have left positive reviews on various online platforms regarding the product quality and value they get from their purchases. In addition, experts in the jewelry industry have praised Vitaly Jetelry’s attention to detail and their selection of beautiful designs. Vitaly Jewelry also has great social media presence, receiving many positive testimonials from customers about their experiences with them. All in all, Vitaly Jewelry is indeed a legitimate company offering excellent products backed by years of trustworthiness, customer satisfaction, and expert assessments.

What Sets Vitaly Jewelry Apart?

Vitaly Jewelry is an emerging brand that creates luxury, statement pieces that are perfect for modern fashion. It boasts some of the most unique designs available in the industry and has a wide selection of unique pieces that you won’t find elsewhere. With quality craftsmanship at its core, Vitaly Jewelry specializes in creating stunning jewelry with signature curved lines and geometric shapes to convey feelings of both confidence and sophistication. Its attention to detail truly sets it apart from the rest; ensuring each piece is up to par with high-quality standards. You can expect bold designs, timeless elegance, and absolutely beautiful pieces when you choose Vitaly Jewelry. Additionally, all of its items are carefully handcrafted from raw materials certified 100% authentic gold or silver – allowing you to feel confident in your purchase knowing it’s made from premium materials. So when looking for luxurious statement jewelry, look no further than Vitaly Jewelry for an exquisite collection of bespoke pieces you’ll love wearing season after season.

Shipping and Returns

Vitaly Jewelry offers free worldwide shipping, with options for the customer to upgrade their shipping speed if needed. Packages are shipped within 48 hours of ordering and customers can expect a delivery time of 1-14 days (depending on delivery method chosen). When it comes to returns, Vitaly Jewelry has a fair return/exchange policy. Customers who wish to return or exchange a product may do so within 30 days of purchase. They must pay for the shipping themselves, but any product that is in good condition and accompanied by a valid receipt will be accepted as long as it appears in its unmarked original packaging. According to customer reviews, Vitaly Jewelry’s customer service is decent when it comes to handling returns and exchanges, with most customers praising the easy return process and kind interactions with customer service agents.

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Final Thoughts

In short, yes, Vitaly Jewelry is indeed legitimate and provides exceptional, high-quality jewelry at competitive prices. Their jewelry comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee so there’s no need to worry about quality issues or getting stuck with merchandise you don’t want; if something isn’t right or it doesn’t work for you for any reason then you can return it. They also have exceptional customer service who are willing to help with any inquiries and make sure the order arrives on time and in perfect condition. Some of the pros include having competitively low prices, great customer service, and offering both classic and modern pieces. A few of the cons include limited product selection, as well as a lack of availability outside North America. Ultimately, checking out Vitaly Jewelry is definitely worth it because you will be able to find excellent pieces of jewelry available at reasonable prices.