Is Oliver Cabell Jewelry Legit


Oliver Cabell is a premium-luxury brand that specializes in handcrafted walnut and leather goods, thoughtfully designed apparel, and beautiful jewelry pieces. Founded by Scott Gabrielson in 2014, the company crafts timeless pieces with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.

In its pursuit of excellence, Oliver Cabell produces some of the finest jewelry available. All materials used for their products—from gold to diamonds—are of superior craftsmanship and are ethically sourced from conflict-free areas. Their stunning designs range from minimalist earrings and bracelets to statement necklaces. Naturally sourced gemstones add more life to their pieces, providing colorful variety in their collections. If you’re looking for special gifts to mark a significant occasion or just wanting to accessorize your outfit, Oliver Cabell’s jewelry has something suitable for everyone.

Not only is the brand committed to making quality jewelry with sustainable resources, but they also ensure that it is priced fairly and transparently. Detailed descriptions of each product’s offerings are provided so customers can make informed decisions about what they buy. Furthermore, Oliver Cabell believes in eliminating the middleman and reducing unnecessary costs normally associated with luxury brands; as such all their products are sold directly from their website which helps keep costs down while still maintaining quality standards. This combination of high-end materials with transparent pricing makes Oliver Cabell Jewelry a highly reputable brand within the industry.

Unpacking the Materials

Yes, Oliver Cabell jewelry is legit. The company takes the utmost care in both creating and sourcing products, meaning that each piece of jewelry you buy from them is authentic and of the highest quality. The brand uses the best materials available and only works with highly experienced craftsmen to make sure their pieces are perfect in every detail. The handmade manufacturing process also ensures that customers will get a top-notch product each and every time they shop from Oliver cabell. Furthermore, all of their products come with a lifetime guarantee and free shipping so you can shop with confidence. And for additional peace of mind, you can read customer reviews online before making any purchase to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. All in all, Oliver Cabell jewelry is not only legit but also provides customers with luxurious pieces of exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

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Transparency in Production

Yes, Oliver Cabell jewelry is a legit company with an ethical approach to sourcing materials. They publicly disclose their production process and the origin of their materials. All of the jewelry components are sourced from factories in Europe and North America and are certified conflict-free. By using quality materials, high standards for craftsmanship, detailed attention to detail and cutting-edge techniques, Oliver Cabell produces some of the finest jewelry pieces available. Furthermore, all of the gold and silver utilized in each jewelry item is recycled from existing recycled sources ensuring that no new precious metals are harvested from unscrupulous sources. As well, all of their diamonds are guaranteed to be ethically mined in compliance with the Kimberley Process regulations enacted by the international body known as the World Diamond Council. Lastly, an added benefit is that all of their pieces come with a lifetime guarantee and free repairs – allowing customers peace of mind every time they purchase one of these authentic items.

The Bottom Line

Yes, Oliver Cabell Jewelry is genuine. They are a leading online retailer of luxury jewelry, with their pieces crafted from sterling silver, gold, and rose gold metals. Their mission is to make modern heirloom-quality jewelry accessible to everyone. All of their pieces are made with attention to detail, from the process of design to the manufacturing and distribution. Each item comes with a Lifetime Guarantee ensuring that it is free from defects for as long as you own it. They also provide complimentary insured shipping on all orders in addition to hassle-free returns and exchanges. Altogether, Oliver Cabell Jewelry is an authentic and trustworthy brand that you can trust for beautiful jewelry pieces made with quality materials.

Capturing the Experience

Oliver Cabell Jewelry is a well-established international jewelry retailer with a loyal customer base. Founded in 2013, the company has become known for its high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and contemporary designs. Customers have consistently expressed their satisfaction with Oliver Cabell jewelry via online reviews and testimonials, which indicate that most are ecstatic with their purchases. Many customers highlight the minimalist design of Oliver Cabell jewelry, as well as its exceptional durability and craftsmanship – all of which make it stand out from other brands on the market. From bridal wedding sets to everyday pieces, customer reviews suggest that Oliver Cabell delivers on its promise of quality timepieces and timeless accessories. The majority of the reviews express delight with delivery times, customer service and effortless navigation through their website; it seems many customers come back to purchase more items! Additionally, users state that they appreciate Oliver Cabell’s commitment to sustainability by only using ethically sourced materials and launching collections around key environmental initiatives. It’s evident from customer reviews that Oliver Cabell is a legitimate retailer whose jewelry upholds expectations of excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Oliver Cabell jewelry is legit. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Los Angeles, California. They offer a wide range of classic and contemporary pieces crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. All Oliver Cabell jewelry is responsibly sourced and manufactured in a family-run factory in Spain. All of the components used to construct the pieces are carefully selected for quality and affordability, utilizing materials such as sterling silver, brass, and plated gold. Additionally, all of their products feature a lifetime guarantee to ensure long-lasting satisfaction with your purchase.

A Final Note

Overall, Oliver Cabell jewelry is highly regarded as a reliable, reputable and high-quality product. The brand places emphasis on sustainability, using recycled materials and taking steps to limit their environmental impact. Reviews show that customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchases, noting the impressive level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Furthermore, the company offers lifetime warranties on all purchases and ensures any repairs are done to exact specifications at no extra cost. All in all, Oliver Cabell jewelry is a legit brand that creates beautiful products backed by strong customer service. With their commitment to creating sustainable fashion accessories through finely crafted pieces, you can feel confident in investing in an Oliver Cabell piece for yourself or your loved ones.

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