Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself Evil Eye Jewelry


The evil eye is a powerful symbol believed to ward off bad luck and the power of negativity. For centuries, nations across the world have adorned themselves with evil eye jewelry, from parts of Africa and the Middle East to Mexico and Eastern Europe. The colorful glass talisman was thought to protect its wearer from harm, thwarting off any ill will meant for them. In more recent times, however, some people have wondered: Is it bad luck to buy yourself evil eye jewelry?

The answer may surprise some people because it’s actually quite subjective. Generally speaking, many ancient cultures believed that the wearer of evil eye jewelry would be protected from negative forces if the item had been given as a gift. On the other hand, if you bought an evil eye piece yourself without anyone else giving it to you as a sign of protection or affection, then some worry that this could bring misfortune instead.

In other words, if you purchase your own piece of evil eye jewelry there’s nothing inherently wrong or dangerous about that – but you might not get the same sense of protection if someone else bestowed it upon you with good intentions. Furthermore, some people believe that one should never take or buy any such spiritual symbol just because they like its look; each item should honor its meaning at heart.

Those who don’t believe in the mystical characteristics associated with such objects may find utterances of this kind silly altogether – after all it is highly likely for them to consider why wearing something beautiful in terms of artwork can ever bring bad luck! But for those who enjoy having an intimate relationship with culture and superstition equally, there’s something interesting about exploring these types of beliefs – whether one chooses to live by them or not is another story entirely.

What Is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is an amulet thought to ward off negative forces and envies. It is believed that if someone directs a malicious stare towards you, it can cause misfortune, sickness or injury. People have been wearing jewelry featuring the evil eye for centuries across cultures as a spiritual protection shield of sorts. Many believe the blue color of the eye wards away negative energy from its wearer. In some cultures, such as those in Turkey, Iran and India, placing a hamsa hand with an evil eye on the doorways of homes is also a way to ward off negative forces and energies from entering.

The Tradition of Wearing Evil Eye jewelery as Protection

Wearing an evil eye as jewelry is linked to a tradition that dates back 4,000 years. The idea behind the tradition is to ward off any evil forces or bad luck and is seen by many as a form of protection against harm. In some cultures, it is believed that if someone gives you the “evil eye” (meaning looking at you with envy or dislike), then it could bring negative energy into your life. By wearing a piece of jewelry featuring an evil eye design, it will protect you from this bad energy and instead bring good luck. It can also be used to protect your loved ones, who may be vulnerable to the power of the “evil eye”. The symbol is associated with different things in different cultures—in some countries, even the color of the symbolism has certain meanings. For example, in Greece blue symbolizes good health and fortune while in Italy red is associated with love. Regardless which color or culture of the Evil Eye jewelry one wears, so long as they believe it will bring them protection and luck, they may do so without fear of being cursed.

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Different Cultures & Beliefs on Evil Eye Jewelry

The concept of the evil eye, sometimes referred to as “mal occhio”, is prevalent in many cultures around the world. It is believed that someone can cast a curse on another person by directing an evil glance at them. To protect oneself from this negative energy, many cultures have developed charms and jewelry dedicated to warding off the evil eye, often in the shape of an eye symbol.

In Greek culture, it is thought that wearing blue and white Evil Eye jewelry will ward off any malevolent glares or negative energy. Many Italian and Latin Americans also wear these symbols for protection. Other cultures, such as Jewish and Muslim communities, see the power of a malicious glare as something real and will also use protective amulets or jewelry to ward off bad luck. In Hindu tradition it is believed that gifting someone with Evil Eye jewelry will protect them from harm, especially during milestone events such as marriages or childbirths.

It is not considered bad luck in any culture to buy yourself Evil Eye Jewelry; it has long been seen as a positive protection tool against those who wish you harm by sending malicious glances your way. Whether you decide to purchase a piece for yourself or to give as a good-luck charm to someone you love, these pieces carry meaning and are steeped in history with many believing they bring good fortune and protection to one’s life if worn correctly with respect to its origins.

What Are the Myths and Facts About Buying Evil Eye Jewelry?


-Buying evil eye jewelry will bring bad luck and misfortune upon yourself.
-Evil eye jewelry will cause the wearer to become cursed.
-Wearing evil eye jewelry can ward off malicious intent from jealous people or the “evil eye” itself.


-The symbolism of evil eye jewelry dates back centuries, from Ancient Greece and Rome to more modern religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is believed that wearing this type of jewelry helps to deflect negative energy that could otherwise be directed at you from another person or thing.
-You can buy evil eye jewelry for yourself without worrying about bad luck because it’s not the purchase that brings bad luck but rather any curses or hexes that may already be present on a particular piece of jewelry you buy.
-Evil eye jewelry can help protect the wearer from negative energy by instilling more self-confidence and an awareness of their own spiritual power, making them feel stronger and less vulnerable in times when they could be exposed to such external forces.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself Evil Eye Jewelry?

No, it is not bad luck to buy yourself evil eye jewelry. In many cultures, it is believed that the evil eye can be used to protect against negative energies and bad luck. Wearing jewelry with the symbol of the evil eye is thought to bring good fortune and ward off any potential curses or harm caused by jealous observers. The tradition of wearing evil eye jewelry dates back thousands of years, so it has become an enduring symbol of protection in many cultures. Some argue that buying yourself the evil eye jewelry could be seen as a sign of personal power and solidarity—showing that you are strong enough to take care of yourself and guard against negative energies. Whatever your beliefs may be, you don’t need to worry about any superstitions when showing off your beautiful new piece!

How to Select the Right Evil Eye Jewelry for You

When deciding if it is bad luck to buy yourself evil eye jewelry, the answer depends on your own personal beliefs and superstitions. While some may believe that purchasing such accessories could bring ill fortune, others find wearing them to be protective symbols offering protection from negative energy. When selecting the right piece for you, it’s important to consider the design and materials used in relation to your intent and whether or not it resonates with you. Handcrafted pieces are often designed with intricate details and made of quality materials like sterling silver or gold-plated brass, crystals and semi-precious stones. Other important factors to consider when selecting an evil eye jewelry piece include the color, size and shape of the charm as well as its origin. If a piece feels right to you, it likely contains all the beneficial qualities you seek in terms of its design and material makeup. Knowing these factors can help ensure that you make an informed decision when searching for protective amulets that speak to your individualized needs.

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Different Benefits of Wearing or Displaying Evil Eye Jewelry

Wearing evil eye jewelry has been a form of protection in many cultures. It is believed that the eyes on the jewelry will act as a shield against harm, preventing any kind of negative energy from coming your way. This can include self-doubt, envy, and bad luck. While wearing or displaying evil eye jewelry, some people experience an increase in positive energy, clarity in their thoughts, strength to overcome challenges, and good luck in all aspects of life.

In addition to the potential spiritual benefits of wearing or displaying evil eye jewelry, there are cultural value and aesthetic advantages to wearing it. For example, in some cultures such as Greece and Turkey it has become a popular fashion trend with beautiful jewelry designs to choose from for personal style expression. It can also be displayed as interior décor in homes or business spaces adding subtle symbolism and design elements to give a room personality. Additionally, giving someone an evil eye pendant as a gift is seen as a sign of goodwill with the intention of passing on protection while wishing them fortune and happiness.


There is no one definitive answer to whether or not it is bad luck to buy yourself evil eye jewelry. It really depends on a person’s own beliefs and superstitions. For some people, wearing the evil eye symbol can be viewed as protection against ill fortune while others may believe in its potential bad luck. Ultimately, if you are considering buying yourself evil eye jewelry, know that you do so with the intention of protecting yourself from any harm.

When wearing and displaying your evil eye jewelry be sure to wear it proudly; this will help imbue it with the protective energy you intend for it to have. Choose a piece that fits your personal style and make sure to keep it clean; this will also help keep its energetic powers in full effect. Show respect for its symbolism while also keeping it safe from theft or damage. Wear your evil eye non-stop or only when needed, both have their own merits. And lastly, use your jewelry intentionally (i.e., set an intention for it) to bring good luck into your life rather than fear of bad luck finding you. By following these steps, you can wear and display your evil eye jewelry with confidence knowing that you are protected from misfortune.