Inverness Jewelry Cleaner

Inverness Jewelry Cleaner offers a simple and easy solution for the cleaning of your precious jewelry. This unique cleaner is specially designed to remove tarnish, dirt, and other grime from gold, silver, diamonds, and many other types of jewelry. By using Inverness Jewelry Cleaner you can easily clean even the most delicate pieces without risking any damage to them. It also helps keep your jewelry looking its best so that you can show it off with pride.

The Inverness Jewelry Cleaner works by using small amounts of water that are combined with a special formulated cleaning liquid. This cleaning liquid contains an exclusively developed combination of three active ingredients: citric acid, polysorbate 80, and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS).

When this special formula is applied directly onto the surface of your jewelry it begins to gently dissolve dirt particles developing a foam that lifts away dirt and grime without scratching or damaging the surface of the jewel or metal underneath.

The cleaner also freshens up diamonds by removing oils that cause hazy films on their surfaces. Dust particles that settle between gemstone settings and metal foundations can also be eliminated by Inverness Jewelry cleaner helping maintain the sparkle in diamonds while preserving its vibrancy. Furthermore, once the foaming action has been completed all residue can be wiped away with a clean cloth leaving your jewelry sparkling like new once again.

Using Inverness Jewelry Cleaner is an excellent choice for anyone looking to restore their jewelry’s beauty without having to risk causing unwanted damage to it. Apart from being very easy to use; no harmful chemicals are used making it safe for both humans as well as the environment.

Additionally, since no knowledge or tools are needed beyond having access to water you don’t have worry about removing any protective layers on your items ensuring they remain safely intact for years without suffering any additional wear and tear due to incorrect usage.

How Inverness Jewelry Cleaner Enhances Jewelry Appearance

Safe to Use

Inverness jewelry cleaner is safe to use on most jewelry pieces, including precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Made from natural, biodegradable ingredients, it is non-toxic and contains no caustic chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for cleaning a variety of jewelry pieces without damaging them or discoloring them.

Jewels can also be restored to their original luster using Inverness cleaner. This product does not contain any abrasive substances that can scratch or damage any type of jewelry material.

Effective Cleaning

Inverness jewelry cleaner is especially effective at removing oils that build up on fine jewelry. Oil buildup on jewelry erodes away metalwork and dulls the appearance of gems and settings over time.

It also works well on restoring texture details and filigree work, so it’s great for all sorts of items from antiques to contemporary designs. It will remove stubborn dirt and grime built up on earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, watches and more in just a few minutes leaving them sparkling clean with a brighter shine than they had before.

Preserves Settings & Finishes

Inverness jewelry cleaner effectively cleans but also preserves the settings and finishes of your jewels while doing so. Once applied as directed to the surface of sterling silver or gold with delicately clawed prongs holding the gemstones secure for example it helps restore luster taking years off even the oldest pieces making them look brand new again. Its gentle foam formula won’t harm delicate materials such as pearls, beads or enamels which makes for safer cleaning overall.

How to Prepare Jewelry for Cleaning with Inverness Jewelry Cleaner

Inverness Jewelry Cleaner effectively cleans jewelry both gently and quickly, even the most delicate of pieces. To ensure that your jewelry is ready for cleaning with Inverness Jewelry Cleaner, it’s important to properly prepare it beforehand.

Before beginning to clean any jewelry, it’s vital to take note of the type of metal in question, as different metals have different requirements when it comes to cleaning. Depending on whether the metal is gold, silver, platinum or another precious metal will determine whether you should use warm water and a mild detergent or a jewelry cleaner solution specifically designed for that type of metal.

Once you’ve determined the appropriate solution needed for your jewelry piece(s), it’s time to start preparing them for cleaning. If pieces are particularly dirty or tarnished, first start by thoroughly brushing away dirt and dust with a soft bristle brush before immersing into the solution.

Take caution not to damage any stones in process; be extremely gentle if brushing over stones as too much pressure may cause them to break or loosen from their settings. This step also helps prevent jostling around any loose stones while they are being cleaned; however these types of pieces should not be submerged in any kind solution without further investigation by an expert jeweler first.

The next step is to make sure all the clasps and hinges are fastened securely before immersing into the cleaner solution; this will ensure that nothing gets damaged during the cleaning process and water will not get inside any crevices and cause other damages such as rust or corrosion later on down the line.

Jewelry Cleaning Baskets

Once all this is done make sure you read through Inverness Jewelry Cleaner instructions carefully (including warnings) before immersing your pieces as some types of gems can lose their shade due extreme temperatures in certain type solutions so always proceed with precautions when using cleaners containing ammonia which can potentially harm some gems like pearls, opals an turquoise.

After making sure everything has been prepared properly, your jewelry is now ready for safe yet effective cleaning with Inverness Jewelry Cleaner. It’s best practice however to soaking each piece individually for no more than 10 minutes followed by immediately rinsing off under warm running water (depending on type of metal).

While submerged its often recommended agitating pieces lightly every few minutes – again being extra careful where there are stones involved – but make sure pieces never come in contact with each other while being treated this way as certain metals can cause tarnishing or scratching amongst other things if allowed extend contact.

Finally pat dry with soft cloth once done rinse off ensuring all moisture has been sufficiently removed from all crevices thus preventing future corrosion or rust build-up which could impede functioning of clasps etc.

Recommended Cleaning Solutions for Different Types of Jewelry

To keep your jewelry looking beautiful, it is important to have a regular cleaning regimen. Depending on what type of material the jewelry is made of will determine the cleaning solutions that are recommended for use with Inverness Jewelry Cleaner.


When cleaning gold jewelry, it’s important to remember that using too high of a heat can damage the metal. A mild soap with warm water is all you need to ensure that any dirt or grime is safely removed from the jewelry.

The Inverness Jewelry Cleaner small-bristle brush can be used on hard-to-reach areas and around designs and diamonds to get rid of all the buildup without scratching delicate gold pieces. For extra shine, a small amount of toothpaste can help bring dull jewelry back to life.


Sterling Silver is popular in rings, bracelets and necklaces due to its shine and versatility. To keep silver clean and polished at home, mix 1 tablespoon each of salt and baking soda in 2 cups of warm water. Then use the Inverness Jewelry Cleaner cloth with this solution, dabbing gently around intricate details to ensure a thorough clean without damaging delicate gems or settings. Rinse thoroughly in clear water afterward for best results.


When cleaning diamond rings it’s important to remember that although diamonds are strong stones they are often highly sensitive when exposed to chemical cleaners like bleach and ammonia-based ones. Instead try using just sudsy warm soapy water with the Inverness Jewelry Cleaner cloth soft bristles attachment to lightly scrub around the setting and diamond for a thorough clean while avoiding any harm done to either stone or setting.

The Science Behind Using Inverness Jewelry Cleaner

Inverness jewelry cleaner is an amazing cleaning product that provides a safe and effective means to clean delicate items such as jewelry. This innovative cleaner works by using a special solution containing high-grade cleaning agents and a special detergent to cut through dirt and oils giving your item the ultimate shine it deserves and protecting its delicate surface.

Inverness jewelry cleaner is powered by utilizing a combination of organic acids, surfactants, solubilizers and other compounds to create an eco-friendly cleaning product. These organic acids are powerful enough so that they can remain active for long periods of time allowing them to break down dirt, oils, lotions and other contaminants quickly but also safely removing them from the surface of the item being cleaned.

For even further protection, Inverness Jewelry Cleaner has added detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate which help break down compounds even more effectively while increasing the sudsing effect for improved and faster removal of dirt or oils. As an added bonus, some of these varied compounds within Inverness Jewelry Cleaner may also act as buffers to increase protection from oxidation or degradation due to air exposure or pollutants in addition to their cleaning properties.

Another element that sets Inverness Jewelry Cleaner apart is their use of chelating agents alongside their latest in water softening technology to ensure maximum protection for any type of jewels regardless of quality grade or metal used.

Chelating agents prevent corrosion which can damage precious metals as well as discolor stones such as diamonds ensuring that you receive years of enjoyment from your jewelry without fear of any issues arising due to poor maintenance or harmful chemicals used during the cleeaning process.

With this unique combination of cleaning agents, chelting agents and advanced water softening technology all maticulously chosen after extensive research, one can rest assured knowing that when using Inverness jewelry cleaner their items are receiving the most advanced level of cleansing possible with no risk of harm during or after use.

Tips for Maintaining Cleaned Jewelry

When it comes to cleaning jewelry, owners need to be extra careful. Most pieces are delicate and may have additional components that require special care. With the use of an Inverness jewelry cleaner – or any other brand – one can ensure their treasured pieces are being cared for properly.

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Proper Storage

Once a piece is cleaned, it’s important to keep it protected from dirt and debris. Whether they use air-tight storage containers or soft drawstring bags, homeowners should make sure the item is put away safely after each use. This will keep out dirt and dust while also creating less chance of scratches or dulling caused by improper handling.

Cleaning Frequency

The frequency a piece needs to be cleaned varies based on its preferences such as material, stones, etc. Additionally, if the piece is metal-based one should consider what kind of metal it’s made out off because some metals require more frequent cleaning than others due to tarnish and oxidation potentials.

Generally speaking most jewelry pieces don’t need a deep clean every wear; however if it has been in contact with increased amounts of sweat or body oil then this should be taken into consideration when cleaning and caring for said piece.

Jewelry Wear

Before wearing any jewelry piece one should take a look at its condition especially clasps, hinges, rings etc as these areas tend to be more prone to wear and tear so checking them would be good practice before putting them back on for another wear. Additionally owners should limit exposure to harsh chemicals like perfume and detergents which could damage gold plating or even grand color over time.

By avoiding these practices one can ensure their pieces last longer over time without affecting their shine or value significantly.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials on Inverness Jewelry Cleaner

The Inverness Jewelry Cleaner is a revolutionary product that many users have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with. Whether you are cleaning newly purchased jewelry, heirlooms or special pieces, the cleaner has been praised for its effectiveness, convenience and safety.

Here are just some of the benefits that customers who have used Inverness Jewelry Cleaner have experienced:

  • Brightens jewelry to its former glory
  • Moderately priced and easy to use
  • Safe enough for everyday use on precious stones and metals
  • Environmentally friendly and uses no harsh chemicals

Customers who have used Inverness Jewelry Cleaner love how easy it is to use; simply add water and place in the cleaner for a few minutes before rinsing off and drying afterward. They also praise how quickly and effectively it works, restoring jewelry to its original shine without any further polish or scrubbing necessary.

Comments regularly made about Inverness Jewelry Cleaner include: “My diamonds look really bright after using this cleaner”; “This product was suggested by my jeweler – I’m impressed.”; “My costume jewelry looks brand new after using this. Great results.”


Inverness Jewelry Cleaner is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to keep their jewelry looking as good as new. With its exceptional results, this product delivers on its promise: a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use way to clean your jewelry that fully restores its sparkle and shine. Its non-toxic, biodegradable formula offers dependable performance even on delicate pieces, making it the perfect choice for any jewelry collection.

The versatility of Inverness Jewelry Cleaner makes it an invaluable asset in any home or store. It’s gentle enough for everyday use ensuring that your jewelry looks great all the time with minimal effort. No matter what type or style of jewelry you have, Inverness will perform on stainless steel, sterling silver and gold plated items just as easily as rings and necklaces made of precious gems such as diamonds or rubies.

Plus Inverness Jewelry Cleaner helps ensure long lasting protection for your favorite pieces at a very affordable price. The formula enables the cleaning process to last longer than other common cleaners giving you an unbeatable cost/benefit ratio with only one application. Furthermore each application removes any residue left by chemicals used in previous cleanings so you can rest assured knowing you will always get great results without compromising on safety and quality of care.

Inverness Jewelry Cleaner is truly one of superior jewellery cleaning solutions available today – delivering professional quality care at a fraction of the cost. The easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to use while its specially designed spray bottle enables precise control over which areas are targeted during cleanings – preventing unwanted water accumulations which can often dull the luster of some precious metals or weaken certain settings depending on the type of stone or material used in construction.

And with no need for professional installation or tools it’s quick and straightforward meaning you’ll be able to enjoy having your favourite pieces look just like new in next to no time.

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