Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles are one of the most popular and traditional pieces of jewelry worn by Indian women. These ornamental bands are traditionally made of either metal, plastic or glass and can come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

Typically, the material used to make the band is set with precious stones and range from simple shapes to more elaborate designs that feature filigree, gold or stone work. The bangles can be made from silver, gold, wood, brass or other metals depending on personal preference and style.

The Story Behind Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles In India, the concept of wearing bangle’s goes way back centuries ago. It is said that they are not just fashionable adornments but also filled with historical significance.

Bangles were considered status symbols by India’s ancient rulers – only those belonging to royal families wore exquisite varieties made with pure gold and precious gem stones.Apart from being a status icon, bangles were also believed to bring good luck based on colorful mythological stories associated with its origin in India.

There are numerous tales associated with why Indians wear bangles – some say they brought happiness to the home while others believe they provided spiritual balance and kept away negative energy while ushering in positivity at all times.

Modern Day Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles Today fashion jewelry bangles have become an increasingly popular choice amongst Indian women as it offers a wide array of options based on budget and personal style preference. From chic plastic bangles for everyday wear to huge statement pieces for weddings; you are sure to find something perfectly suited for any special occasion or event.

While they remain as decorative accessories primarily for women today there interesting pieces that have been adapted as bracelets for men too. With picks such as wooden bead bracelet infused with ethnic charm & minimalistic designs like slim brown leather wrist-bands adorned with zardozi work; people have plenty of choices when it comes to modern day fashion jewelry bangle collections.

Historical and Cultural Significance of Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

Bangles have existed in India since ancient times, and were an integral part of Indian culture and ritual. In Hinduism, it is said that four gold bangles on a woman’s wrist represent prosperity and fertility. Throughout history, bangles have served not only as jewelry but also as symbols of status or protection. Historically, wealthy individuals often adorned themselves with intricate gold and silver designs to signify their wealth and cultural heritage.

However, in modern times the purpose and symbolism for wearing bangles has shifted to fashion-oriented uses. Today, women all over India use bangles to express their individual style and make a fashion statement. From delicate glass varieties such as lac or dapka work to bold metal works like Dharma patti or Valayal – bangle varieties are plenty.

Here is a List of Popular Types of Indian Bangles

  • Lac Bangles – Made from liquid resin extracted from tree sap, these are one of the most affordable type of bangles.
  • Glass Bangles – Known as churiyan in Hindi; these are made by heating glass rods that are then dyed with different colors.
  • Handcrafted Silver Bangles – These are made by hammering fine sheets of silver into the desired shapes.
  • Valayal Patti – Widely found in South India; they consist of separate rings linked together to form intricate patterns.
  • Dharma patti – Punjabi designs typically consisting of gold studded gemstones.

Different Types of Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

Indian fashion jewelry bangles have been around for centuries, but they remain as popular today as ever. They are a great way to add a touch of color and style to any outfit and can be used to complete both traditional and modern looks. With so many designs available, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of bangles:

  • Kundan Bangles – These beautiful bangles feature intricate stone work on pure gold and are typically intricate in design. Kundan is a common type of Indian gemstone art, which typically uses glass pieces with precious stones to give the jewellery an opulent look.
  • Glass Bangles – Glass bangles come in an array of colorful hues that make them highly sought after. This type of bangle is made from thin sheets of glass that are then shaped by hand into thin circular bands.
  • Silver Plated Bangles – Silver plated bangles feature a metal surface with a coating of silver on the top. These are usually set with colorful stones or gems that give it a unique sheen and brightness.
  • Gold Plated Bangles – Gold plated bangles offer a luxurious look and can also be set with gemstones such as diamonds or rubies. Gold plating takes regular metals such as brass or copper and lays down an even layer of gold alloy over it.

Another popular variation of Indian jewelry bangle is the Teracotta Bangle. These stylish accessories are usually crafted from clay-based elements, which look textured when colored with different shades.

They also come in various shapes such as round, oval, rectangular or square depending on one’s desired preference. Terracotta jewellery provides vibrancy in its appearance due to its wide range available colors like gold, pink, red or blue and also features detailed carvings for additional decoration if required by the wearer.

The last type of bangle is the Wood Bangle; these bangles are primarily made from natural wood materials thus making them lightweight yet sturdy enough for everyday wear. This type of accessory can be found carved into different shapes which makes them truly eye-catching when worn alone or paired with other types mentioned above. The wooden surface can also be left plain without any inscription making it versatile enough for any wardrobe choice owned by fashionable individuals.

Materials Used for Making Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

Indian fashion jewelry bangles are renowned for their beauty and elegance. These bangles are typically made from gold, silver, or brass. Each material has its own characteristics and is used depending on the type of jewelry design.

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Gold Bangles

Gold has been a staple in South Asian jewelry for centuries. The most commonly used metal in Indian fashion jewelry bangles is 22-carat or 18-carat yellow gold. Gold does not tarnish over time and is an ideal choice for those who desire timeless pieces that can be worn for years to come.

It also makes a great investment option because it increases in value over time. Gold bangles can be further embellished with precious stones and pearls to add an extra level of beauty and design to the piece of jewelry.

Silver Bangles

Silver is widely considered to be the favorite metal to use when making Indian fashion jewelry bangles due its affordability and versatility compared to other metals such as gold or brass. Many pieces of South Asian jewelry use sterling silver which consists of 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% copper, as copper helps make silver harder and less prone to scratches, dings, and corrosion over time with wear and tear.

Silver pieces can also be set with delightful gemstones such as lapis lazuli or amethyst which give them an even more captivating look while adding color to any wardrobe.

Brass Bangles

Brass is another popular metal used when crafting Indian fashion jewelry bangles due its durability and affordability relative to other metals such as gold and silver. Brass pieces tend to stand out from the crowd due to its distinctive coloring which is easily seen in antique farmhouse designs or traditional tribal art pieces from Gujarat or Rajasthan regions in India.

Furthermore, unlike other metals, brass does not require frequent polishing – but can start turning dull if left unused for extended periods of time due oxidation reaction it forms with air molecules in that environment so avoid keeping these pieces stored away long term.

How to Shop for Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

Shopping for Indian fashion jewelry bangles can be daunting, especially for those who are not familiar with the various styles, materials and design options available. Indian jewelry has a long history of exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful designs, so it’s important to have a full understanding of what you’re looking at before making any purchasing decisions.

When beginning your search for the perfect bangle, the first thing to consider is style. Do you prefer traditional or modern designs? India is home to many beautiful cultures and styles which have influenced jewelry designs over centuries, so you have your pick from a wide range of possibilities. For example, antique temple pieces feature intricate designs drawn from Hindu mythology while contemporary metalwork pieces combine bold colors with geometric forms.

Material Choices

Next, determine which materials make the most sense for your needs. Brass and copper are popular choices because they are relatively affordable yet still look great when combined with gemstones or enameled details; these metals also naturally take on a patina-like finish which looks lovely against skin tones (particularly deeper ones).

Gold plating is also frequently seen in Indian fashion bangles and adds an extra touch of glamour – gold-plated pieces often feature colorful gemstones set within petal shapes or set flush into the metal itself.

Silver plating is also used sometimes but tends to be less common since it does not stand out as much as gold plating usually does on darker skin tones. Lastly, sterling silver provides both elegance and durability: it can be easily molded into intricate designs that will last a lifetime.

Incorporating Gemstones

Gemstone bangles provide an additional opportunity for expression: each stone carries its own symbolic meaning, whether spiritual or otherwise – rubies can signify abundance and good luck while sapphires symbolize wisdom and faithfulness.

Precious stones like diamonds are more expensive than semi-precious varieties like lapis lazuli or turquoise but they offer an undeniable allure that cannot be replicated with other materials; when shopping for diamond encrusted bangles, however, make sure that the stones are properly certified by a respected jeweler to ensure authenticity and quality control.

Overall, choosing gemstones isn’t just about beauty – there is symbolic meaning associated with each variety that should be taken into consideration as well before making any purchases.

Popular Styles of Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

Indian fashion jewelry bangles are an truly iconic piece of jewelry that has been part of Indian culture for centuries. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials and colors. The most popular material used to make these bangles is gold or silver.

These two metals have been treasured throughout India’s history as both being highly valuable yet very durable. Pure gold and silver Bangles offer the highest level of sparkle and value, but there is also a wide selection of other materials including alloy, copper, brass and fabric forms.

The traditional style that has stood the test of time is the Gujarati glass kundan bangle. This type of bangle consists of one large glass bead set in a four part metal frame with intricate cut-out details along each edge.

These types of bangles have been traditionally used in wedding rituals by Hindu brides to signify their marriage vows. The glass bead symbolizes the five elements; fire, water, earth, wind and space and the metal frame reflects the stability needed in marriage to keep it strong and healthy for many years to come.

Another popular style among modern day fashionistas are the intricately designed meenakari bangles. These beauties feature smooth vintage gold or silver patterns which may be adorned with brightly colored enamels or stones such as rubies and topazes to create captivating designs that will look stunning against summer party dresses or an evening gown alike.

While these type of bangles are typically plain in color with no added gems or embellishments they still offer incredible detail that will draw attention wherever they go.

Lastly is tribal silver work inspired Rajasthani Kada Bangles which provide a glimpse into rustic rural life through beautiful raw craftsmanship fulled by semi precious stones such as coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli or malachite. These particular timeless pieces often feature star motives petals florals stripes & ropes combined together in one eye-catching set. Not only do these traditional Bangle sets represent excellent quality craftsmanship but they also signify ones personality & dressing sense for each occasion.

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Benefits of Wearing Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

Indian fashion jewelry bangles come in a variety of designs and styles. They are usually made up of gold, silver, metal, stone or other materials. Many women in India choose to wear bangles as part of their traditional attire for special occasions. Bangles can add both style and color to an outfit. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing pieces of jewelry, wearing Indian fashion bangles is associated with various benefits such as:

  • Physical Wear Protection – Bangles protect arms and wrists from wear and tear. By wrapping around the arm or wrist, they offer protection during everyday activities.
  • A Sense of Style – Bangles can define your fashion sense and personality. With different designs available the possibilities are endless and can be used to express confidence or your personal style.
  • Meaningful Accessory – Different kinds of bangles come with different meanings in Indian culture. For example, yellow-colored gilded metal bangle is believed to bring strength while red stone-studded bangle symbolizes love.
  • Serves as Cosmetics – Positioning large ornamental pieces over different parts on the body such as neck or hair helps accentuate certain features making any look more attractive.

These days there are plenty of options when it comes to purchasing Indian fashion jewelry – either online or through local stores. Buying bangles is a great way to add more glamour and elegance to your wardrobe for special events like weddings, festivals, etc., and also makes the perfect gift for loved ones.

Where to Buy Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles

One of the most iconic items of jewelry that is associated with India is bangles. Bangles are a traditional form of decorative jewelry often worn by many Indian women and are available in both contemporary and traditional styles. There are many retailers that offer Indian fashion jewelry bangles, both online and offline, for those who wish to incorporate them into their wardrobe.

Online Retailers

Those looking to purchase Indian fashion jewelry bangles can find a wide selection of options at online retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, and Etsy. Many different styles are available from various sellers on these sites. Customers can browse through the assortment of colors, materials, sizes and designs while finding the perfect bangle for them. Many shops also have a variety of prices ranging from low cost to higher end pieces so customers can find something that fits within their budget.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Indian fashion jewelry bangles can also be found at brick and mortar stores specializing in Indian clothing or accessories. A variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles will be available making it easy for customers to find the perfect piece to add to their wardrobe. Large cities such as Mumbai usually have multiple locations where one can find traditional as well as modern updates on this lively accessory piece.

Other smaller cities will likely have fewer shops but even then there should still be some stores which carry this type of product. If shopping near home is not an option then look up local retailers in India or abroad who specialize in Indian fashion goods who may carry these items too.

Local Craft Bazaars

Last but not least is visiting a local craft bazaar where artisans may be selling their homemade jewelry pieces including ragis or cross stitch style embroidered bangles, oxidised silver or gold plated versions as well as many other colorful creations. Local craft bazaars usually change week to week so keep your eyes open for new vendors – you never know what treasure you might find there.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Indian Fashion Jewelry Bangles for you

Indian fashion jewelry bangles have been captivating fashionistas for centuries and can be purchased in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. What’s more is that they come in many hues, from bright-colored kundan pieces to deep blues and greens.

However, with this vast array of stalls displaying gorgeous bangle sets, it can be quite daunting trying to pick the perfect piece for you. Here are some tips on how to walk away with the ideal Indian fashion jewelry bangles.

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind trends. Whether you’re opting for traditional or modern designs, make sure your selection adheres to the latest fashion trend. This will ensure your bangle set looks on-point – impressive enough to turn heads.

Additionally, when selecting tailor-made bangles, consider where you are likely to accessorize them with most often; at traditional ceremonies or formal evenings? Are you looking for something dramatic, subtle or completely out of the ordinary? All these features should ideally furnish your bangle design.

Next up is color and metal choices. From diamonds embedded onto platinum or gold crafted into intricate patterns that feature semiprecious stones – there is no shortage of varieties available when it comes to buying bangles online.

Peruse through as much as possible and pick colors and metals that match both your complexion and wardrobe ensemble palette perfectly; as this will not only bring out beauty in you but also make heads turn when worn too. Your options may include: pearl bangles, silver ‘jhaar’ embossed pieces with colorful beads or plain matte formats that come encrusted with gemstones if boldness is your style statement then do not shy away from diamond cut alloys either.

These tips will definitely guarantee a beautiful pair of Indian fashion jewelry bangles without having to splurge too much money on something overpriced or extravagant. Keep these helpful pointers in mind whether shopping online or at a physical store – both promise similar quality findings ensured by years of craftsmanship experience etched right into each piece.

With an extensive selection available ranging from historic traditions such as Kundan work and polka motifs paired with precious metals set stone pieces – any enthusiast will get spoilt for choice.