img.emoji {

What Is the img.emoji { CSS Property?

The img.emoji { CSS property, otherwise known as the image-emoji value, is an image-based styling property for HTML documents. It provides a way to include custom images as text or emoticons in an HTML page. This property is especially useful for customizing the appearance of websites and applications with special characters and illustrations.

Why Use the img.emoji { Property?

The img.emoji { property provides a way to include fun and unique imagery when writing HTML. Instead of relying on a standard font, the img.emoji { property gives developers and designers the ability to add custom images to fit any design use case. Unlike other CSS properties, this property is Image-based, allowing developers to include any type of image they want.

How to Use img.emoji {

To use img.emoji { you need to do the following:

  • Choose the image: Select the image or emoticon you want to use
  • Include the property: Include the img.emoji { property in the HTML document, by using the syntax: “img.emoji { path/file_name }”
  • Include the Path: Include the full file path of the image or emoticon in the document.
  • Style the Elements: Use the img.emoji {} property to style other elements of the HTML document.

Where to Use img.emoji {?

The img.emoji { property can be used in HTML documents to style various elements such as:

  1. Headers
  2. Buttons
  3. Images
  4. Backgrounds
  5. Text
  6. Lists

Examples of Using img.emoji {

Here are some examples of how the img.emoji { property can be used in HTML documents:

  • As a decorative border around web page elements: Style an element’s borders using an img.emoji { property, like so: img.emoji { border: 5px blue stars.png }
  • As an emoticon replacement: Replace text with an img.emoji { in the document to make a custom emoticon, like this: img.emoji { heart.png }
  • As a header or subheader background: Add an img.emoji { property to the header or subheader by using the syntax: img.emoji { header_background.png }


The img.emoji { CSS property is a powerful way to customize the look and feel of an HTML document, by adding custom images as text or emoticons. With it, developers and designers can create unique and engaging webpages and applications that stand out from the crowd. By following the steps above and being creative with the property, you’ll be able to create beautiful, image-based designs.

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