if (jQuery.fn.fitVids) {

If (jQuery.fn.fitVids) – What Is It?

If (jQuery.fn.fitVids) is a coding statement used to embed videos into webpages. It is a jQuery plugin that helps in making videos responsive. It can also be used to embed videos directly into an HTML5 page which means that no additional HTML markup is required.

This statement is used to indicate that the fitVids() plugin is present and ready to use. By adding the statement, developers can make sure any videos used on a web page can be seen across different devices and browsers.

What Does It Do?

The fitVids() plugin adds code for resizing videos. It adds a listener to the window object. When the window resizes, the listener works out the level of browser width and height and resizes the video accordingly.

It checks different HTML5 and traditional video players including YouTube, Vimeo and Flash videos. If the video cannot be resized it remains the same size, but in general the plugin should make the video scale automatically.

Advantages Of Using If (jQuery.fn.fitVids)

  • Simplifies embedding videos: It makes embedding videos easier and more reliable. It removes the need to write complex code and makes embedding videos a simple task.
  • Makes videos mobile responsive: It ensures videos can be seen on desktop and mobile devices as well as different browsers.
  • Improves user experience: It provides a better user experience as videos displays naturally on different devices and sizes.

Things To Consider While Using If (jQuery.fn.fitVids):

  • Time needed to load the videos: fitVids() may not always be the best option for videos. It will take some time for the videos to resize, depending on the user’s network connection.
  • Performance: jQuery plugins can have an impact on the performance of the page and possibly slow it down.
  • Error handling: Without proper checking, there’s potential for errors to arise if the code encounters an incorrect object or element.

Final Thoughts

If (jQuery.fn.fitVids) is an important coding statement to know as it helps in accurately resizing videos. It simplifies the way videos are embedded and makes them mobile responsive. However, it’s important to bear in mind that there is potential for performance issues and errors to arise, so proper checking is required.

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