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Huntington Jewelry has been dedicated to the highest quality craftsmanship since opening its doors in 1957. Founded by Jake Huntington, it is still owned and operated by his family today. Their commitment to perfection is apparent in each hand-crafted piece of jewelry they create. From traditional wedding rings to bold and custom works of art, every item from Huntington Jewelry is a reflection of their passion and quality standards. The staff hand picks gemstones and metals before beginning the creative process which captures each customer’s unique vision beautifully. No detail goes unnoticed as they perfect each design with precise skill and attention to details that won’t go unseen to the discerning eye. Huntington Jewelry stands above other brands by providing exquisite service that includes in-depth consultations, gemstone identification, appraisals, repairs, custom engravings, and more. Customers can trust their workmanship when looking for that special piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.


At Huntington Jewelry, we are immensely appreciative of the hardworking jewelry makers, local artisans, and craftspeople who dedicate their time and efforts to creating each intricate piece for our customers. We understand that behind every beautiful piece of jewelry lies hours of hard work, concentration, skill and dedication. We are truly thankful for their passion and commitment to their crafts.

Our support goes beyond appreciation alone, however; we have taken measures to ensure the artists receive fair wages for the services they provide, reimbursement for the materials they use in the construction of our pieces, and reasonable deadlines. Moreover, all products created through Huntington Jewelry bear a mark of quality assurance guaranteeing its unique composition and brilliance.

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to collaborate with such talented professionals that share our vision of providing delightful pieces at an affordable price. With each new collection comes a fresh opportunity to explore new styles and trends for fashion-conscious buyers worldwide. As always, we thank you for choosing Huntington Jewelry!


Huntington Jewelry, first established in 1952 in Miami, Florida, was founded by Fred and Ethel Huntington who dreamed of creating beautiful pieces that their customers could cherish for a lifetime. Initially specializing in diamonds and precious stones, Huntington Jewelry quickly grew into a nationally recognized stand-alone brand. The company was one of the first major jewelry stores to offer custom design services as well as certified appraisals.

Throughout its history, Huntington Jewelry has expanded its offerings to every facet of fine jewelry. From its early days selling diamonds and custom designs to now carrying designer engagement rings and luxury watches, the company has grown with the times while never sacrificing the craftsmanship it is known for. The jewellery store has opened multiple locations throughout Florida while also expanding online so they can reach customers across the country. Thanks to their dedication to quality and service, Huntington Jewelry continues to be a leader within the industry today.

The Pieces

Huntington Jewelry offers a variety of collections for their customers to choose from. These collections range from classic rings to modern watches and everything in between. The company is known for its beautiful, intricate designs and use of high-quality materials. For rings, they offer both precious metals such as gold and silver, along with semi-precious stones like diamonds and rubies. Some of the unique items offered by Huntington include earrings that are two-toned (silver and gold) and feature semi-precious stones in a flower pattern. Their selection of watches includes classic wristwatches as well as smartwatches that come with advanced tracking capabilities and customizable faces. Charms are also available, with some pieces crafted in the shape of animals such as unicorns or rabbits as well as words or initials like ‘happiness’ or ‘love’. In addition to these items, bridal collections are also available featuring both traditional and contemporary designs for engagement rings, wedding bands, cufflinks and earrings. All Huntington Jewelry products come with an industry leading one year warranty against any manufacturing defects or malfunctions giving customers peace of mind when purchasing from the Huntington brand.

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Behind the Scenes

At Huntington Jewelry, our team is committed to providing elegant designs that capture the timeless beauty of each wearer. Our process begins with a detailed exploration and dialogue between designers, artisans, metalsmiths, and customers. We look to understand the needs and desires of our customers in order to craft an individualized piece of jewelry that reflects their unique style and individual story.

Our talented goldsmiths and silversmith work together as a team to ensure every piece is quality crafted at each step in the design process. Utilizing traditional hand engraving techniques, our artisans delicately manipulate precious metals such as gold, platinum, and sterling silver into stunning works of art. Additionally, for specialized customizations we often use other alternative materials such as exotic woods or opals to give each piece its own distinct aesthetic.

At Huntington Jewelry, we value the collaborative relationship between our craftsmen and customers. Our devotion to detail ensures that no two pieces are alike- making every design just as special as the wearer it adorns. Our commitment to quality also means you can be sure your piece will be designed with durability in mind so you’ll be able enjoy your treasured jewelry for years to come!

Social Responsibility

Huntington Jewelry is committed to creating beautiful pieces of jewelry while being socially responsible and reducing environmental impact. They ensure that all materials used are ethically and responsibly sourced, taking into account the safety of their workers, as well as the ability of any mined resources to be replenished over time. In addition to sustainable sourcing, Huntington has developed a range of initiatives to lower carbon emissions in both manufacturing operations and transport. This includes minimising water use, energy consumption and air pollution in their factories. Huntington also works with forest protection organizations to help conserve vulnerable forests around the world which may be threatened by unrestricted mining activity. By making sure 99% of packaging materials are recycled or biodegradable, Huntington is actively working towards a greener future while providing quality products. Consumers who choose Huntington Jewelry can be reassured they are investing in products that put sustainability at the forefront without compromising on beauty or craftmanship.


At Huntington Jewelry, we are excited to offer customers the ability to customize pieces with a unique shape or stone. Whether you’d like to add a classic diamond to an engagement ring or choose a custom birthstone for a charm necklace, our jewelry makers can help create something especially meaningful and beautiful. You even have the ability to engrave special text or symbols on your jewelry making it completely one-of-a-kind. Our designers are experienced in researching and sourcing out stones and symbols that reflect your personalized vision ” making it easy and enjoyable for customers to craft a piece that’s as unique as they are. Come visit us today at Huntington Jewelry and make something extraordinary!

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Community Engagement

Huntington Jewelry is committed to supporting individuals and organizations throughout their community. Through a combination of volunteer projects, charitable donations, and corporate social responsibility initiatives, the brand has shown its dedication to giving back to the community.

Some of the volunteer activities that Huntington Jewelry participates in include assembling hygiene kits, participating in building renovations, making meals for local homeless shelters, and sponsoring fun runs and 5k marathons. In addition to volunteering their time, the company also regularly donates product and financial contributions to many different organizations as well as causes. These include food banks, responsible-sourced jewelry programs, youth education initiatives, environmental conservation efforts, health care programs for underprivileged families and much more.

In addition to the direct support it provides through volunteers and donations, the company actively embraces corporate social responsibility by always seeking out opportunities that allow them to give back. For example they often partner with local schools in providing resources and educational opportunities to children in low income households; they host monthly jewelry maker workshops in order to train people from vulnerable communities; they sponsor other events such as art exhibitions and fashion shows; and are constantly exploring ways that they can contribute positively towards their communities overall quality of life.

These are just some of the ways that Huntington Jewelry demonstrates their commitment for giving back – an effort which ultimately serves as an integral part of strengthening their local area by connecting people together and fostering a more unified environment where everyone can be a part of a larger cause.


Huntington Jewelry is a premier jewelry company that strives to provide exceptional quality and craftsmanship for its customers. Their pieces are finely crafted from the highest quality materials, giving their creations a unique look that stands out from other companies. The pieces range from breathtaking necklaces and rings to luxurious earrings and pendants. They also specialize in custom design and repair of existing pieces, ensuring that clients get the exact product they desire. Every piece of Huntington Jewelry is backed by their knowledgeable staff and customer service, affirming their pledge of quality and satisfaction. Therefore, customers can be confident they are getting the best possible product when shopping with Huntington Jewelry. The exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Huntington Jewelry provides its customers is unparalleled, making it the perfect destination for all fine jewelry needs.

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