Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry


Hummingbird cremation jewelry has become a popular way to keep the memory of a loved one alive. Not only is it a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the deceased, but it also has deep historical context. First used centuries ago by Native Americans, hummingbird charms have been used in many different cultures as symbols of joy, celebration, life, and healing.

The fact that hummingbirds are so small and yet have such an incredibly fast beating heart makes them symbolic of resilience, energy, and hope. Historically and culturally, they have come to represent friendship and joy as well as transformation after death or loss. Native Americans believed that when someone died their spirit was released as a hummingbird to gracefully guide those left behind on their spiritual journey. The sight of a hummingbird was thought to be a sign from the ancestors to know that the deceased spirit had gone on and been welcomed into the afterlife with open wings. Other cultures often link hummingbirds with resurrection or eternal life. In South American mythology for example, hummingbirds were seen as immortal spirits that flew between two worlds—the living world, and the spiritual world beyond—and thus were able to bring joy even in times of pain and sorrow.

Today hummingbird cremation jewelry remains one of the most beloved memorial pieces worn around the world when someone who is close passes away. They remind us not only of our shared grief but also provide comfort that love can look different even after death takes someone away from us physically – in this case love lives on through these brightly colored birds nesting in metalwork necklaces held close each day.

Types of Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry

Hummingbird cremation jewelry is a beautiful and meaningful way to remember a loved one or a special moment in your life. These pieces come in many different shapes, styles, and colors to match whatever sentiment or occasion you are trying to commemorate. There are even eco-friendly options that use sustainable materials throughout their production. Here is a subcategory overview of all the types of hummingbird cremation jewelry available:

1. Necklaces – Hummingbird cremation jewelry necklaces on silver or gold chains feature small hummingbird charms that have an opening where some of the ashes of your loved one can be kept close to your heart at all times. They also make great keepsakes for those who share fond memories with the deceased.

2. Rings – These rings range from delicate bands adorned with tiny hummingbirds, to creative designs with intricate details and shimmering stones like diamonds and rubies. Some styles come in multiple sizes so that everyone can find their perfect fit, plus many rings can be engraved with personal letters or dates for extra sentimental value.

3 Pendants – Pendant-style hummingbird cremation jewelry comes in a variety of styles as well, such as single pendants or sets with multiple gems strung together on a single chain or set of chains offered in different lengths. Each pendant has its own charm so no two pieces are alike.

4 Bracelets – Hummingbird cremation jewelry bracelets serve as daily reminders of the lost ones, while vibrant precious stones add subtle statement touches which instantly elevate any look they’re paired with! They come in leather, rope, beadwork and even silver designs that speak volumes about style and grief resiliently all at once.

5 Earrings – Beautiful earring design options range from delicate drops featuring shimmering stones to bolder studs made up of multiple hummers set against eye catching accents like cream pearls or multifaceted gems that bring sophistication and sparkle to every look!

Benefits of Wearing Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry

Hummingbird cremation jewelry is a unique piece of wearable memorial art that serves as a dedicated remembrance for those who have passed. Hummingbirds represent joy and travel, making them apt symbols of life after death. Wearing hummingbird cremation jewelry is an outward expression of deep love, affection, and admiration for your dearly-departed loved one.

Beyond its sentimental value, hummingbird cremation jewelry provides several practical benefits to the wearer: First, it can be a discreet way to keep their loved one with them at all times. The pendant or charm is small enough to incorporate into everyday outfits while still having a noticeable aesthetic presence. Second, those who cannot visit the gravesite often may feel comfort knowing the remains are sealed within their personalized pendant. Third, these pieces can act as an icebreaker in difficult conversations about loss and grief – leading you to bond with others over shared experiences. Finally, cremation jewelry offers a tactile connection as you play with the pendant when reminiscing about past memories or offering up prayers for your beloved’s soul.

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Ways to Wear Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is becoming increasingly popular for honoring the memories of lost loved ones. From necklaces, pendants, rings and more; there are many ways to wear cremation jewelry. This type of jewelry allows people to carry a small portion of their loved one’s ashes, hair or a symbol that reminds them of their special someone with them at all times. Cremation jewelry is available in an array of designs, metals and stones that people can choose from depending on their tastes and preferences.

One trend in cremation jewelry is hummingbird pieces. Hummingbirds symbolize joy, love, faith and a new beginning after difficult times pass away. These personal mementos remind us to stay optimistic and look forward to brighter days while remembering our lost loved ones. Different styles of hummingbird cremation jewelry include hummingbird necklaces made with stainless steel, solid sterling silver or gold-plated chains; pendants featuring colorful glass beads that can house ashes, locks of hair or meaningful symbols such as coins or charms; and ruby gemstones set into bird shaped earrings designed with modern hammered Sterling Silver frames or detailed crested crowns for delicate style finishes.

No matter how it’s worn, these types of posthumous remembrances present ways for the spirit to keep going and transcend through generations no matter how much time passes by. They offer individuals hope during hard times and help build relationships with the ones passed way by carrying something that was once part of them beside you forever.

Caring & Maintenance Tips for Cremation Jewelry

Hummingbird cremation jewelry is a unique and beautiful way to honor the memory of loved ones, many of whom were fond of hummingbirds. This type of jewelry is a small piece that can hold a tiny amount of ashes, lock of hair or even dirt from your loved one’s favorite place. To keep this precious piece looking its best, it must be taken care of properly. Here are some tips on caring and maintaining your cremation jewelry:

-Keep in mind that this is delicate jewelry and should be handled carefully. Avoid direct contact with water, lotions, perfumes or other chemicals as this may damage the metal parts or cause discoloration to the stones.

-It is important to store your Hummingbird cremation jewelry in a safe place after each use, preferably in an airtight container away from other items. Over time, exposure to air will cause metals to corrode and reduce the life of the jewelry.

-Regularly clean and polish your Hummingbird cremation jewelry using a commercial cleaner made specifically for silver or gold jewellery. If you choose to use abrasive cloths for polishing, use a very soft cloth so as not to scratch or damage any part of the jewellery.

-Make sure you avoid attempting any repairs on Hummingbird cremation jewelry yourself; instead take it to a certified jeweler who specializes in such work. Doing this will ensure optimum results while still ensuring protection against further damage or deterioration over time due to incorrect repairs or mishandling.

Different Styles & Materials used in Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry

Hummingbird cremation jewelry allows people to keep the memories of their loved ones close to their hearts even after they are gone. There are a variety of styles and materials available when it comes to hummingbird cremation jewelry.

One style of Hummingbird cremation jewelry can be made from sterling silver or gold-plated metal. These pieces often feature intricate details such as delicately carved wings, shimmering accents, or tiny crystals.

Another style utilizes fine crystal or glass beads in various shades like tourmaline and sapphire. This type of jewelry may feature two Tiffany bees or two swans entwined with each other on the pendant.

Stained glass is also an option for creating memorable hummingbird cremation jewelry pieces. Colorful glass is cut into small pieces and arranged into shapes such as flowers and hummingbirds before being embedded in metal designs that may include engravings or precious stones like pearl or amethyst.

Finally, eco-friendly recycled materials such as wood and plastic can be used to form unique hummingbird shapes which may be incorporated in human ashes healing bracelets which contain the cremains inside a cylinder on a band made of leather, hemp, cotton etc.. This type of jewelry is perfect for remembering those who were environmentally conscious during their lifetime.

Emotional & Personal Impact of Wearing Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry

Hummingbird cremation jewelry is a unique and special way to memorialize a loved one who has passed away. Wearing this jewelry allows you to keep the memory of that individual close to your heart at all times. It can be a comforting reminder of their presence, helping the bereaved remember happy memories shared together or the strength of character they brought into life.

The physical and emotional impact of wearing hummingbird cremation jewelry is extraordinary. Not only can it serve as a tangible reminder of a person’s life, but it can also act as an expression of grief and sorrow felt after their passing. As people go about their daily lives, seeing the exquisite piece on their person can trigger special recollections or stories that would otherwise not be talked about aloud. In addition to being comforting in times of sadness, this type of jewelry serves as a constant source of strength while lovingly connecting its wearer to the deceased. It is an incredibly powerful expression that reminds one that although somebody is no longer here physically, they live on through their spirit in the afterlife. Furthermore, for those who weren’t able to have a traditional burial for the remains, wearing hummingbird cremation jewelry gives them a chance to still keep their loved one close even if there doesn’t exist an earthly place for them now.

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Creative Ideas & Tips for Customizing Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry

Hummingbird cremation jewelry is a unique, personalized way to honor and remember those who have passed away. It’s an expression of the love and connection that you share with your special departed loved one. You can customize hummingbird cremation jewelry with personal photos or messages that represent your grief, love, and appreciation for the person that has left an indelible mark on your life. To make it even more special, you could add charms or engravings to the design itself. Consider adding a semi-precious stone or birthstone charm to give added meaning or use enamel to colorfully paint the pattern that adorns the finish of your chosen cremation jewelry piece. You can even embellish the charm with Swarovski crystals or pearls, making it truly one-of-a-kind! Finally, you may choose to create a locket in which their photo or other keepsakes can be kept close at all times. Whatever ideas you opt for, remember it’s all in how you personalize this heartfelt tribute that will make it uniquely yours.

Personalized Examples of Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry

Hummingbird cremation jewelry is a meaningful way to memorialize the passing of a loved one. Personalized examples of hummingbird cremation jewelry can include pendants and necklaces made with a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver, and stainless steel; many also feature gemstones and other beautiful accents. Pendant sizes range from tiny ones meant to be worn on small children’s chains to larger pieces that can be worn as statement necklaces. Some come with an urn on the back where a small amount of ashes can be placed, while others have charms that can hold a pinch of ashes or other personalized mementos. Engraving options are almost limitless, offering words of encouragement or reminders of what one’s life meant- whatever brings comfort to the wearer in their time of loss. Because hummingbirds symbolize love, hope, and joy, this type of jewelry is perfect for helping people remember the cherished moments shared with their loved one even after their departure.


Hummingbird cremation jewelry is a unique and meaningful way to remember a departed loved one. The symbolic nature of the hummingbird, along with its soft and calming colors, helps to create a sense of peace and comfort that last long after the memorial service has ended. With the option to personalize one’s own jewelry with engraving or design, this type of memorial jewelry allows you to keep your beloved near at all times. Whether you are celebrating someone’s life who has passed away or just need an extra reminder of them close-by, knowing there is an emotional connection to them is an important element for many people in mourning.

The beauty and sentiment behind hummingbird cremation jewelry makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a lasting tribute to honor the memory of their deceased loved one. From generations past, incorporating this meaningful bird into jewelry has been seen as a token of charm as well as strength — ultimately carrying on the passed person’s legacy even after their time here on earth comes to an end. Often serving as symbols of joy and resiliency, wearing hummingbird cremation jewelry more often than not starts conversations about love and remembering those we have lost in our lives. It is through these stories shared between friends and families that enables us to keep certain memories alive; after all, it is never goodbye – only so long until we meet again!

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