How You Spell Jewelry


Jewelry is a noun that refers to ornaments, accessory items, and other decorative adornments that are worn or kept as collectibles. While people of all cultures and backgrounds are known to wear jewelry, the way in which it is spelled can vary from place to place. In the English language, jewelry is traditionally spelled with two “e”s and a single “l” (jewelry). However, there are some areas where different spellings exist. In the United States, for example, jewelry can also be spelled as “jewellery.” This spelling is mostly seen in British texts and articles as well as certain American-English dictionaries. Another common variation of this word can be found when spelling it with just one “l” (as in jewlry). While this spelling may be encountered more often in informal writing styles or on the internet, it should be avoided if accuracy is desired. Furthermore, jewellery spelled with the -our ending (as used in British English) should always be accompanied by similar words such as colour/color, flavour/flavor etc., to ensure consistency is maintained throughout any written content.

Regional Variations in Jewelry Spelling Around the Globe

The correct spelling of the word “jewelry” varies across the globe. In the United States, Canada and other areas of North America, it is spelled “jewelry”, with a j and two e’s. In the United Kingdom and other areas of Europe, it is spelled “jewellery”, with a j and two l’s. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa also spell it “jewellery”. Other parts of the world such as India have unique phonetic spellings for their languages and may spell jewelry in their versions. All of these different versions vary widely still today based on where you are located in the world. While one version may be more popular than another in a particular region, all are accepted as correct.

The Origins of Different Jewelry Spellings

The English language has many different ways of spelling the word jewelry, including jewellery and jwellery. The Oxford English Dictionary traces the first appearance of the word to Middle English from around 1425, when it was written as juelerie or jowelrye. It can be traced further back to Old French, where it was spelled joyellerie. The modern French spelling is joaillerie.

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Over time, these spellings have shifted and changed in various regions throughout England and beyond, giving us variations that have evolved into the spellings we see today. For example, jewellery is the most common form used in British English, whereas Americans prefer to stick with the Anglicized version that omits the second “l”.

No matter how you choose to spell it though, one thing remains true – jewelry will always be a timeless symbol of love, appreciation and beauty!

Breaking Down the Different Spellings of Jewelry

The correct spelling for the word jewelry is jewelry with a “e” before the “y”. However, there are other spellings commonly used to refer to the same item. In some regions the word “jewellery” is used with an extra letter in between. This form of the word can be attributed to British English, though it is by no means solely exclusive to this region. In addition, other variants such as jewelery, jewlery and so on can be spotted in various languages. Ultimately, all of them refer to the same set of items: rings, necklaces, earrings and any other ornamental adornment made of precious metals or gemstones.

The difference among these variations usually comes down to regional preferences; although most dictionaries will agree that jewelry is the predominant spelling in American English. The presence of different words for similar items is not uncommon English: for example theatre and theater both refer to a place where plays are performed despite having different forms. Ultimately, what matters most when it comes to communicating your ideas is ensuring that everyone involved has a common understanding about what you are referring too – regardless of whether you spell it “jewelry” or “jewellery”.

Commonly Used Spellings of Jewelry

The most commonly used spellings of “jewelry” are “jewellery” (in British English) and “jewelry” (in American English). While some debates may arise regarding the correct way to spell jewelry, both spelling variants are widely accepted. If you are unsure of which one to use in a specific context, it is suggested that you should consult with a local spelling authority or based on your audience’s dialect. Additionally, variations like jewellry, jowelery, jullery, and jewelary can be found throughout the English language.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Spelling Jewelry

When spelling jewelry, some common mistakes to avoid are mixing up the “e” and “a” in the middle of the word. Instead of spelling it “jewellry”, people often spell it as “jewelary”. Another common mistake is forgetting the double “l” in the middle; if it is left out then it becomes “jewery”. Additionally, some may forget to include a letter ‘e’ after the ‘y’ at the end and instead write it as “jewelr”, which is incorrect. Another mix-up is confusing the termination of words like “jewellery”, which has an extra ‘e’ at the end. If you are not sure how to spell this word, take your time and proofread carefully before adding any final punctuation. Lastly, always be sure to add a space between both words when writing them together. Therefore, spell jewelry correctly by using: jewel-ry OR jewellery (both are commonly accepted).

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Tips for Remembering the Correct Spelling of Jewelry

One tip for remembering the correct spelling of jewelry is to separate the two words. This will help you avoid mixing up the words and spelling it as one long word. Another helpful hint is to think of yourself wearing beautiful pieces of jewelry. Picture a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or other type of jewelry and spell out each word slowly in order to get it right. For example, when spelling jewelry, say neck-lace and then break it down phonetically – NECK – LACE (jUw-EL-Luhree). Additionally, when writing out jewelry, use an online dictionary or a spellchecker to make sure you have spelled it correctly. Finally, if you’re having trouble with any study material related to jewelry and its spelling, look for visual aids such as charts or diagrams that can inspire a better understanding of how to spell it correctly.


Spelling jewelry correctly is fairly straightforward. In general, the British English spelling of jewelry is ‘jewellery’, while the American English spelling is ‘jewelry’. Despite these two spellings, most dictionaries will recognize both variants interchangeably. According to the Oxford English dictionary, the Middle English term was actually spelled ‘jewellery’ though both spellings have been used since then. Therefore, either version is an acceptable choice when you are writing or speaking about jewelry.