How To Polish Copper Wire Jewelry


Polishing copper wire jewelry is a great way to bring out the natural beauty of the metal. It makes the jewelry shine, but it should be done carefully and correctly as it is a delicate process that requires patience, as well as some specific materials. To start out, you will need to gather supplies such as latex or nitrile (heavy duty) gloves, chemical protective goggles, steel wool or fine sandpaper, a soft polishing cloth, and either Ren Wax or Brasso with a chrome polish.

Begin by putting on the necessary safety equipment; remove any dirt or dust particles from the copper wire jewelry using an old toothbrush and soapy water. Dry off the item with paper towel and use steel wool pads dipped in warm water to remove scratches if present. Gently rub the surface of the copper wire jewelry until they are very light. Rinse off thoroughly to make sure no metal pieces have been left behind then proceed onto polishing. Use a soft cloth dampened with either Ren Wax or Brasso with a chrome polish and move in circular motions over the entire piece of jewelry in order to buff up existing lacquer and maximize shine. After polishing for approximately ten minutes make sure there are no smears left behind on the surface of your copper wire jewelry before drying off with another soft cloth– doing this will allow you to ensure the best quality finish possible. Follow up procedure by placing your newly polished copper wire jewelry into storage or alternatively wearing it delicately!

Materials Needed

You will need copper wire, metal polishing cloths, sandpaper and rubbing alcohol to effectively polish copper wire jewelry. Before beginning the polishing process, you will need to clean the pieces of dirt and debris that may have accumulated over time. Rubbing alcohol should be applied liberally to a cloth and used to wipe the jewelry down. This may need to be done several times depending on how much dirt there is on the piece.

Once the jewelry is clean and dry, you can begin the polishing process using metal polishing cloths. Lightly buff each piece with a cleaning cloth in small, circular motions until all traces of tarnish are removed and it is shining like new. A gentle application of pressure should be used – too much pressure can damage the delicate metals. When important sections are reached such as prongs or settings, use sandpaper in light, gentle strokes until all of the tarnish is removed from these areas as well.

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Finally, apply a protecting wax or sealant for long-term protection against tarnish and dirt build up on your newly polished jewelry pieces!

Step One

To begin the polishing process, wash your copper wire jewelry in a soft soapy solution. Use a mild dish soap and warm water, and do not use any abrasive cleaning agents. Gently rub the copper wire with a soft cloth and then rinse it off with clean warm water. Once the jewelry is dry, it can be placed on a soft towel for later use.

Step Two: Sanding the Jewelry

For deeper scratches and tarnish on your copper wire jewelry, you may need to sand it first. Use fine-grit sandpaper, starting with 220-grit and working up to 600-grit if necessary. This process removes some of the top layer of the metal, smoothing out any deep scratch marks or blemishes. Be sure to take extra care not to create additional damage when sanding as you want to avoid furrowing out too much metal along with the scratches and tarnish.

Step Three: Polishing the Jewelry

After gently sanding away at any heavy tarnish or scratches your copper wire jewelry may have acquired over time, it’s ready for polishing with a special compound made specifically for polishing metal surfaces like copper. Apply some of this paste with a clean cloth onto your jewelry pieces in small circles until all areas are evenly covered. Then, using a new cloth buff your pieces until they start to shine before rinsing once more before drying them off completely on a soft towel when finished.

Step Two

Once the piece of jewelry has been soaked, it’s time to begin buffing. Using a clean microfiber cloth, start by gently rubbing the wire and all components with small, circular motions. This will help to remove any remaining tarnish as well as to give your jewelry a polished look. To reach all the nooks and crannies look for a small brush or buffing pad that you can use in lieu of, or in addition to the cloth. Keep an eye out for pieces which may be too delicate for vigorous buffing and take extra care when cleaning them. Once you feel like you’ve given everything an adequate scrubbing rinse off a final layer of polishing paste on your jewelry and then use a soft towel to dry and shine it off! With these steps completed, you should have copper wire jewelry that is both clean and sparkling.

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Step Three

Adding a protective coating to your copper wire jewelry is an important step to help preserve your copper pieces. Start by preparing a solution with equal parts white vinegar and salt mixed together. You’ll need enough to fill the container deep enough for the jewelry piece to be fully submerged. Once you have the solution ready, submerge your jewelry in it for 10-15 minutes before taking it out and drying it off with a soft cloth. Afterward, rub the jewelry with olive oil or mineral oil while damp or dry as an added precaution against developing a patina over time.

Step Four

Once you have buffed the copper wire jewelry using the polishing cloth, it’s time to give it the perfect finish. To do this, start by giving it a light coating of wax or lacquer. This will help protect the polished surface and give your jewelry a nice shine. When applying any type of wax or lacquer, make sure to use disposable gloves and apply sparingly as too much can make the piece look cloudy. Once complete, your copper wire jewelry is now ready to wear!


Polishing copper wire jewelry is a great way to finish any piece, as the result is an elegant and sparkly shine. Not only this, but there are several practical benefits that come with polishing copper wire jewelry: it prevents oxidation and discoloration, maintains the strength of the materials, makes the pieces easier to clean and prolongs their lifetime. Furthermore, due to its glossy effect, polishing copper wire jewelry renders it more eye-catching and unique. Ultimately, a polished copper wire jewelry piece can be striking when presented properly.