How To Photograph Jewelry For Website


Photographing jewelry for website offer many benefits to the brand and retailer. A professional photograph will ensure that customers see the product in all its glory, like they were viewing it in-person. This is key to increasing sales as it allows shoppers to better assess details of design and craftsmanship. Having high quality photos also helps to strengthen the branding of a business, conveying a sense of value and prestige to customers. Capturing your pieces in flattering and attractive images adds extra appeal which helps you stand out from competitors, draw attention to your products, and showcase them more effectively at an online level.

Understanding the Requirements of Jewelry Photography

Before starting to photograph jewelry, it is important to understand the kind of camera settings and lighting techniques that will be best suited for your needs. Low-light photography may require different settings than a studio setup. For example, high end DSLR cameras are able to produce shallow depth of field (background blur) which focuses all attention on the main object – the jewelry item. Experiment using a combination of flash, shutter speed and aperture size to find what works best for you.

Pay special attention to light when photographing jewelry since this has a great effect on how your photos will turn out. Reflectors are often used in jewelry photography as soft light enhances the details and decreases reflections from metal surfaces or gems. LED or ring lights also work effectively with jewelry photography providing an almost photographic effect. Experiment with different light sources and their positioning such as diffused lights bouncing off walls, shooting through mesh to soften shadows and experimenting with various positions until you get the desired results.

Finally consider post production editing once all the photos have been taken. Investing in good photo editing software can make a huge difference in how much time you spend tweaking exposure mistakes, color temperature adjustments and more while giving your images an overall professional look suitable for any website or product campaign launch.

Preparing for a Jewellery Photo Shoot

Preparation is key when photographing jewelry for a website. Every detail of the shoot must be considered to ensure the best possible images. First, props, models, and backdrops must be sourced that will compliment and bring out the beauty of each piece of jewelry. Props should match the style, color scheme, and overall design of each item as well as capture the essence of the piece itself. The ideal model should be versatile in their ability to convey many different looks while still being comfortable with wearing a variety of pieces. Backdrops are essential to properly show off the jewelry and should always be clean and free from any distractions. In addition, make sure that all details such as clothing type and background choice work together to avoid clashing visuals. Finally, good lighting is crucial when taking close up shots so choose your lighting sources wisely for maximum impact in the finished product.

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The Photography Process

Creating the precise image that is desired for any product can be a lengthy and precise process. When it comes to photographing jewelry products, special attention should be taken to both highlight the precious metals as well as provide a backdrop that does not distract from the main product.

Before beginning to shoot, pick a simple backdrop for your images. This will help make sure the viewer can focus on the jewelry and its details instead of being side tracked by a busy background. Consider soft blurred backgrounds, either in solid colors or neutral patterns such as subtle stripes or polka dots. Backdrops should also contrast with the color of your jewelry – darker backdrops work better with lighter-colored pieces and vice-versa – this helps ensure that your product stands out in even the smallest of images.

Once you have chosen a backdrop, you need to set up lighting and use reflectors if necessary in order to create texture without losing any detail, metallics must all be highlighted so they sparkle. The correct equipment can make all this easier, but it is possible to achieve great results with simple diffused lighting headed straight at the jewelry or reflected off nearby white walls/backdrops. Make sure to light from all angles if needed in order to bring out every aspect of each piece including intricate details like carvings or lettering – these minor details are sure to increase customer interest when selling online!

Perhaps most importantly for success selling jewelry online is capturing interesting perspectives of your jewelry items, show them in exciting ways – getting down low and shooting up, shooting multiples together etc… If many people would hold onto it while wearing then replicate that pose exactly  Additionally feature your top sellers solo, in normal light.- by using all these elements put together creates an attractive package which definitely adds value

Post-Processing Your Pictures

Post-processing images after shooting jewelry for websites is essential to make the photos look as polished and professional as possible. Depending on your photo editing skills, you may want to start out with basic retouching and color correction, such as sharpening edges, cropping and cutting out any distractions, adjusting the curves of an image to really showcase how light is reflecting off your jewelry, or using a saturation filter on your photos to make colors pop. Manipulating shadows/highlights can help create depth within an image. Additionally, applying some gradients will control how much light an area should receive. For example, you may choose to brighten a gemstone while keeping the metal dull by adding a gradient filter at its base. After you’ve finished all of these post-processing steps (or had them done professionally if needed), run through several small details like making sure the reflections are perfect and that the composition works in its entirety. Finally, it’s important to save different versions of the same photo so that you have source material for future product shots or touch ups!

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When photographing jewelry for a website, it is important to have the right equipment, understand light and camera settings, use the right angle and background, and use advanced editing techniques. To ensure the best results, equip yourself with a good quality camera, lens and tripod to minimize camera shake and blurriness. Use a lightbox or get creative with your lighting setup – natural lighting is usually preferable. Adjust your camera’s white balance setting and capture images in high-resolution mode to capture every detail of your product’s design. When you are ready to take the photo, consider experimenting with different angles – pay careful attention to avoid up close shots that mask your item’s features with glare or shadows. Finally, make sure you are happy with the final results by editing or retouching photos for greater detail and clarity.

Once you have completed these steps successfully, you will have beautiful photos of your jewelry suitable for an online ecommerce store or website. For further advice on photography considerations such as aperture control or more detailed post-processing tips to create even better photos, visit online forums such as PetaPixel (, Digital Photography Review ( StackExchange Photography ( helpful advice from experienced professionals in the industry.

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