How To Organize A Lot Of Jewelry

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Organizing jewelry -whether it’s a collection of valuable heirlooms, birthstone pieces, or a selection of bridal gifts- is an important part of keeping it safe and maintained. Take for example, Rachel who inherited her grandmother’s beautiful diamond necklace but had no idea how to keep it organized amongst her other jewelry. After searching for ideas online, she came across some great tips on how to organize an abundance of jewelry. With the new method she learned in place, Rachel was able to keep her grandmother’s heirloom piece beautifully displayed and honored in her collection.

Quality Solutions

Investing in quality storage solutions for your jewelry is the best way to maximize its value and keep it organized. When considering the perfect way to store your items, think about features such as visibility, functionality, durability and of course decorative appeal. Clear acrylic organizers can provide a great way to organize smaller items like earrings and rings. Similarly, velvet-lined organizers are perfect for necklaces, brooches and other dainty pieces. Investing in larger containers also helps to protect dust from collecting on bigger pieces like bracelets or watches stored in watch boxes. As an added bonus, by choosing well designed organizing accessories in colors or textures to match your décor you can double the benefit of adding a decorative touch to your home at the same time as keeping everything neat and tidy!

Clear Labels

One of the best ways to organize a lot of jewelry is to label boxes and drawers. This will help you quickly find jewelry items that you may need for different occasions. To easily organize your jewelry, use clear labels so that you can easily identify each box or drawer. A creative way to categorize your boxes is by color, type, or style so that you know right away where to look when it comes time to choose an accessory. For an even more organized approach, divide items into sections based on specific occasions such as formal wear or everyday. If space allows, consider getting individual cases for necklaces and rings so they are easy to store and access at any time.


One effective way to use color-coding for organizing jewelry is to purchase small trays, bins, or containers of a particular hue that correspond to the type of jewelry you are looking to store. For instance, you could utilize blue trays for stackable rings, purple bins for dangling earrings, and red boxes for bracelets. This allows all items related to one type of jewelry to be easily accessible without having to sort through a disorganized variety of pieces. Additionally, tagging each item with small colored labels can provide additional support in quickly finding the desired piece when an individual is in need.

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Professional Help

If organizing a large jewelry collection seems overwhelming, consider seeking the help of a professional. Professional organizers can bring their expertise and knowledge to not only categorize and organize one’s jewelry, but also suggest creative storage solutions. Pro-organizers specialize in analyzing, planning and creating effective ways to organize one’s belongings. Consultants can provide tips on what material works best for housing items and options for purchasing organizational pieces like hangers, dividers and trays. In addition, they can also give advice on products that might be necessary such as soft cloths which could be used to properly clean items before being put away. Not only are pro-organizers invaluable assets when tackling big projects like reorganizing jewelry collections, their services offer expert guidance and much needed peace of mind in transforming cluttered rooms into inspiring spaces!


Organizing a lot of jewelry can be an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your collection organized and looking beautiful:

1. Clean your jewelry regularly using a soft cloth or brush and cleaning solution designed specifically for jewelry.
2. Buy and use jewelry boxes to store larger items. These will keep them safely tucked away while making them easier to locate.
3. Use smaller boxes, compartments, and dividers within the larger boxes for categories such as necklaces and bracelets, earrings, and rings.
4. Sort your pieces according to metal type (such as gold, silver and colored metals). This will make it easier when you want to wear certain pieces together for an outfit or event.
5. Hang necklaces so that they don’t get tangled – you could purchase necklace stands with multiple levels or create hanging posts for individual pieces to avoid knots in chains.
6. Utilize space savers like wall-mounted organizers with pegs where shorter necklaces can hang far from each other; this way they won’t come into contact with one another while stored away in drawers etc., which cause bumps or scratches that can add up over time!
7. If you’re finding it hard to see what you have stored away in drawers, use transparent plastic containers so that everything is visible at a glance without having to rummage around too much!

Suggestion Box

Organizing a lot of jewelry can be overwhelming and intimidating. For those who own a collection that requires some large-scale organization, the following tips are here to help.

First, take an inventory of all the jewelry. This step is key to figure out how much storage space you will need and how big the job is. Make note of different types of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., and decide if each item has its own distinct use or purpose – for everyday wear, special occasions or events such as proms or weddings.

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Second, find a way to store the items that works best for the lifestyle you live. For example, drawers are excellent to store items that can easily get tangled like necklaces while bins work well for separating items by seasons such as winter and summer pieces. For bulky items such as watches or chains often larger display holders work nicely in bedrooms or bathrooms to show off the assortment of jewelry pieces in a stylish way.

Third, use labels on containers if they have lids so it’s easier to identify items without opening them up every time. If you don’t want physical labels try categorizing containers with descriptive words or color coding when applicable so retrieving desired items becomes effortless with recognizable information from far away.

Lastly, keep common accessories near your exhibiting area in case you want to switch out styles quickly and efficiently – think needles for re-threading necklaces or repair tools for fixing broken jewelry pieces. Doing this will make it easier to maintain order and give easy access because let’s be honest—there never seems to be enough time when getting ready!

Final Word

Organizing a lot of jewelry can seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually not too complicated. Start by sorting your jewelry into categories – this could be including materials such as silver or gold, or by type of jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. Once you’ve organized them into categories, find storage solutions that make sense to you and match your lifestyle. For example, if you keep up with the trends and tend to buy a lot of costume jewelry, consider using smaller containers that are easier to store away after each season. It might also help to make an inventory so that you know exactly which pieces you’re missing in case something goes astray. Other tips include labeling the back of your accessories for easy identification, keeping certain pieces together in bags or boxes, and investing in pre-made organizers like jewelry displays or trays for delicate items. The best way to keep a large collection of jewelry organized over time is to follow a system that works for you – consistent cleaning and organizing will go a long way in helping to maintain order and organization no matter how many pieces there are!

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