How To Make Jewelry With Flowers


Making jewelry with flowers is a unique and fun way to create beautiful, personalized pieces of jewelry that showcase nature’s beauty. It is the perfect way to adorn oneself while expressing your personal style and connection to nature.

Gathering Supplies and Tools

Gathering the supplies and tools necessary to make jewelry with flowers requires some research and readied shopping lists. First thing’s first, you will need to pick up some basic jewelry-making supplies such as marbles, floral wire, foil tape, pliers, cutters, and florist tape. You can find a good selection of supplies online at stores like Fire Mountain Gems or Michaels Craft Store. You’ll also need to purchase resin or other jewelry-making glues and paints from your local craft store. Finally, you will need some beautiful blooms in order to create your stunning flower jewelry pieces. Look for suppliers of dried flowers for longer-lasting pieces, or search for local edible garden flower farms in your area where you will be able to purchase fresh blossoms for your projects. Have fun gathering your materials so that you are ready to begin creating!

Selecting the Right Flowers

When it comes to making jewelry with flowers, certain types of flowers are best suited for the task. Depending on the look and feel you would like to achieve, some of the most popular flowers that work well include roses, orchids, daisies, stephanotis, gardenias and lilies. Each type of flower has its own unique characteristics that make it ideal for crafting jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. When selecting the right flowers for your jewelry project you should be mindful of the color desired and whether you would like a more sturdy or delicate component added to the piece.

Roses are some of the most popular blooms since they come in many shades that can easily complement any outfit. A softer floral option is daisies which can be used for a subtle yet beautiful addition to any accessory. If a more bold approach is desired then stephanotis works very well due its naturally waxy texture and longevity once dried out. Orchids bring an exotic presence with their detailed petals that once glued together make gorgeous statement pieces! Gardenias offer a unique aroma along with intricate details to each petal while lilies keep strong over time creating a timeless charm on any piece crafted!

How to Properly Prepare the Flowers

When crafting jewelry with flowers, it’s important to properly prepare the flowers first. It’s recommended that you clean your chosen flowers with a soft brush and dry them upside down. Place the flowers in a thin layer of paper towels so as not to damage their delicate petals. The best way to ensure they completely dry without sacrificing their vibrant colors is by placing them in a ventilated area away from any direct sunlight. Once all the moisture has been removed from the flower, set it aside until it’s ready for use. You can also preserve your flowers for an extended period of time by lightly coating the surface of each petal with either hair spray or clear acrylic sealer. This will help keep the color of your flowers bright and vibrant.

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Creating a Design for Your Jewelry

1. Gather Supplies – Start by gathering your supplies which include flower of your choice, scissors, a toothpick, jewelry glue, and jewelry findings such as necklace clasps or earring hooks.

2. Prepare the Flower – Trim off the flower from its stem using the scissors. Pull all petals away from the center of the flower to help it lay flat when adding it to the jewelry.

3. Apply Jewelry Glue – Use a toothpick to apply a thin layer of jewelry glue to both sides of your flower. Make sure you spread this evenly over the flower so that it is secure when attached to your jewelry piece.

4. Attach Findings – Line up one florally side of the flower with desired component such as an earring hook or clasp and press them together to ensure they are properly adhered together with no gaps in between. Allow some time for the glue to dry completely before wearing or displaying your jewellery piece.

Attaching the Flowers to the Jewelry

When making jewelry with flowers, the most important part is attaching the flowers to the jewelry. Hot glue and clear nail polish can be used, but they often don’t last very long. For a better, more secure bond it is best to use specialized jewelry glues like E6000. These types of glues are specifically designed for this purpose and create a strong permanent bond. They are also waterproof and stay flexible after drying. The glues come in different sizes and some even have a thin tip for accurate placement of the glue onto delicate areas. Once you have attached your flowers, let them dry for several hours before wearing your beautiful piece of flower jewelry!

Finishing and Sealing the Jewelry

When making jewelry with flowers, it is essential to properly seal and preserve the pieces. There are several different options available for doing this.

One of the most popular methods is using acrylic spray. This will help to keep the flowers looking vibrant and will also protect them from fading or becoming brittle over time. Simply spray a thin layer of clear acrylic spray onto each piece once they are completely dry.

Another option is to use shellac or varnish to finish the pieces. This will help create a waterproof protective coating on top of the jewelry that can help maintain its natural beauty over time. Apply a thin coat of shellac or varnish over the entire surface and let it dry completely before wearing your finished piece.

Most store-bought jewelry glazes are also suitable for sealing flower pieces. Follow the same steps as with shellac or varnish ” apply a thin layer of glaze over the entire surface and let it dry completely before handling your beautiful new creation!

Tips and Tricks for Making Jewelry with Flowers

Making jewelry with flowers is a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to any piece of jewelry. To begin, you must first gather the supplies you will need to complete the project. Depending on what type of jewelry you want to make, some of these supplies might include glue or adhesive, pliers, charms, beads and of course the flowers! Once you have your supplies ready and in hand, here are some helpful tips and tricks that can help take your jewelry making skills to the next level:

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1. Before you begin attach any charms or beads to the flower using jumprings or beading wire. This will allow for easy maneuverability when arranging your design.

2. If you are planning on adding additional decorations such as additional jewels or shells ” make sure that they match the size and shape of the flower. This will help create a cohesive look when all the elements come together.

3. To ensure maximum hold for all components when attaching together use a good quality glue like E6000 which is very strong yet still flexible so it won’t snap off easily over time.

4. For an extra touch, use metal tools such as flat nose pliers to wrap wire around decorative elements for added texture and dimension

5. For those who don’t feel comfortable working with metal tools; you can also try wrapping thread around decorative elements for subtle yet effective outlining. Be sure to tie knots at each end so thread doesn’t unravel from recurrent movement over time

6. Lastly creating a chain link style necklace is an excellent way to highlight multiple floral pieces while still keeping them securely in place – simply use sturdy jump rings or clasp parts depending on your desired length


Making jewelry with flowers is a beautiful and easy craft. You can use fresh or dried flowers such as baby’s breath, roses, lavender or many other types of blooms to make your own unique jewelry pieces. To start, you will need some tools such as scissors, pliers, glue gun and a cutting board. Then get creative! Choose the flower of your choice and cut it into smaller pieces. For the type of jewelry you want to make – earrings, necklace or bracelet – you’ll have to measure the flower parts differently depending on the size of beads. Once cut to the appropriate size, attach the flowers onto the beads with glue and finish off by stringing them onto a chain or thread for a striking look. And voilà! Your handmade flower jewelry piece is now ready to wear and show off to others. It’s an amazing way to commemorate special moments in life so don’t be afraid to try it out! So go ahead and bring your vision to life ” create beautiful floral-inspired jewelry today! When finished take a picture and share your creations with us all!

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