How To Make Jewelry From Guitar Strings


Making jewelry from guitar strings is a great way to upcycle the leftover pieces of your favorite instrument. It’s an easy process that results in unique, beautiful pieces of wearable art! Here’s what you need to get started:

Tools: The first step is to gather the necessary tools. You will need a wire cutter, pliers, a pair of safety glasses and gloves. Additionally, if you plan on including beads or charms in your design, you will also need a needle-nose plier.

Materials: After collecting the necessary tools, it’s time to select materials for your piece of jewelry. Guitar strings come in different metals and gauges depending on the style of music. Coated steel strings are likely going to be easiest to work with as they are often more pliable than their uncoated counterparts. You can also choose from a variety of beads or charms to add another layer of creativity and uniqueness to your design.

Creating the Design: Once you have gathered all your supplies it’s time to create your masterpiece! Begin by measuring the length and width of your string against desired bracelet size or necklace pendant size so you know how many wraps/shapes you’ll need on each side/end of the piece accordingly. When selecting beads or charms make sure they fit onto the string comfortably and securely so no individual components slip off during extended wear. When creating designs with more complex elements, practice making them with spare wires first before attempting them with guitar string material as it can be quite tricky at times!

Securing Pieces Together: Once everything is put together it’s important to secure loose connections so that all components stay attached through normal wear and tear. Use small amounts of glue specifically designed for metal surfaces if needed (superglue may suffice), especially when attaching any clasps or jumprings needed for closure! Alternatively, many types of handy binding items like wirewraps can work well too depending upon what type of pattern or finishing touches are desired for end look /feel . As long as all pieces fit snugly ” then that’s often times all one needs for optimal support when wearing pieces out daily !

Finishing Touches: Finish off your design by adding details like polishing products such as waxes and cloths (or DIY solutions such as cornstarch and lemon juice mixtures!) for extra shine and protection against rusting or tarnishing acting upon surface areas once completed- leaving behind a glossy shine adorning every facet , angle , crevice , corner…and finally..unveiling one-of-a-kind creation culminating in an ASunique form that truly represents who YOU are thru music made tangible !

What You’ll Need

The materials needed to create jewelry from guitar strings are relatively simple. You will need a set of guitar strings, pliers, wire cutters, round nose pliers, jump rings, and a charm that you would like to use for the necklace or bracelet. If you’re making earrings you will also need two pairs of earring hooks.

Instructions: Prepare Your Strings

Before you begin, inspect your guitar strings to make sure that they are free from any burrs. Next, turn the string around and unravel all the coils up until a few inches away from where it is attached at the headstock. This allows for some flexibility when bending it into shape.

Instructions: Create The Piece Of Jewelry

Once your strings are prepared and all your supplies are ready you can start to form them into whatever design suits you. Use your round nose pliers to bend one end of the string into a loop-like structure (this is what will attach to the charm). When happy with its shape use your wire cutters to secure it in place at the top of the loop closest to the charm attachment point. Once this is done take your jump ring and open it up with your pliers before attaching it onto the now formed looped-structure at the top of your string. Finally, enclose both ends of the jump ring using your pliers before attaching it onto whichever charm you decided on at first making sure that this part also stays securely fastened together with them both connected properly as one piece.

Choosing the Right Strings

When selecting strings for making jewelry, it is important to consider the type of guitar they are intended for. If the strings are going to be used with an electric guitar, then electric guitar strings must be chosen. For example, lighter gauges tend to create brighter tones and lower action, while heavier gauge strings may produce a thicker and deeper sound. Additionally, the material of the strings can also affect the sound produced by the instrument. Common materials used in string construction include stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, phosphor bronze, and nylon. Once you’ve decided on which type of strings to use, you will need to measure them properly in order to make sure that they fit correctly in your jewelry pieces. Be sure to check the specifications on both your guitar and desired jewelry piece in order to make sure that you have accurately measured the appropriate string lengths for each item.

Creating Your Jewelry: Assembling the Pieces

Once all of your materials have been gathered and measured correctly, it is time to assemble your jewelry pieces. You will first want to create any necessary wire loops using pliers or a specialized tool called an earring mandrel. Once these have been secured in place, simply start adding your different elements into each loop until your desired piece has been assembled. Make sure that each part is securely held together with glue or epoxy before moving onto the next step; if not done properly this could result in weakly held pieces which may come apart easily after wearing them! Finally add any beads or small adornments; use caution when incorporating these additional elements as their size could affect the overall look of your finished product. Finally step back and admire your work – proudly wear your customized one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry made from upcycled guitar strings!

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Getting Ready

To get started on making jewelry from guitar strings, you’ll need to have the right type of strings. Acoustic guitar strings are usually made of steel, so you’ll need to make sure that these are the kind of strings you have before you start. You will also want to check the tension and gauge size before proceeding. Once you’ve selected the correct string type, it’s time to prepare them for use. This can involve snipping away portions of the string with a pair of scissors or a razor blade, depending on how large or small your final piece is meant to be. Pay attention to detail here, as any sharp points or burrs left in the metal after cutting could result in an injury when wearing your jewelry later on. When all done snipping and filing off sharp points and edges, you can move onto shaping your pieces!

Getting Creative

When you make jewelry from guitar strings, it’s important to choose a design that fits your style. There are so many different kinds of designs available, so take some time and experiment with different ideas. Consider the colors of the strings as well as any other elements like beads or embellishments when deciding on what kind of design looks best.

Once you have a design in mind, lay out all the components and get ready to start stringing them together. You can use wire cutters to trim away any excess material on the strings and then use a bead stopper at the end of each string to prevent the beads and embellishments from coming off. You may also want to use glue at moments where extra security is needed, such as connecting metal clasps onto cord or linking pieces together. Aftering putting everything in place, you can make sure that everything is secure and tightly fastened before you start wearing or displaying your beautiful piece of handmade jewelry!

Securing the Design

Once you have your design in place, the next step is to secure the guitar strings in it. You can make knots with the strings to secure them into place. Starting at one end and working your way around one loop at a time, wrap each string around and tie it off every couple of inches until you get to the end. Once all of the strings are secured, you can finish adding details such as charms or beads that will hang from the jewelry piece. Once these elements have been added, use some thin nylon thread or fishing wire to tie off any remaining loose ends to keep everything in place. Apply some jewelry wax or lacquer to hold pieces together and protect the metal from outside moisture. Finally, spray with a shatterproof gloss so it’s ready for wear!

Making it Yours

Once you have gathered the necessary supplies for making jewelry from guitar strings, it’s time to make it yours. Start by deciding what type of jewelry piece you would like to create. Perhaps you want to make earrings, a necklace, bracelet or even a keychain. If you want an extra personal touch, consider engraving your name or initials on the pieces before finishing them off with a ceramic coating to prevent tarnishing.

You can change up the look of your jewelry pieces by adding in other materials such as beads and charms. Depending on what type of beads you use, this is also a great way to add some color into the mix. You can choose any color of beads that suit your style and they will complement the guitar strings nicely. Other decorative elements like pins and brooches can also be incorporated into your design if desired.

Finally, you can make sure that your pieces stand out from anyone else’s by using different types of hardware such as clasps or charms to secure the strings together. This is also a great way to customize each piece even further since each clasp or charm will be unique in its own right. By customizing both the design and hardware on your jewelry pieces, you’ll be able to create one-of-a-kind items that are truly special!

Adding the Final Touches

One of the best ways to add the finishing touches to your jewelry from guitar strings is with charm or beads. If you are looking for an extra flair, you can use clay or other craft materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces. You can even use nail polish to give it a unique look. Once the charms have been added, be sure to finish off your piece with different types of jump rings or end caps. Jump rings provide extra stability while end caps can help protect and enhance the appearance by adding colors, textures and accents. You can also add chains or cords to give your jewelry more intricate details. Lastly, don’t forget to brush on a coat of protective sealant spray to keep your creation from tarnishing!

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Making Jewelry for Every Occasion

Making jewelry from guitar strings is a unique and creative way to design wearable art. It’s a great way for musicians, or anyone with a love of music, to show their creativity and flair. The same principles used when making jewelry from other materials apply here as well. When starting out it’s important to gather the proper materials and tools before beginning.

The most essential items to make jewelry are guitar strings, a pair of wire cutters, and pliers. After these have been acquired you’ll need some beads or charms that can be added onto the strings for decoration. Ornamental beads, metallic charms, glass beads, colored wires and colorful accent pieces are perfect additions that can give your pieces a unique look. You may also opt to buy pre-made charms instead of creating your own if that suits you better.

Once you’ve selected your materials, use the wire cutters to carefully trim the excess length off the guitar string so it fits the desired size for whatever type of jewelry your going to make (necklace, earrings or bracelet). Next attach decorative elements such as beads, knots or even more pieces of string in order to enhance the look of your project. Keep in mind that tighter knots will better secure any accents you add on so be sure to double check each knot before moving forward with an item.

After tying together all additional parts together on either one side or both sides of the string lay it out flat on newspaper and begin soldering with a mini-torch using silver alloy solder found in any craft store. Make sure all soldering points are completely sealed with solder so as not risk shortening its life expectancy/useful range. Once everything has been soldered let it cool down before touching or wearing it–you don’t want to accidentally burn yourself!

Lastly accessorize depending on what occasion you’re creating this DIY piece for; hanging pendants gives necklaces an extra touch ” earrings are charming with small dangles – bracelets easily pair off with dangling charms . Now you have one-of-kind jewelry from scraps of material just lying around waiting for someone like you who could create something beautiful!

Taking Care of Your Jewelry

When it comes to taking care of the jewelry you make from guitar strings, there are a few key tips that can help ensure that your pieces remain in great condition.

First, when storing and packing up your jewelry, make sure to use protective cases or bags that keep the wires from tangling. A pouch or cloth bag is ideal for this purpose as it will provide an additional layer of protection for your well-crafted creations.

Second, avoid exposing your jewelry to direct sunlight or heat sources for long periods of time ” either of these things can wear out and warp guitar strings. Keep them in shaded areas such as boxes, closets, storage cases, etc., and make sure they don’t come into contact with strong cleaners or chemicals which can also damage them.

Thirdly, take extra care when wearing and handling your guitar string jewelry as it is usually delicate due to its construction. When wearing the pieces try not to expose them to extreme temperatures or activities like swimming in order to minimize the likelihood of tarnishing on the metal parts. Additionally, never leave your jewelry on while showering or sleeping in order to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Lastly if you find yourself needing to clean off dirt or grease from the strings just simply use a damp cloth as this should do the trick without damaging any other components on the piece. Following these tips will help keep your jewelry looking great for many years!


Making jewelry from guitar strings is a creative and fun way to customize your own pieces that are both meaningful and stylish. To begin, you’ll need to remove any existing strings from the guitar and carefully clean them with metal polish or soap and water before shaping. Next, you’ll need some metal cutters, pliers, jump rings, clasps and charms to bring your design ideas to life. Once you have all the tools and components ready, thread the strings through the charms or jump rings and crimp onto a clasp on each side. You can also knot the ends of strings for an alternative look. Finally, be sure to finish each piece with a coat of clear lacquer to protect it from tarnishing over time. Making jewelry from guitar strings is an enjoyable craft project that will result in a unique piece for yourself or a loved one.

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