How To Make Jewelry From Broken China


Making jewelry from broken china is a surprisingly easy and satisfying method of repurposing old dishware. By learning the basics of how to safely break and drill porcelain dishes, you can transform aged plates and teacups into stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and pins. With a few supplies and some imagination, you can create personal artwork for yourself or your loved ones that will last generations.

There are several steps involved in transforming broken china pieces into jewelry:

1) Gather Supplies: You will need safety goggles or glasses, a heavy-duty hammer or mallet, flat pliers (not those with sharp edges), a ball burlap bit or small diamond drill bit depending on the finer points of the design, drill motor or battery powered hand drill motor equipped with adjustable speed control, fine files as well as polishing compound/pads to finish off your piece.

2) Select Broken Pieces: To make jewelry with broken china it is important to start by selecting pieces that have interesting features such as designs or imprints; look for bright colors too if you’d like to bring out the character in the broken piece even further.

3) Safety Breaking and Drilling: Wearing safety goggles or glasses is an absolute must when breaking plateware/ceramics because there will be flying bits and pieces when smashing it with a tool like a hammer! Be sure to place the pieces on a heavy towel before striking them so they don’t go flying everywhere. When drilling through porcelain remember that under no circumstances should one ever use excessive pressure – always let the weight of your hand do most of the work while guiding it along at low speeds to ensure proper drilling techniques are used – this can help to prolong its life span and avoid making chips out of delicate designs.

4) Design Your One-Of-A-Kind Piece: Once you have created your beautifully unique palette of shattered fragments there are all kinds of ways to arrange them – try using epoxy clay glue if you’d like to securely stick intricate shapes together before stringing them onto leather cording for necklace creations or affixing them onto ring bands with jump rings. Embellishments such as tiny beads or rhinestones can also add the perfect finishing touches .

Safety Tips For Breaking China

When it comes to breaking china, safety is paramount. It is important to take extra precautions while working with both the broken pieces and power tools. Before beginning the project, ensure that you are wearing protective gear such as gloves, eyewear, and a dust mask. Select a well-ventilated area for crushing or grinding the china pieces and make sure any surfaces the particles will come in contact with are covered. Use a dustpan to collect all of the smashed fragments and dispose of them in an appropriate container such as a bag or bin for proper disposal afterwards. Make sure to keep your workspace clean before, during, and after the project in order to avoid any unnecessary accidents from occurring.

Choosing the Right Pieces For Your Jewelry

When making jewelry from broken china, it is important to carefully consider the pieces you choose for your project. Start by selecting pieces of various shapes and sizes that are made from hard-fired materials like porcelain or ceramic. Avoid stoneware as well as paper china as these materials are not strong enough for jewelry making.

Additionally, be mindful of the kind of pattern and color you choose for your jewelry. Make sure the chosen pattern can be seen easily once made into a piece of jewelry, and opt for pieces with a single dominant color rather than multiple hues. While bright colors may seem attractive and eye catching, they tend to clash with one another once embedded in a pendant. Finally, take into consideration any figural or portrait images within the pattern; if these have been damaged or have low-quality details, then replace that piece of china with one that has clearer illustrations so your final product looks impressive.

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Essential Tools Needed For Crafting Jewelry

To make jewelry from broken china, you’ll need some essential tools that will help you with your jewelry crafting project. These may include a few different types of pliers (such as round nose pliers and flat nose pliers), a hammer for shaping the pieces, a handsaw for cutting the china into smaller, usable pieces, various grades of sandpaper for smoothing and filing your cut pieces, glue such as E6000 epoxy glue or superglue to attach pieces if needed, safety goggles, and plastic gloves to protect yourself from sharp edges. To add embellishments and design elements to your jewelry, you may also need other items such as small beads, wire or jump rings. Depending on how intricate your design is, you may want to use a piercing tool to add even further intricacies. Lastly, be sure to have all the materials and supplies suitable for sealing off your finished piece so it is ready for wear.

Design Tips To Consider When Making Jewelry

1. Choose the right pieces – When selecting a piece of broken china to make into jewelry, it is important to pick out pieces that have interesting patterns, textures, and lines. Consider the shape of the piece and try to imagine how it will look when made into jewelry.

2. Think about wearability – Consider the size and weight of the piece when making jewelry from broken china. If you plan on making earrings or a bracelet for example, ensure that the pieces are not too large and heavy as this could weigh down the wearer.

3. Decide on a color scheme – Before starting your project, think about what colors or shades would best complement each other in creating a unified look in your jewelry. Also consider different shapes or sizes of broken china pieces to create a more interesting design.

4. Plan where attachments should go – Be mindful of which parts of your jewelry will need extra support with hooks, clasps and other craft fixings prior to starting work on your design as these need to be properly secured in place. This can prevent further breakage down the line due to excess strain being placed on these areas of your design.

5. Be aware of any sharp edges – As with any craft project involving glass and porcelain, some sharp edges may be present even after filing them down so make sure you are taking steps to round off those rough ends where necessary before wearing or displaying your creation!

Step-By-Step Directions On Crafting The Jewelry

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Before you begin crafting jewelry from broken china, it’s important to make sure you have the right materials. You will need pieces of broken china, two-part epoxy glue, pliers and hammer or small drill and bit, a piece of felt fabric for the back of your jewelry piece, sandpaper, wire for stringing necklaces or earrings, and glue specific to metal.

Step 2: Clean Pieces Of Broken China

Using a cloth dampened with water or rubbing alcohol, carefully clean each piece of broken china by removing dirt and dust. Make sure that the pieces are dry before attaching them together.

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Step 3: Put Pieces Together
Do a trial run and arrange your chosen pieces how you want them before gluing them together. Once you’re happy with it, use two-part resin glue to adhere the pieces. Allow ample time for glue to fully dry before continuing to next step.

Step 4: Sand & Polish The Piece(s)
Once the pieces are all glued instantly together use fine grit sandpaper to smooth out any edges or scratches caused by the process of breaking and putting back together your china pieces. Take a cloth and buff the pieces until they shine!

Step 5: Add Felt For Protection & Wire For Hanging With your jewelry pieces ready for wearing now is time to add felt fabric onto the side that will be against your skin when wearing it – this helps reduce any sharp edges from pressing into your skin when being worn as well as adding a touch of softness when holding! A nice final touch is attaching wire so that your necklace is ready for stringing through with beads if desired (or for use as handmade earrings). Use metal glue specifically meant for metal on either one end or both ends of a medallion pendant or other similar shape so that wires can get affixed easily without rubbing off afterwards!

Finishing & Display Tips To Show Off Your Jewelry

When you’re done creating your jewelry from broken china, it’s time to display it! Choose how you want to show off your new creation. You can place the item in a shadow box or hang it with a loop on the wall. For earrings, add extra flair by attaching them to leather laces or organza ribbons.

To protect your jewelry from dirt and dust, seal them with a clear finish of resin or Jewelry Lacquer to make them last longer. Once sealed, you can also use wax polishes containing tarnish reducers for an additional layer of protection. If polishing isn’t enough, consider adding locking mechanisms that don’t allow moisture near the jewelry pieces.

Finally, give each piece of jewelry its own special place where it can be admired and appreciated! A small corner of your bedroom or living room may be the perfect spot for proudly displaying your work!


Making jewelry from broken china is an enjoyable, creative activity that can bring beauty and life back to pieces of broken or damaged china. The process takes patience, skill and a passion for creating something special from these pieces that are often seen as discarded objects. You can use the broken pieces in unique ways and create earrings, pendants, necklaces, and pins with a beautiful design. You can positively impact the environment by using recycled materials to craft jewelry that people will love. Not only will you be able to make a statement with your stylish jewelry creations but you’ll also be adding beauty back into the lives of others through your creativity. Whether you plan to sell your pieces or give them away as gifts there’s no denying that the power of art has the potential to offer healing where it might otherwise have been lost in the realm of brokenness.

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