How To Make Gold Jewelry Shiny


Gold jewelry is crafted from an element that has been valued and coveted since ancient times. It can vary in color, depending on its purity and the type of alloy used in its construction. While gold jewelry does not oxidize or corrode like other metals, it naturally loses its shine over time due to skin oils, lotions, chemicals and everyday wear. Keeping your gold jewelry clean and shiny requires a combination of gentle cleaning, polishing, and buffing. With proper care, your gold jewelry will look beautiful for years to come.

What You Need to Clean Gold Jewelry

-A lint-free cloth
It-A bowl or cup
-Mild dishwashing detergent
-Soft brush, such as an eye shadow brush
-Lukewarm water
-Toothpaste (preferably without a whitening formula)
-Baking soda
-Non-abrasive polishing cloth

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

Making gold jewelry look shiny and beautiful does not have to be difficult. Here are some steps you can take for removing dust, dirt, and oil from your gold pieces and making them shine once again:

1. Gather the Right Supplies – You’ll need a soft brush like a toothbrush, soap or detergent-free dishwashing liquid, a bowl of warm water, rubber gloves, and a soft cloth.

2. Create Your Soapy Solution – Combined about 2 teaspoons of your chosen soap with a bowl of warm water.

3. Put On Rubber Gloves – This will protect your hands from the soapy solution if it gets in contact with your skin while you clean the jewelry.

4. Begin Scrubbing – Use the soft brush to gently scrub dust, dirt and oil away from the piece of jewelry being sure not to press too hard on stones as this may cause them to become dislodged.

5. Rinse – Rinse off the jewelry in cold running water to stop it from discoloring due to heat exposure during cleaning process.
6. Dry Thoroughly – Dip a soft cloth into warm running water then pat the piece dry before applying any lotion or perfume over it which could cause stains.

7 . Polish – Use polishing cloths specifically made for fine metals such as gold instead of regular cloth to make sure all oily residue is properly removed from surface without scratching delicate surfaces of encrusted gems or diamonds that may be present on piece being cleaned. This will restore its beautiful luster and sparkle

Tips on Cleaning Gold Jewelry

When cleaning gold jewelry, it’s important to be gentle and not use any harsh chemicals. First, soak the jewelry in warm water with a mild soap or detergent for 15-20 minutes. You can then scrub gently with a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and tarnish. For tougher grime, a commercial jewelry cleaner can be used to help break down the residue on your jewelry. After cleaning, rinse the piece with clean water and dry thoroughly. If there are any remaining spots of dirt or bent prongs, take it to a professional jeweler for further cleaning or repair.

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You can also make your gold jewelry shine by polishing it regularly with a cloth specifically designed for use on gold and other precious metals, such as cotton flannel. To really bring out the gloss of your pieces, use buffing cloths that have been impregnated with an ultra-fine abrasive cleaner like Renaissance Wax or Simichrome. Be sure to follow the directions on the respective products regarding how long and often you should buff your pieces as too much pressure or too frequent application could damage certain pieces of delicate jewelry. Any additional questions about care and maintenance can be answered by a certified jeweler who will happily answer any queries you may have.

Aftercare for Gold Jewelry

Properly caring for gold jewelry is essential to maintain its beauty and shine. One of the best ways to maintain the original sheen and brilliance of your gold jewelry is by regularly cleaning it with mild soaps and warm water, drying it with a soft cotton cloth afterwards. Gold can also be wiped gently with pre-mixed polish or commercially available cleaners specifically formulated for gold jewelry. Ultrasonic or steam cleaning machines may also be used, but take care not to apply too much pressure when using them.

To avoid scratching the jewelry, avoid contact with abrasive materials such as diamonds and harder gems. After extended wear it is always a good idea to check for any cracks or slight distortions in the metals shape as these can weaken it over time. Keeping your gold jewellery away from harsh chemicals such as bleach, hairspray or chlorine can also help keep its initial brightness too.

Storing your gold items at room temperature will also tremendously extend its lifespan by preventing internal damage from ever increasing temperatures of direct sunlight hitting onto metal surfaces which in turn can cause slight bending or melting if made hot enough (this is rare though). Ideally you want to store your precious items either in velvet lined trays (which stack on top of each other beautifully) or in small pouches specifically designed for storing jewellery pieces such as those made out of silk satin fabric which are very affordable!

Precautionary Measures

Before cleaning or attempting to shine gold jewelry, be sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear to reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, using a well-ventilated area is also recommended when working with any type of chemical cleaner or polish.

When handling your jewelry, it’s important to be light and gentle to prevent unnecessary breakage and scratching. Ideally, use a soft lint-free cloth when cleaning the jewelry, never submerge it in water or use hard brushes that can scrape away at the surface of the gold.

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For tarnished jewelry, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol and then rinse it off with warm water and mild soap. Make sure that you fully dry your jewelry afterwards as any remaining moisture can further damage it!

Product Recommendations

Some of the best products available specifically designed to clean gold jewelry include:

1. Gold Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate by Weiman – this cleaner is a concentrate that easily mixes as needed with just two parts water and one part cleaner, and is both quick and easy to use.

2. Gold Cleaning Kit by Connoisseurs – this kit contains a professional pre-cleaning lotion, polishing cloth, cleaning brush and directions for cleaning gold jewelry.

3. Liquid Jewelry Cleaner by Dazzle Drops – this cleaner comes in an easy to use pump bottle and is formulated for gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewelry.

4. Miracle Jewelry Cleaner Pen by Jelmar/CLR – this pen offers a safe way to quickly clean gold jewelry on the go without having to add any potentially harmful fluids; simply dip the pen into warm water and run it along the jewelry’s surface to get quick results!

5. Polishes & Cloths by Goddard’s – Goddard’s offer a broad range of polishes specifically designed for cleaning gold jewelry including 3 types of shine cloths (Instant Shine Cloth, Ultra-Fine Polish Cloth And Premium Jewelers Rouge Cloth), liquid metal polishes, tarnish remover solution and more!


Making sure your gold jewelry continues to stay shiny and gold takes a bit of extra effort – but it’s worth doing. To start, you want to make sure that the piece is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, oil and sweat with a cleaner labeled specifically for gold. After cleaning, store your pieces in a cool, dry place where they will not be exposed to air or extreme temperatures. In terms of polishing, mild soap and water or jewelry cloth should do the trick without damaging the surface of your pieces. Additionally, you can also take your pieces to a professional jeweler as they specialize in shining metals. Lastly, if there are any stones in the piece, avoid using harsh chemicals on them as this may damage them over time. Following these tips should help keep your gold jewelry looking like new!

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