How To Make Color Street Jewelry


Color Street jewelry is a revolutionary new type of nail art that is easy, quick, and fun to apply. Featuring real nail polish strips, it is the best way to add a fashion-forward look to your nails in minutes. No additional tools are needed; simply peel off the protective backing, align the nail polish strips with your nail, and press down firmly. Within seconds you have beautiful and unique salon-quality manicures that can last up to 14 days. With Color Street Jewelry you can mix and match colors for a custom look or create trendy designs such as ombre, French tips, plaids and chevrons. The possibilities are truly endless!

Creating a Personalized Design

Making Color Street jewelry is a fun and easy craft for people of all ages. With the wide range of bright and vibrant prints, you can create pieces that reflect your own unique style or represent special occasions in your life. Start by selecting the shades and designs that speak to you, taking into account the different base color options like black, white, and more. Consider printing a sheet or two with a specific design so you can have matching sets or layer different prints together. Add in extra embellishments such as studs, gems, charms, tassels, and other accents to give yourself more creative freedom in designing your perfect piece. If needed, use tweezers to affix smaller parts like charms onto the surface of the Color Street piece with adhesive glue. When complete, be sure to take pictures of your creation – you’re likely to get lots of compliments for it!

Once you have chosen your desired Color Street pieces, you can begin piecing them together to create a personalized design. You might opt for one large print across an entire bracelet or necklace or choose several smaller prints that complement each other on both sides of a pendant or earrings. For those wanting even more variety in their look, layering different designs on top of each other adds depth and dimension to whatever piece you’re creating. Try combining solid colors with metallic tones for an eye-catching result – no matter what look you’re going for with ColorStreet jewelry making opportunities are endless! Additionally, consider using shapes such as circles when designing intricate details – this helps add more visual interest while also allowing you to incorporate several prints at once without being overwhelming. Finally don’t forget about adding accessories such as hooks and clasps that match any extra type of material added on like leather cords which give the project an extra personalized touch!

The Tools You Need to Craft Color Street Jewelry

Making Color Street accessories is an awesome way to customize and express your creativity. Before you begin, however, there are a few tools that you will need to ensure you can craft your jewelry with ease:

1. Jewellery Pliers – These come in handy for opening, closing and adjusting the size of jump rings – which are small circles of wire (usually made from silver or gold) that join components such as beads and chains.

2. Cutting Pliers – You will need these for cutting chain or cord used in necklaces and bracelets.

3. Hammer – This tool is useful when you decide to use cold connections so that you can use a technique such as texturing metal.

4. Bench Block – This small piece of steel allows you to work on a raised surface while using a hammer during cold connection techniques like setting stones or making rivets.

Metal Jewelry Making

5. Tweezers – Not only can these be used to pick up and hold onto small items securely when making intricate designs, they also help set gemstones accurately within settings by allowing you more control than if using your finger to press them into place.

6. Bead Cutter – A bead cutter is ideal for cutting down materials like leather and waxed twine, suede, satin cord and plastic strips with ease too!

Preparing the Pieces

Making color street jewelry is a fun and creative way to add some extra sparkle to your outfit. Before you get started, you need to prepare the pieces. This includes cleaning and polishing any wood, metal, glass, or ceramic components that are used in the design of the jewelry. Make sure that these materials are free from dirt, dust, and grease before continuing.

Next, using a cloth buffing wheel or similar tool attach it to a power drill and Work in sections around each part of the jewelry piece. Use compound wax or polish to bring out the shine. For metal like silver or gold begin with a rough buffing wheel then once the item is free of deep scratches you may need a polishing wheel with a light abrasive compound such as moms metal polishing cream. This will help restore shine to tarnished metals and highlight any details that have been lost over time. Be sure not to over polish as this will wear down on parts of the piece making them more prone to damage. Finally use an all-purpose cleaner along with cotton swabs in order to get rid of any fingerprints or other surface residue on the item before assembly.

Constructing Your Unique Color Street Jewelry

Making a unique piece of Color Street jewelry can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the right tools, materials, and a bit of creativity, you can easily create one-of-a-kind pieces that will stand out. Here’s how to make your own colorful accessory:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies – First thing you’ll need are the appropriate supplies for your project. Colored plastic street sheets, embroidery hoop, scissors, needle and thread, super glue or jewelry glue, earring hooks (if making earrings).

Step 2: Choose Your Design – Next decide on the design for your jewelry. You could use a single sheet of street sheet with an intricate pattern or multiple sheets that blend together in an interesting way. If you’re feeling creative try folding them up to create 3D designs! Or take apart already manufactured jewelry for more inspiration.

Step 3: Arrange and Cut – Once you have settled on the design arrange each piece onto the hoop frame then cut away the excess material leaving just enough to attach them all together.

Step 4: Attach Pieces Together – Now it’s time to start connecting everything! Apply either super glue or jewelry glue in small intervals around the edges to hold it all together as you sew each piece into place – this part isn’t necessary if using earring hooks since they’re designed to stay put without being stitch attached.

Step 5: Final Touches – For added security reinforce any weak spots with extra stitches and add jewelry findings such as earring hooks or jump rings if necessary. Once everything is complete you can then slip the finished product off of your hoop frame and admire your work!

Completing the Look

Accessorizing with Color Street jewelry is the best way to take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re looking for something modern and chic or glam and statement-making, Color Street jewels can provide a finish that is completely unique. With so many designs ranging from glittery, dramatic shapes to timeless minimalist looks – you’ll have no problem finding the perfect nail jewelry for any occasion.

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When it comes to accessorizing with Color Street jewelry, it’s all about pairing pieces in ways that will highlight the outfit rather than detract from it. Consider coordinating colors that fit seamlessly into your overall aesthetic, such as iridescent nails to match a sequin dress or a simple array of gold accents that pick up on the hue of your earrings. You can also think outside the box by mixing and matching materials like rhinestones and metallic gems or layering two sets together – like polka dots and statement art – for an eclectic yet sophisticated look. If you want something extra eye-catching, consider adding some colorful dangles or charms along with your nail jewelry for a more glamorous vibe. For a truly bold outcome, play around with different shapes, lengths, and even full-nail wraps featuring intricate artwork. Whichever route you choose, have fun experimenting and remember that the beauty of these accessories lies in not taking them too seriously!

Taking Care of Your Color Street Jewelry

When it comes to taking care of your Color Street jewelry, it is important to remember that they are delicate and should be treated as such. Start by storing them properly – this means keeping them away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. You also want to avoid using harsh chemicals or fragrant lotions/perfumes on the jewelry. If you need to clean your Color Street jewelry, gently scrub the pieces with a microfiber cloth and warm water then pat with a dry cloth until completely dry. Additionally, when trying on a new piece of Color Street jewelry try not to tug or force them onto your nails as this can damage their adhesive backing which may compromise their wearability. With proper care and handling, you can make sure your Color Street jewelry will look its best for years to come!


Making your own Color Street jewelry doesn’t have to be a daunting task, from design and purchasing supplies to the actual application. There are plenty of online resources to help you along the way, like blog posts and tutorials. With a few easy steps and some practice, you’ll be making beautiful jewelry in no time.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, it’s important to showcase it. Showing off the hard work that went into making Color Street jewelry is the perfect way to realize how much effort and creativity goes into creating something unique and special for yourself or a loved one. Put it on Instagram or start up an Etsy shop. If friends admire your designs, why not teach them how to make their own? No matter what you choose, flaunt your works of art with pride!