How To Make Aluminum Can Jewelry


Aluminum can jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years, with people turning discarded cans into beautiful creations of art. Whether crafting simply for fun, or as an environmentally-friendly act of goodwill, creating your own jewelry from aluminum cans is a rewarding and creative activity.

Not only is recycled aluminum can jewelry visually appealing, it also has many benefits beyond the eco-friendly aspect. Crafting your own jewelry gives you complete control and flexibility to create unique pieces; you are limited only by your imagination! The process is surprisingly simple too, using basic tools and items you may already have at home. Aluminum cans are incredibly lightweight yet durable; making them perfect for creating rings, necklaces and earrings that won’t easily be damaged when worn. What’s more, as they are easy to fix if damaged they provide long-term use that won’t require regular replacement like some store bought pieces might do. Shopping for recycled materials is great for a variety of other reasons: it’s cost effective since all sorts of materials can often be sourced from secondhand shops or free from friends; it reduces waste that would otherwise end up in landfill sites; plus, by giving old items new life you get to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with repurposing something entirely new!

Finding the Right Supplies

To make aluminum can jewelry, you will need a few supplies and materials. You can find all of the components and accessories needed for your project from various sources. Your local craft store, hardware store, or hobby shop should have the basic tools and supplies such as scissors, aluminum cans, wire cutters and tin snips. If you are planning on making larger pieces of jewelry, you may want to consider shopping online so that you can choose from a much wider selection.

Online stores typically offer more unique components such as jump rings, charms, chains and other items that can be used to create more intricate designs. It also makes it easier to compare prices amongst different retailers in order to get the best deal possible. Additionally, many sites focus solely on crafts making it easy to find detailed instructions on how to assemble your piece of jewelry as well as helpful tutorials detailing various techniques like cutting shapes from the aluminum cans or using decorative stamping tools.

Crafting the Can

Cutting and Sanding the Cans: To begin making your Aluminum Can Jewelry, you will need to start with an aluminum can. To cut the can, take a pair of scissors and cut straight up from the bottom of it. Once you have made long strips, begin sanding down the sharp edges and create different shapes. You may want to use a craft knife to score along your desired lines before you bend for more intricate patterns.

Design Ideas: When it comes to designing your Aluminum Can Jewelry there are so many creative options! You could make simple geometric shapes such as circles or hexagons, curves like swirls or spirals, or another design of your own unique creation! Try experimenting with overlapping pieces as well as cutting out parts in between two adjacent shapes ” this creates interesting piercings in your designs!

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Painting/Coloring Techniques: After you have finished crafting your Aluminum Can Jewelry and prepared it for painting, use regular acrylic paint. If you would like it to be more vibrant in color, consider using iridescent paint which will give it a shimmery look when it catches the light! You could even draw on various designs with colorful markers. Using glitter glue is also a great way to make sure that both sides look good ” this helps maintain symmetry in the jewelry piece without needing to apply paint or markers on both sides.


Once you have all of your components ready, it is time to fit the aluminum can jewelry components together. Start by cutting a 3-inch long piece of copper or steel wire using either jewelry cutters or flush snips. Make sure the wire ends are rounded and not sharp, as this could cause irritation when worn. Tip: use markers to color your wires so they look more aesthetically pleasing with the other components.

Take one end of the wire and thread it through an eyelet on an aluminum can shape. Once in place, secure with a small O-ring or bead crimp wheel if desired for extra security. Then, take the other length of wire and do the same for another eyelet on the same shape ensuring that both pieces are even in length upon completion. If you want to create different shapes from this particular component, now is the time to decide what design you desire before continuing further and threading different beads onto each wire length. After deciding on your design, begin threading each length of wire with various colorful beads that complement the aluminum can shapes used. Finally, secure both cords by bending them into miniature hooks or wrapping them around an S hook attached to a chain link which ultimately creates a necklace or bracelet depending upon how many elements you decide to add later on down the line!

Embellishments and Final Touches

Once you have created your aluminum can jewelry pieces, it’s time to add some additional details and finishing touches. This step is important because it really helps to show off the creativity that went into making each piece. Start by adding things like sequins, fabric accents, glitter, or anything else you think would look nice on your design. You can also use hot glue to attach pins, clips, or even simple brooches to make them truly personalized. Finally, if you plan on selling or displaying your pieces for others to see, adding a hook or a string for hanging is a must. This way you can easily display the items in any setting and ensure they are safe from wear and tear. It’s also very easy to attach these components so don’t be afraid of getting creative with the arrangement of the items too!

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Display Ideas

Once you have made your aluminum can jewelry, it is important to find a creative and eye catching way to show off your creations. You can create a stunning display for them by crafting a vibrant backdrop or even painting a wall in the room that your jewelry will be showcased in to bring color and life into the space. Another great idea is to hang them around the space for visual interest.This could include displaying them on stands, racks or strings of twine where visitors can interact with each piece as they walk around. You could also use fabric backgrounds, such as colorful fabrics or quilts, along with adding items of similar colors like ribbons and accessories that compliment the pieces to give your jewelry display an extra special touch. Lastly, lighting can truly enhance the look of any jewelry display so consider using bright white lights or spotlights directed at specific pieces that you would like to showcase prominently. With these simple tips and ideas, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and engaging display that displays your aluminum can jewelry in style!


Making aluminum can jewelry has been a rewarding experience for me. The greatest benefit of this type of crafting is the creativity involved. Being able to take an everyday item and turning it into something new and beautiful has been a creative process that never gets old. The satisfaction gained from creating a physical object is unmatched, and I’m proud to be able to show off my own creations with friends and family.

Furthermore, the cost savings that come from using material scavenged from items around the house makes this craft even more appealing. With all the cost of materials, tools and supplies at such reasonable prices aluminum can jewelry-making is an ideal hobby for explorers of all ages and budgets. Beyond that, learning how to make aluminum can jewelry doesn’t require any complicated technical knowledge”just imagination, creativity, and some basic shaping skills.

Overall, making aluminum can jewelry is an enjoyable experience that yields rewarding results in terms of both satisfactionand practicality. From extra pocket change to unique gifts, I’ve created countless pieces out of materials easily found at home. Now every time I see an aluminum can I’m filled with potential ideas; this humble object has become much more than trash”it’s become a source of entertainment!

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