How To Make A Jewelry Holder Out Of Picture Frame


Making your own jewelry holder out of a picture frame is a great idea because it allows you to create a unique display that suits your home’s decor, while at the same time providing functional storage that is customized to fit the needs of your jewelry collection. You can select the frame size, shape and style based on your preference and make sure that it complements the aesthetic of the room it will be in. Furthermore, this DIY project is relatively easy for anyone regardless of experience with woodworking or crafting. With just some basic tools and supplies, you’ll be able to transform a picture frame into an attractive jewelry holder in no time! And lastly, since picture frames are usually quite affordable, making your own jewelry holder won’t break the bank either.

Preparing the Frame

The supplies you will need to make a jewelry holder out of a picture frame include: a picture frame, screws, hammers, screwsdriver, saw, drill, fabric and scissors. To ensure your safety when using power tools such as a saw or drill, be sure to wear protective glasses and gloves. Also keep any loose clothing away from the moving parts of the tools to prevent injury.

Assembling the Frame: Attach the Fabric and Hang it up

Once all safety precautions are taken care of, begin by attaching the fabric to the back of the frame using screws. From there cut small circles from the fabric and hang them onto the back of each eight-point screw that were drove in earlier around the opening at each corner of the frame. Once that is completed it’s time to hang up your new jewelry holder. Use hammers or screwsdriver depending on what type of support you wish mount your frame with (a wall hook versus mounting hardware). Be sure to hang it in an area where you can easily access it – often times in bedrooms but also entryways or hallways can be great places too!

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Backing and Glazing From Frame

1. Begin by gently stripping away the backing from the frame, being careful not to damage or break any of the wood components. You can do this by simply lifting up one corner of the backing with a flat head screwdriver, then slowly removing it in sections along all edges until it is fully removed.

2. Once the backing is removed, use pliers to pull out each of the staples or nails used to hold it in place.

3. With your pliers, remove both the glazing and glazing clips from the inside edge of the frame molding. The glazing clips act as separators between the glass and wooden frame and are typically secured with either nails or staples; remove them accordingly.

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4. Grasp each corner of the frame and give it a few gentle shakes until loose pieces of backing, staples and other debris fall away from where they were once secured.

5. Sand down all surfaces with medium-grit sandpaper until smooth, paying particular attention to areas that may have chips or scratches due to prying off backing and pulling out staples/nails associated with it earlier on in this tutorial steps 1-3).

6. Vacuum any dust particles from inside of frame after sanding to remove debris.

7. Wipe both sides down with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry before continuing on to step 8 below!

Constructing the Holder

To make a jewelry holder made out of a picture frame, you will need tools such as an electric drill, a ruler, and some basic hand tools. First, you will need to measure the area inside your frame that you would like to use for the jewelry holder. Make sure to leave some extra space around the interior so that it isn’t too cramped. When measuring and drilling pilot holes for the dowels, make sure to take caution when hammering in the pieces. Having an even set of holes is key to ensuring maximum durability.

Once you have all your pieces and measurements together, begin assembling the holder with glue or screws. Securely attach pieces together until all components are solidly held in place. You can also add special decorations such as beadwork or wire wrapping to give your jewelry holder an added level of sophistication and beauty if desired. Finally, once everything is complete and secured in place, take time to admire your beautiful new jewelry display!

Adding the Final Touches

Creating the perfect jewelry holder from a picture frame is easy and fun. You don’t need much to get started, from space to craft materials. Many people enjoy adding additional decorations to spice up their creations. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you choose and attach ribbon, trims and fabric to your jewelry holder makeover:

Choose colors that match or compliment your picture frame: Start with colors that make your jewelry stand out; deep blues, pastels, shades of grey mixed with bright colors! Look for different textures in ribbons, trims and fabrics like scalloped edges or faux suede for an eye-catching effect.

Attach ribbons around the edge of the frame: Don’t just tie one length—crisscross multiple lengths of the same ribbon for a decorative effect that gives it more depth. Use different colors or create sound waves with ribbon in different colors arcs around each other – it looks great. Then use glue or double-sided tape to fix it in place on the back of the frame.

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Use trims as decoration for sides of frames: From florals to stripes, there are endless ways you can use trim to decorate sides. Try using one trim down both sides of the frame or mix them up creating unique designs with different layers – either way they will look beautiful!

Add pockets of color with fabric accents: Whether its inside or outside, fabric accents can really make a statement! Cut out fabric circles using pinking shears and place them on top of old buttons as pockets, glue them onto the back side – they look amazing against any color of fabric you choose! They also add texture & dimension when hung on a wall with other pieces.
Adding ruffles at the edges gives an extra touch: Another great way to add a bit extra detail is by adding layers at the edge. You can do this by cutting strips into short lengths then folding each edge into accordion plaids and gluing them onto the backside. This adds a nice embellishment for added eye-catching appeal!


There are many different ways to upcycle a picture frame into a unique jewelry holder. One way is to simply remove the backing, cover it in fabric or paint it a bright color, and hang earrings and necklaces from hooks on the frame itself. Other ideas include creating a hanging necklace stand with embroidery hoops and ribbons, adding multiple clothespins around your frame to hang necklaces, or cutting out shapes from the sides of your frame and using those openings to dangle earrings. You could even create an easy wall-mounted necklace stand by removing the back from an old picture frame, attaching clothes hangers onto the glass portion, then affixing small decorative trinkets for added character. Whichever method you decide to pursue for upcycling your old picture frames into jewelry holders, make sure that you check the sturdiness of each item before dismissing them for use. With a bit of creativity, some craft supplies and an old picture frame – you can have yourself your own custom-made jewelry collection holder!