How to Give Him the Dream Jewelry He Has Always Desperately Been Looking For

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How to Give Him the Dream Jewelry He Has Always Desperately Been Looking For

You’ve spent hours, maybe days or months planning your special day and now it’s finally time to start shopping for your dream jewelry. There are so many choices out there, so how do you know what is the perfect dream ring? How do you choose a precious gemstone that will match your engagement ring or wedding band? You want everything to be perfect. And what if it isn’t?

When it comes to love and commitment, sometimes less is more. Many young couples have delayed marriage or the initiation of their romantic relationship because they’re unsure of themselves. Some women may feel too frightened to throw herself into a new relationship or too unsure of her own abilities. She may not really want to make the leap. Others hesitate because they feel they don’t have what it takes to keep a man happy and dream about him.

The truth is, all these girls have their dream jewelry in their hearts and visions. They know exactly what they want in order to live out their dream of being with their dream guy. And every woman has a different dream. Not every woman is the dreamer, not every man is the dream maker, and not every woman can wear dream jewelry and make her guy fall as hard as she does. But here are a few of the things these girls can do to get him to fall even harder.

Dream big…but do it on paper first. When you’ve got your dream wedding proposal and engagement proposal in place, you’re ready to move forward. But wait, how do you do that? You’ve already got the place set up, the date picked out, and the flowers… but you haven’t put any words in the book yet. Don’t do it! You want to give him the greatest experience possible, but you still need to let him know that you are his biggest fan, your biggest fan, and that you love him for who he is.

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Dream big and dream really high. This is another one of the biggest mistakes guys make. When he gives you jewelry or anything else, he wants to know that it means more than just the “usual” stuff. He loves to know that you can do more than “follow his lead” and “compliment his looks”, he loves to know that you will literally do everything in your power to see him happy and keep him around, and to let him know that he can’t have you.

Instead of giving your guy the runaround, show him that you are confident enough in yourself to know that you know exactly what you want in life, and you will do whatever it takes to get it. Even if he doesn’t agree with you right now, by the time he does, he’ll be sure you were right. By showing him your confidence, you will create a bond of trust that will grow stronger as the days go by and the years roll by.

Let him have a dream. It is a woman’s job to help her man see his dreams and desires come true. You need to let him know that you believe he has what it takes to be happy with himself and that you support him 100%. Dream jewelry may not be the “in” thing to give him, but it should definitely be on your list of “want to have” items. Men absolutely love it when a woman takes charge and helps them create their own little world of fantasy.

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Don’t just go out and buy any old type of dream jewelry for your man to hold onto. You need to match it up with his wardrobe and accessories, and give him a reason to dream about you. You want to make him feel like you are the girl for him and that you are not going to let anything stand in the way of making him happy. If you do this, you will make it much easier to give him the ring he has always wanted.

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