How To Get Jewelry Out Of Sink Drain


Jewelry can end up in the sink drain due to everyday activities like washing hands or doing dishes. The most common items are rings, bracelets, earrings, and other small items of value that can easily slip off and go down the drain. It is important to know that jewelry stuck in the sink drain needs to be recovered as quickly as possible before it clogs up the pipes and causes more serious damage. Depending on your particular sink setup, you may need a few household tools to reach it. Some of these tools could include needle-nosed pliers, tweezers, a flashlight, an old toothbrush, and a bent wire hanger.

With careful steps outlined below, you can successfully get jewelry out of the sink drain with minimal effort but maximum results. First and foremost, make sure that all water is turned off from the sink before attempting any kind of retrieval process. Once the water is turned off and removed from each part of your system (sink basin, faucet) the next step is getting at the jewelry itself. Shine a light into the opening of the pipe so you can pinpoint where exactly your item is located so you know where to retrieve it from. With needle-nosed pliers or tweezers if available reach into your object using shallow gestures until you are able to achieve a grip onto its surface flush with your retrieving tools. Once there is sufficient traction between both surfaces firmly pull outwards until complete recovery has been achieved without breaking any pieces apart in their entirety! If these methods do not work try binding an older toothbrush with bent wire hanger securely together near its base so it becomes a makeshift scoop for properties such as diamonds or gemstones which would otherwise be impossible to grab with a straight hooked tool. Follow these guides faithfully and jewelry stuck in drains should be no longer be an issue!

Safety Precautions

It is important to put on protective wear while attempting to get the jewelry out of the sink drain, such as safety goggles, gloves, and shoes. If the jewelry is stuck within any part of the sink, make sure that all power sources are shut off before attempting to remove it. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all pipes leading from the sink drain have stoppers blocking any further water infiltration inside of them. Finally, wear a dust mask if there is a chance any mold or bacteria may be present in the trapped areas where the jewelry could be located. Taking these precautions can help ensure that everyone remains safe during extraction of the jewelry from the sink drain.

Gathering Tools

Step 1: Position the Plunger. Make sure the plunger cup is firmly placed over the sink drain and press down evenly to create a good seal with the drain.

Step 2: Plunge. With both hands grasp the handle of the plunger, press it down strongly, in a continuous motion, then immediately pull it back up, repeating this action several times to force out any jewelry that may be caught down there.

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Step 3: Shine a Light Into The Sink Drain. Don’t forget to turn off the water main before doing this! This will give you a better view inside the drain pipe which will make it easier for you to locate any possible object that’s stuck in there. Use a pocket flashlight or another form of light source to illuminate the area as much as possible so you can get a good look into all corners and crevices of the pipe looking for signs of jewelry that could be stuck in there.

Step 4: Try A Magnet To Retrieve Jewelry Entrapped In The Drain. If you feel confident that you’ve spotted your missing item, try using magnets if you have them on hand to coax out trapped items from your plumbing system without having to call a professional service team in from outside. Try to attach as many magnets as you can (depending on how large they are) around strong metal objects like pipes or appliances like your washing machine that are close by. Move these magnets around carefully and slowly and see if any jewelry gets pulled out with them when they move away from each other again slightly – caution should be taken here due to small pieces like diamonds or pearls being very fragile after taking such an ordeal beneath your bathroom sink pipes!

Guide to Removing Jewelry

1. To try to remove the jewelry from the sink drain, begin by removing any debris that may be blocking access to the jewelry caught in the drain. Use a pair of pliers or a pair of tweezers on longer items such as rings or necklaces, being sure to take care not to damage them.

2. If you cannot grab or pull on the jewelry, move onto trying to twist it out of the sink drain, using a strong and flat tool such as an old scissors or fork against the object so you can gain leverage and twist it out of its catchment point within the sink piping.

3. If neither step one nor two is successful then use a flexible zip-tie to encase and add friction around any trapped area which will allow you to unravel and adjust it until it comes free from its binding position.

4. If none of these options work, then you may need to call a professional plumber in order to get access further down into the sink pipes in order for them manually remove your jewelry from its resting place.

Clean-up and Prevention

One way to prevent jewelry from getting down the drain is to use a sink stopper whenever you are washing, cleaning, or bathing with jewelry. Sink stoppers come in many styles and can be made of rubber, silicone, plastic, or metal. When the sink is not in use, the stopper should be firmly in place. The additional piece of material prevents jewelry from slipping into the drain and being lost forever.

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After jewelry has gone down the sink drain, there are a few methods to try to retrieve it before calling a plumber. One method that can be attempted at home involves using two adjustable wrenches or pliers to loosen and remove the trap below the sink. This step should only be completed if you are comfortable working with plumbing fixtures as it could lead to water leakage if done incorrectly. Once the trap is removed it should be easy to locate any items that may have been washed away down the drain pipe. If an item is ever found lodged within a trap or further down inside a pipe it may require professional assistance for removal.

Regardless of whether or not jewelry gets stuck in the drain, always ensure that any debris from around sinks or showers is cleared away regularly and safely disposed of as part of your cleaning routine. This ensures that there’s no build-up which could block pipes and cause blockages over time.


If the jewelry cannot be removed from the sink drain, it may be necessary to take apart the sink’s plumbing. To do this, turn off the water valves or shut off the power source of the water for safety. Take out the traps located below or on either side of the sink and examine what is stuck in there. It is best to use caution and patience when dealing with any broken pieces of jewelry. If possible, avoid putting pressure on them if they are connected or near any pipes or other delicate components.

If it becomes impossible to remove the jewelry without professional help, then it may be time to contact a plumber. Warning signs that it is time to call a plumber include if you cannot unscrew parts of plumbing fixtures, if you are having trouble visualizing how certain pipes fit together, or if you cannot work easily within tight spaces underneath a sink. A licensed plumber is more experienced and has appropriate tools needed get even delicate items out of a sink drain safely without damaging delicate plumbing components.


You have now successfully removed jewelry from your sink drain! This process may seem difficult and often frustrating, but with patience and the right material you were able to achieve desired results. Remember to take your time and organize to materials that you need beforehand if possible. If stuck, reach out for help from YouTube tutorials or a local plumber. Good luck in your future plumbing endeavor!

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