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Jewellery or costume jewellery consists of ornamental items worn as personal adornment, including rings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, and anklets. Jewellery can also be attached to clothing or the human body. In a modern perspective, the word is often limited to decorative ornaments, including flowers like orchids. Costume jewellery can be made from any material, including metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramic, stone, and wood-embossed leather.


The most common types of jewellery are set in gold or silver. There are many others available in a range of colours, including blue, black, green, white, red, pink, brown, yellow, crystal, tangerine, jade, coral, aqua, peach, pear, and stainless steel. Gemstones are sometimes included. Some types of jewellery are worn for special occasions, like engagement rings and wedding rings. These usually include diamonds and other precious stones.

Early man was known to have fashioned jewellery out of semi-precious stones and beads. Throughout history, cultures across the globe have combined different types of material, including precious metals, with each other. One of the first signs that a piece of jewellery is of Celtic origin is that the design is uniquely shaped. Many different styles and shapes have been used to create various designs. One of the most popular shapes is a Celtic cross.

Prehistoric man discovered a means to make beads from the outer shell of shells. Through the years, jewellery have been able to make the most beautiful and unique jewellery with the use of these shells. The use of shell-made jewellery dates back to ancient times. One of the most well-known examples of prehistoric jewellery comes from Greece. Jewellery made from shells is very common in this area.

Earrings have long been considered as accessories for women. In the past, men were not always seen wearing jewellery; however, in the 20th century, men have frequently been seen wearing different types of jewellery. They commonly wear rings on their left hands, with studs or drop earrings on their right ears.

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In ancient times, jewellers often made jewellery from beads and other stones. These items can be found from archaeological excavations throughout the world. Ancient cultures around the world used these items to create decorations and to make headdresses for royalty among other things. Throughout the years, different cultures have produced different styles of jewellery. In particular, many have adopted the use of gemstones to make their own unique designs.

The Egyptians are known to have created an extensive collection of various types of jewellery, including gold jewellery. Many of the items from this period are still found in private collections around the world. One example of Egyptian jewellery can be seen at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Egyptian Royal Crown Jewelled Bangle has a golden bangle with two large diamond stones which are worn by members of the Egyptian royal family.

Other types of jewellery which can be classified according to their precious metals include costume jewellery which is designed from silver, gold and other precious metals. Some of the more popular pieces include wedding rings, engagement rings and friendship rings. Another type of jewellery which can be seen on individuals of all ages nowadays is jewellery, which is crafted from a variety of semi-precious stones. These include amethyst, coral, aquamarine and opal.

Artisans still use many of the methods used centuries ago to create modern jewellery. Costume jewellery was popular during the 19th century in America. This type of jewellery often incorporated precious metals in an attempt to mimic traditional materials such as gold and silver. Examples of this type of jewellery include necklaces made from garnet and pearl. In addition, some of the most unusual jewellery from the 19th century has been discovered recently, such as a piece of semi-precious stone that combines the use of gemstones with the development of a new type of metal.

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Semi precious stones such as quartz, amethysts, citrine, quartz and aquamarines are some of the most common semi precious stones being used in contemporary jewellery. One of the most unusual jewellery pieces ever discovered was a diamond ring. However, in recent years, a number of couples are choosing to wear a pearl necklace instead of a traditional diamond ring. Pearl has always been associated with love, and is also the birthstone for the month of March. It has also been seen as symbolic of wisdom, and chaste women were said to wear it to show they had purity.

Greek jewellery was originally made using several different types of stone including amethyst, coral, Jasper and coral. There are many different styles of Greek bce jewellery available, from simple earrings to complex necklaces and pendants. The most famous type of jewellery from Greece is probably the choker – a kind of head accessory that covers the neck and can be very elaborately decorated. Most of the jewellery in the ancient world was created using precious metals, including gold, silver and gemstones. In modern times, the jewellery is made using semi-precious stones and plastic, although some genuine jewellery can still be made from precious metals.