How To Craft Jewelry In Runescape


Crafting jewelry in Runescape provides players with a fantastic way to make money. Players who specialize in crafting jewelry can sell their wares for a tidy sum, making considerable profit in the process. Crafting jewelry also allows players to create lovely pieces for themselves or give away as gifts, adding a personal touch to your gaming experience.

To get started with crafting jewelry in Runescape, you first need adequate resources and supplies. Visiting the Grand Exchange is a great place to start when it comes to gathering what you will need from basic raw materials such as gems and gold ore, all the way up to such advanced items as molds and crucibles. Purchasing what you need at the Grand Exchange is easier and more cost effective than mining them yourself, so many players opt for that route. Once you have gathered your resources, it’s time to get crafting!

When it comes to crafting jewelry specifically, there are two main ways to do it: by hand or through an Invention. The Process of Jewelry Crafting by hand involves taking gold ore which has been mined from caves or acquired from monsters or other sources and smelting them down into bars of pure gold. You’ll then shape these into charms and rings using special moulds at a furnace. This process does involve some skill in which level of Crafting must be attained before attempting and failing attempts may take longer than with Invention based methods.

Invention based Jewelry Crafting involves bonus perk selection gizmos referred to as Disassemblers being placed on objects such as sapphires or emeralds found inside mining rock deposits located around Runescape’s environs. The bonus perk selection will combine pieces assembled through the Disassembly process allowing players to craft intricate designs that can’t be made by hand including amulets necklaces, pendants and bracelets resulting in even higher profits when compared with hand crafted items alone; however one must reach an appropriate level of Invention before attempting this form of Jewelry Craftsmanship too.

Overview of Crafting Materials and Tools

Crafting is a great way to make money in Runescape. You can create jewelry, runes and other decorative items with the right materials. To get started, you’ll need the right materials and tools:

Materials – The materials used to craft jewelry in Runescape are gold ore, silver ore, gems of various kinds (opal, ruby, diamond etc), elemental talismans and bead fragments. Each of these materials must be mined from rocks or gotten from monster drops. Gold and silver ore require level 20 Mining, while gemstone and elemental talismans are obtained from level 40 Mining. Bead fragments can be acquired from Fishing at level 15+

Tools – Crafting tools come in two varieties: portable crafting kits for crafting jewelry at any location without access to a workshop or a general store; or you can equip yourself with an anvil if you plan on creating more than one item (or have plenty of time). The former toolkit is used for simple tasks like stringing beads into necklaces, while the latter lets you unlock more complex crafting recipes such as making amulets or rings. Other handy items that come in either kit include glooth paste (used to coat finished products) and chiselers (used to shape some parts of the jewelry). To use both types of tools correctly you’ll need a minimum Crafting level requirements; for example having level 10 Crafting for portable kits and 20 for anvils.

Now that you’re equipped with the basics it’s time to delve deeper into five steps necessary for successful crafting endeavors:

1) Learn your ingredients – You must have the knowledge know what type of ore/gemstones/fragments you require to make jewelry items; this means mining or fishing around Gielinor until you collect enough raw material.
2) Establish a Workshop – If possible set up a workshop where all your supplies are neatly arranged so that it’s easy to continue with every piece as efficiently as possible.
3) Create your masterpieces – Whether it be by using a kit or equipment found in a general store, combine all necessary components until each item within is exactly how you envisioned it to be! Additionally carefully check the quality of each component until reaching an optimal result when finished putting everything together.
4) Apply Glooth Paste – This paste will help protect future scratches from occurring during wear-and-tear which could possibly impact its resale value negatively later down the line. Make sure not overapply this gelatinous mixture otherwise unwanted blemishes may still occur! Gloothing has no effect on rune-based objects so skip this step if working on those type of jewels specifically; all others must receive its protective coating however!
5) Finishing Touches – Last but certainly not least add any finishing touches such as polishing, etching desired images or messages onto surfaces etc which transforms mundane pieces into works of art which customers will surely covet after seeing them once they enter stores hosting such creations made by yourself!

What You’ll Need To Get Started

To craft jewelry in Runescape, you’ll need a few materials and tools. First, you will need an appropriate crafting level specific to the type of jewelry that you plan to create. For example, gold jewelry requires level 40 Crafting, while silver jewelry requires level 20 Crafting. You’ll also need supplies such as gold bars or silver bars (depending on which type of jewelry you are making), hammer(s), and jewellery mould(s). Additionally, if you plan on creating cut gems, you will require chisel(s) as well as the type of gemstone that you plan on using. Finally, you may wish to have access to a furnace in order to smelt and work your metal ore.

Custom Silver Jewelry

Once all of these materials and tools have been collected, it is time to start crafting! Start by smelting the gold or silver ore with a furnace until it liquifies into either bars or single ingots. From there take one bar and utilizing a hammer; shape it into the desired piece of jewellery inside the mould. If adding gems be sure to create grooves for them with your hammer and then use a chisel to add the gemstone inside them before realigning the mould into its original shape. After this step it’s ready for fixing with solder irons heated up at furnaces and set forth anywhere from 30 seconds- one minute before cooling off completely under fresh water. Once cooled down behold your completed piece!

Crafting Jewelry with Yew Logs and Gems

If you’re looking to craft jewelry in Runescape, you’ll need some Yew Logs in your inventory as well as a selection of gems. Before you can craft jewelry, you must first use the Yew Logs on a Weapon Stand, which will give you a Rings Reborn mould. You then need to use molten glass or cut gems on the same Weapon Stand and click ‘Craft with Rings Reborn Mould’ to make rings, amulets and necklaces. Rings and amulets require one gem each whilst necklaces require five gems.

Once crafted, the jewelry will take 8-9 seconds to cool down before they can be cut into their finished form. Depending on your Crafting level, the type of gem and size of gem used, a successful crafted item can yield up to six pieces of jewellery. Players should note that cutting larger gems yields more experience but smaller gems yield more rings/amulets/ necklaces than larger sized gems.

Furthermore, players may also want to equip an amulet of glory for an extra 10% experience every time a piece of jewellery is created or click both hands in prayer for 6 seconds prior to creating jewelry for a 2x boost in all rates including speed and chance at success when crafting items; however this doubles your consume rate on all resources involved so ensure that you stock up beforehand!

Crafting Jewelry with Bars

Crafting jewelry on Runescape can be quite a lucrative skill to learn! Fortunately, the process of crafting jewelry from bars is not too difficult to comprehend. First of all, the process starts off by smelting your chosen ore and corresponding bar in the furnace. Turning an ore into a bar requires level 1 Smithing and 123 gold coins for each bar you wish to craft. Once you have all your bars crafted, then it’s time to choose your design and visit any furnace with a compatible anvil adjacent to it. With the right selection of bars in tow, you’re ready to start creating Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Amulets. The higher your Jewelry Crafting Level, the higher tiers become available to craft with greater proficiency. For example, crafting high tier bracelets can make use of Dragon Bars which require level 84 Smithing level. As always with high tier crafts, there are corresponding high rewards so make sure you bring those tons of materials needed in order to increase your chances of success!

Crafting Jewelry with Charms, Rings and Talismans

Crafting jewelry in RuneScape is a great way to make money. All you need to do is collect charms, rings, and talismans from monsters or buy them off other players. The most popular item for crafting jewelry is the Gold Charm that can be purchased from the Grand Exchange. Once you have your charms, you will need to add cut gems to them in order to craft them into jewelry. Different types of gems require different Jewelry Crafting Levels such as Snapdragon requiring level 79 and Magicstone requiring level 95. Below is a chart outlining all of the various jewelry items that can be crafted in-game:

•Amulet of Strength – Level 50

•Ruby Amulet – Level 61

•Diamond Necklace – Level 73

•Dragonstone Amulet – Level 82

•Onyx Necklace – Level 90

•Opal Ring – Level 45
•Emerald Ring – Level 57
•Sapphire Ring – Level 68
•Topaz Ring – Level 75

•Diamond Ring – Level 84

•Runestone Ring – Level 80

•Dragonstone Bracelet – Level 87

•Onyx Bracelet -Level 94

Once all these levels have been reached, there are many more items that one can craft such as Bracelets, Necklaces, Amulets and Curses. All Curse amulets require level 65 Crafting to make along with the appropriate talisman and a cut gem except for Amulet of Fury which requires an ONYX stone! For cursers, there is only one restriction; no more than 10 cuts per metal charm can be made at any given time! Happy Crafting!

Crafting Jewelry with Runes

Runes are an integral part of Runescape and with them, players can craft a wide array of jewelry in game. Before starting, make sure you have the right runes as well as some soft clay. Using the right tier runes is essential as they give access to different levels of quality when crafting. Once all the supplies are gathered, head over to a furnace and open its interface. Here you will find several options that offer crafting jewelry, such as Rings, Necklaces, Amulets and Bracelets. Select whichever you’d like to craft and choose the preferred material option – Gold, Silver or Gemstone – followed by the prefered style – Quest Pointed or Cosmetic-wise. All these items require soft clay first so it must be added to a pile in order for any further progress to happen. Weigh your options carefully since each item requires specific levels for quality but also quantity of Runes depending on the kind of Jewelry wanted.

Dermal Piercing Jewelry Tops

Once all materials are roomed on their corresponding slots within the interface simply press “make” and spin away! Unlike other crafting skills in game here no experience is awarded however Crafting Jewelry with Runes give access to more intricate designs that cannot be crafted elsewhere while they can be used both at quests and decorative purposes across many appearances around Runescape. Moreover combining different tiers of Runes helps obtain better results but always keep in mind Rune quantity when selecting heavier metals; it takes much more than just a single-tier rune for castings! Finally for this activity players should possess at least 26 Crafting skill which can be achieved in no time by using experience lamps or potions scattered around Gielinor.

Additional Jewelry Crafting Tips and Tricks

Before you start crafting jewelry in Runescape, it is important to make sure that you have the necessary tools which include a needle, thread, chisel, and hammer. You also need to obtain metal bars from mining ore and gems from rocks. Once you have gathered all the required materials and tools, you can proceed to craft your jewelry.

To begin crafting jewelry in Runescape, use your chisel with a metal bar to smith them into pieces of cut jewelry. You can then string the pieces together using the needle and thread. Depending on the type of jewelry being created will determine how many pieces are required for each item. To add an extra level of detail to your jewelry, use the hammer with various gemstones to attach them onto different parts of the crafted piece. As an additional tip, some players like to increase their experience by using higher end materials while creating their masterpieces such as using precious metals or rare gems as opposed to lower quality ones which will offer fewer XP points.

How to Sell Your Jewelry

Once you’ve crafted your jewelry in Runescape, you have the option to sell it at the Grand Exchange or through trading with other players. If you’re selling through the Grand Exchange, it’s best to price your items competitively and remember that buyers will usually try and haggle the price down in order to get a better deal. You should also take into account the current market prices when setting a price for your items.

When trading with other players, always be sure to research what similar type of jewelry goes for on the Grand Exchange as this will help ensure that you’re getting a fair deal. Be sure to ensure that any payment is made in an appropriate manner (e.g. through PayPal or RSGP) and keep any necessary records of transactions in case there are disputes later on down the line. Finally, always remember to follow all guidelines set by Runescape itself when it comes to making changes within trades or taking payments from another player, such as not offering real world currencies of any kind for permanent upgrades in game.


Crafting jewelry in Runescape can be a great way to make money, but it is also a fun way to enhance your game experience. Not only can you make gold by crafting jewelry, you can also use jewelry for useful purposes such as unlocking doors and chests or aiding in taming creatures. There are many different items that can be crafted from gold and gemstones. Depending on your crafting level, you may find some of the more complicated pieces of crafted jewelry will yield better rewards than simpler ones. For example, higher-tier rings with special bonuses will bring in more profit when sold or used in trading activities. Crafting jewelry with raw materials purchased through GE or looted from monsters is an easy way to generate money and improve your character’s capabilities within the game world. It also provides a relaxing activity between battles and quests which makes it an enjoyable experience that’s worth exploring!