How Do Jewelry Stores Clean Rings


Jewelers understand how important proper maintenance is to the long-term value of a ring. Unfortunately, the loved piece of jewelry can become clouded with everyday exposure. To not just keep this craftsmanship looking beautiful but also to preserve its sparkles, regular cleaning is very important.

Professional jewelry stores use several methods to clean rings. Their first step is an inspection and assessment. They will evaluate your personal item by inspecting it for possible damage or dirt and offering advice on what sort of care might be necessary. The expert jeweler will then assess the unique structure, material and setting of the item before choosing a cleaning method appropriate for that particular piece of jewelry.

Most jewelry stores have ultrasonic machines, which are a type of vibrating sound bath machine specially designed for cleaning delicate items such as rings and earrings without harming them in any way. This process works by agitating water mixed with a special detergent within the tray, dislodging tiny dirt particles from deep inside small areas that ordinary scrubbing cannot reach. Jewelers may also use steam cleaners for further sterilization if requested.

Modern jewelry stores sometimes use laser equipment to work out dirt particles that are hard to remove with other methods since lasers don’t come into contact with surfaces so there’s no risk of damage; they quietly dose each diamond or gemstone with sparks while extracting dirt particles through suctioning away excess dust without risking any damages or dullness.

Rings should always be cleaned professionally every 5-10 months by an experienced jeweler using specific tools and techniques suitable for their particular type of ring; standard at-home liquids may contain harsh chemicals which could damage metals over time if used too frequently or solvents that aren’t suitable for certain precious stones materials like emeralds or rubies. It’s also easier in terms of logistics since clients can simply drop off their items at the store and their chosen jeweler will make sure it gets done properly, safely and quickly in order to maintain its sparkle!

Types of Jewelry Stores That Offer Cleaning Services

Many jewelry stores offer professional cleaning services in-house for a fee. These can be convenient for customers who are local. However, it is important to do some research on any store that is offering professional cleaning services. Most jewelry stores employ an experienced staff of jewelers who specialize in jewelry cleaning, repair and customization services.

When looking for a reliable jeweler that offers cleaning, repair and customization services, make sure the establishment is accredited by either the Jewelers of America (JA) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Standard. Both organizations maintain and promote high standards of ethical behavior and workmanship in the industry. Customers should ask for certifications and credentials from any store they are considering visiting as well.

Also look at customer reviews on any given store to review what others say about its services. Talk to friends and family as well to get feedback on their experiences with jewelry stores they’ve visited before making a decision.

Finally, evaluate the price point of a store’s services compared to other options around your area. Generally, reputable jewelers may cost more but the quality of their service is usually worth it in the end: their specialized knowledge will help ensure your rings are cleaned properly while also providing long-term care advice to keep them looking like new over time.

Understanding Jewelry Store Cleaning Processes

Ultrasound Cleaning: Many jewelry stores use ultrasound cleaning to clean rings and other valuable items of jewelry. This method involves the use of a machine that generates ultra-sonic waves and then directs them into a tank filled with an appropriate type of liquid. These waves vibrate in such a way as to agitate the liquid and create friction, which helps dislodge dirt, grime, oil, and other impurities from within the ring. A benefit to this method is that it is less abrasive than chemical or steam cleaning methods, meaning that it can be used on softer stones like opal or turquoise without causing damage.

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Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning involves taking a ring or piece of jewelry and placing it in a small container filled with hot water and detergent solution. After about 10 minutes a strong jet of untangled steam is released onto the item, loosening dirt and debris particles on contact. This process works especially well on stones set close together because it penetrates underneath them more effectively. One disadvantage to this method is the need for specialist equipment to properly regulate temperature so that pieces do not get damaged by heat shock.

Steam Cleaning with Polishing: This method combines steam cleaning with gem polishing to make pieces look their best again. After being steamed, professionals will then use an electric polisher fitted with special gems wheels to buff away any surface stains or discolorations caused by wear over time. The end result is often a much brighter finish than just regular steam cleaning can provide. While this does take longer than some other methods, the finishing results are often well worth it for people looking for their jewelry to sparkle brighter than before!

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

The biggest benefit of having a ring professionally cleaned by a jeweler is that it allows you to preserve the original look and feel of the piece. Professional jewelry experts have the best methods, tools, and materials available to them to properly clean your treasures without damaging them. Jewelry stores also tend to use unique solutions and treatments to treat precious metals, stones, and metals in a much more professional manner compared to home-cleaners sold online or at big box stores.

When it comes to cleaning rings at jewelry stores, many common mistakes are avoided by using trusted products designed specifically for jewelry cleaning needs. As with anything else, not all solutions are created equally and categorizing objects into diverse categories can result in long term damage. Products designed specifically for silver or gold may be too harsh for delicate gemstones such as emeralds or rubies – not doing so could severely damage these precious gems! Therefore, selecting the right product for the material reduces vulnerabilities due to improper cleaning techniques.

Overall, getting your rings professionally cleaned at a jewelry store is preferred versus DIY methods due to their knowledge of materials used in making jewels as well as their ability to dramatically reduce the risk of accidentally causing irreversible damage with wrong product selection.

Risks of Professional Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry stores clean rings and other pieces of jewelry through a variety of methods. The cleaning method used depends on the materials in the piece and its condition. An ultrasonic cleaner is often used to clean jeweled rings, as it employs high frequency sound waves to break down dirt and oils that have built up over time. Steam cleaners are an effective way to clean jewelry more deeply, as it uses hot steam saturated with jewelry cleaner to lift away dirt particles with ease. Hand polishing is also used by many jewelry stores, using special compounds like pastes, buffing wheels, and cloths to eliminate scratches and tarnish while bringing out the shine of gems or metals. However, when having your jewelry professionally cleaned, it is important to talk with a trusted jeweler first before committing to this process as certain pieces of jewelry might be too delicate or fragile for any level of professional cleaning or might be better off being hand-cleaned instead.

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DIY Cleaning Tips

Jewelry stores usually have professional cleaning tools to help restore luster and shine to your rings. A jeweler will typically have specialized solutions and cleaning machines that use different techniques, and can help refine the beauty of your jewelry. Professional machines such as ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, and Liquid Jewelry Cleaners are often used to clean rings using different methods such as agitation, heat, or a combination of these two technologies.

However, if you want to clean your ring yourself at home there are several DIY tips that you can follow. Firstly, you should use a non-abrasive cloth or brush combined with warm soapy water for most metals. Be sure not to scrub too hard as it might cause an undesired effect on the metal finish or stones. For natural jewels such as emeralds and pearls you should opt for toothpaste rather than regular soap as it is much gentler on the material itself. Toothpaste is also recommended for cleaning gemstones such as sapphires, rubies or diamonds, however because they are much harder stones than pearls they won’t be affected by a bit of scrubbing either with cloth or toothbrush.

If you don’t feel like using chemicals or sprays on your jewelry there are some natural remedies that could work just fine depending on the stubbornness of dirt: soaking in distilled white vinegar with a few drops of liquid detergent for about 30 minutes followed by gentle brushing is an effective cleaning method for removing dirt and oils from rings but also other types of jewels such as necklaces and earrings; denture tablets can also be used instead of your traditional cleaner; even all-natural ingredients like baking soda mixed with lemon juice create a good homemade paste for polishing silver jewelry back to its original luster.


Jewelry stores take great care in cleaning rings to ensure that they are sparkling and looking their best. Depending on the type of ring and the materials it is made of, jewelry stores may employ a variety of methods for cleaning rings. The most common method includes using an ultrasonic cleaner, steamers or both. In addition to mechanical cleaners, chemical solutions and special soaps are also often employed to help clean metal-based rings and stones such as diamonds and gold. When selecting a cleaning solution or process, it’s important to make sure that your solution is safe for your particular metal and gemstones. Additionally, it’s important to be gentle with jewelry when cleaning — harsh treatments can cause damage over time. By exercising caution when selecting a process and being careful during the actual process of cleaning, jewelry stores can provide customers with beautifully cleaned pieces that will last for years to come.

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