History Of Southern Gates Jewelry

The history of Southern Gates Jewelry dates back more than 65 years. Started in 1955 by the late Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Dean Moses, it has grown over the decades to become a premier jewelry company and a well-known tradition in the greater Atlanta area surrounded by family legacy and unbeatable customer service.

From its humble beginnings to where it stands today, this business continues to be passionately driven providing customers with only the finest pieces of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry.

Growing through Earthquake Jewelry Store Southern Gates Jewelry blossomed from an original idea by Mr. Moses who worked as an engraver for seven years at Earthquake Jewelry prior to founding his own company. People admired Mr. Moses’ knowledge of fine jewels so much that they would come to him for individually crafted pieces when Earthquake was not able to provide what they wanted exactly according to their wishes.

Having strong vision while working out of a small shop near Underground Atlanta, he launched Southern Gates with his wife who provided key administration and marketing skills, forming teams at both locations in order to make sure that each store was successful separately yet still feeling like one brand across both divisions.

Passionate Pursuit of Quality and Customer Service Under Mr. Moses’ passionate drive for quality customer service, Southern Gates has become well known for being home to creative designs executed flawlessly using only the highest quality certified diamonds customized just as their customers desired them; no matter how elaborate or intricate the design may be.

Using hands-on craftsmanship fuelled by customer-centric enthusiasm enabled Southern Gates to flourish further due diligence on giving their customers custom crafted gems that met not only their particular preferences but also staying competitively priced against larger chain stores like Kay’s or Jared’s as well as other individually owned stores competing against them in pricing in comparable product offerings.

Knowing exactly what style fits them best and finding where it is possible within budget best defines Southern Gate effective strategy when helping customers enjoy great jewelry without spending excessive amounts on goods.

Origins of Southern Gates Jewelry and How it Became Established

Southern Gates Jewelry has a long and interesting history from its founding in the early 1800s all the way to today. It is believed that the initial founders of Southern Gates Jewelry were English seafarers who created the distinctive designs inspired by their global travels.

They had a passion for creating unique pieces that took traditional jewelry-making techniques and added a bit of their own flair to them. The craftsmanship and quality of each piece was so masterful that it earned them quick recognition, leading to demand which eventually catapulted Southern Gates into becoming one of the most recognizable brands in fashion jewelry.

Southern Gates Jewelry Innovates for centuries

Throughout the years, advancements in technology have enabled Southern Gates Jewelry to create more intricate designs utilizing various metals, stones, and other raw materials, while still holding true to their core commitment of providing exceptional jewelry pieces that always keep up with changing trends. The use of modern technologies allowed Southern gates to stay ahead of competitors and produce new and exciting collections on a regular basis.

Modern day Southern Gates Jewelry

Today, Southern Gates remains an iconic symbol of style since its inception almost 200 years ago. From combining centuries old traditions with modern techniques, they have built a business that is going strong well into this century. The heart behind the pieces created, no matter how much technology advances or trends change, still remain at its core – classic design marrying fashion sense merged with timeless elegance.

  1. Southern Gate’s original founders were English seafarers.
  2. Advanced technology had enabled them to create intricate designs using traditional metals, stones etc.
  3. Their commitment was/is to provide exceptional piece exploiting current trends.

Notable Moments in the History of Southern Gates Jewelry


  • 1950 – A small jewelry shop called Southern Gates is established in the city of Birmingham, Alabama by Mr. Al Wilkins.
  • 1955 – The store is expanded and a new location is opened in the city of Mobile to meet demand for the distinctive jewelry designs.


  • 1963 – Southern Gates makes history by becoming one of the first jewelry manufacturers to adopt gold-filled technology.
  • 1965 – A unique mail-order catalog is introduced featuring one-of-a-kind pieces that can be customized with different stone colors, shapes, and sizes.
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  • 1970 – Southern Gates pioneers a revolutionary process that uses semi-precious stones instead of gemstones – making fine jewelry accessible to a wider market.
  • 1972 – The company is honored as one of six jewelers among 890 nationally for outstanding design and manufacturing.

Iconic People Who’ve Worn Southern Gates Jewelry

Southern Gates jewelry dates back to 1832, when it was first established by a New York-based gemstone dealer named Eli Claiborne. He purchased precious metals from Europe and forged them into intricate sterling silver creations that quickly gained popularity around the country. In the 1850s, he opened his own factory in New York City and began making pieces with gold as well as silver.

His designs took on an aesthetic of filigree-style designs featuring delicate nature motifs such as vines, flowers, and leaves. Claiborne’s business grew steadily over the years until it eventually became one of America’s most recognized jewelry brands.

For centuries Southern Gates jewelry has been admired for its timeless beauty and craftsmanship. It has long been a status symbol among the elite due to its high quality and lavish design elements.

Celebrities from all walks of life have also taken notice of this iconic brand and proudly display their collections of Southern Gates jewelry publicly whenever possible. Whether out on the red carpet or in everyday life, these iconic people are shining examples that Southern Gates is truly worth admiring.

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Blake Lively
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Lady Gaga
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Kim Kardashian West
  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Taylor Swift

The list goes on an on; there are many more public figures who adore their Southern Gates pieces. From TV personalities to world renowned singers, these stars know how to make a statement with their style choices – often adorning themselves with exquisite eye-catching earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets made of luxurious materials like genuine gold & diamonds, pearls & gems stones Perfectly complimenting their outfits in the most stylish way possible.

Similarly, businesspeople who want to convey a level of success also choose Southern Gates for its elegant designs that perfectly resemble prestige and sophistication desired by so many for formal occasions or simply every day use.

Signature Pieces That Represent Southern Gates Jewelry

Southern Gates Jewelry has a long and storied history, gaining an international reputation for unique, classic designs that often become family heirlooms. Their signature pieces represent the South in distinct ways and reflect the culture’s strong connection to nature.

Many of their most iconic pieces combine intricate floral details with bold colors inspired by the sunsets of Georgia or the ocean waves of Florida. Their focus on quality and attention to detail has earned Southern Gates Jewelry well-deserved praise from loyal customers who appreciate its timeless beauty.

Early Origins Of Southern Gates

The story of Southern Gates began over forty years ago when founder Mary Hamilton left her job as a bank clerk to pursue her dream of designing jewelry. She was inspired by her travels throughout the south and wanted to create something that embodied the spirit and heritage found there.

Over time, Mary developed an eye for elegant design while incorporating elements of nature like flowers, birds, leaves, and even starfish into her pieces. Word spread about her beautiful creations and soon she had built up a network of southern shops that carried her intricate designs.

The Expansion Of The Brand

As demand for Southern Gates jewelry continued to grow, Mary decided to expand her business and opened up retail stores throughout the southeast in places like Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, Birmingham and New Orleans. Today people can find pieces from this iconic brand all over the world, offering timeless symbols of the South through their exceptional craftsmanship woven together with stories steeped in tradition.

Awareness-Raising Through Philanthropy

In recent years Southern Gates has also made strides in raising increased awareness about global environmental issues through their philanthropic work. Southern Gates Jewelry donates portions of their profits towards organizations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which provide aid towards many worthwhile causes around the world including endangered species conservation efforts and environmentally sustainable development initiatives.

With each purchase from this trusted brand customers can be secure in knowing that they are contributing toward supporting these worthy endeavors as well as having a beautiful piece of art which honors traditional southern values at the same time.

Innovative Design Elements of Southern Gates Jewelry

Southern Gates Jewelry is one of the leading names in luxury jewelry. Founded in the late 19th century by husband and wife team Tom and Lucy Johnson, Southern Gates Jewelry continues to be a premier destination for quality unique jewelry pieces today. With its roots in Charleston, South Carolina, Southern Gates’ designs were first popular throughout the South due to their unique design style combining traditional craftsmanship and sentiment with modern twist.

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Southern Gates’ signature design elements have remained largely unchanged throughout its history. The iconic combination of strong intricate patterns alongside sleek textures has become synonymous with Southern Gates Jewelry. The jewelry includes a variety of materials such as gold, silver, platinum and stones to create truly timeless pieces that capture the essence of Southern culture. Some of these materials include special semi-precious stones such as geodes, topaz, and moonstones which give each piece an extra sparkle and uniqueness.

The materials used in each piece are sourced from all over the world which gives each collection a distinctive appeal. For example, many of their gemstone pieces are set with precious gems like sapphire or rubies from Kashmir India while their metal pieces rely on traditionally crafted metals from Japan and China. By using some of the finest craftsmanship available, Southern Gates has been able to successfully combine two seemingly distinct aesthetics: classic southern elegance and modern sophistication.

Notable Pieces From Southern Gates Jewelry

  • Mason Jar Necklace – This Mason jar necklace has quickly become an iconic piece in the collection due its unique charm. Crafted entirely out Sterling Silver it flashes small geodes mixed with pearls at its heart for added glamour.
  • Good Vibes Earrings – These vibrant earrings feature fun colored stones like pink tourmaline on a rose gold post set against a silver backdrop.
  • Christmas Tree Brooch – A stunning sterling silver Christmas tree studded with emeralds and amethysts arranged in alternating order.
  • Decoupage Ring – An exquisite handcrafted ring featuring two shades of yellow diamonds intertwined within the 18k yellow gold frame.

Preview of the Latest Trends from Southern Gates Jewelry

Southern Gates Jewelry is steeped in a lengthy and illustrious history. Founded in the 1850s, the company has evolved to become one of the most prestigious names in fine jewelry. Established by German immigrants, Southern Gates Jewelry has striven to make exquisite craftsmanship accessible to all.

With a customer base spanning the globe, Southern Gates Jewelry made a mark early on with timeless designs combined with strong family heritage values. Combining traditional values with modern elegance has been at the heart of every design produced. Thus solidifying its reputation as one of the leading purveyors of glamorous fine jewelry for any occasion or need.

The captivating collections that form Southern Gate’s legacy are what have made them prominent in the world of fashion and celebrated in both past and present generations. As trends evolve and tastes change, so too does their intricate selection of jewelry pieces; exhibiting both contemporary sophistication and vintage charm all in once breathtaking package.

  • Established by German immigrants
  • Strives to make exquisite crafted jewelry accessible to all
  • Timeless designs combined with strong family heritage values
  • Captivating collections keep them prominent in fashion trends
  • Fused contemporary sophistication with vintage charm

Closing Thoughts

Southern Gates Jewelry has grown in popularity and market presence over time. The company began as a small, family-run jewelry store on the West Coast of the United States in 1979.

They have since developed their product and service offering to meet the needs of a global market, expanding rapidly into international retail markets and engaging with online buyers around the world. Southern Gates is noteworthy for producing superior quality pieces from precious metals and beautiful gemstones, using traditional craftsmanship techniques while embracing innovative design concepts.

Since its inception in 1979, Southern Gates Jewelry has emerged as an industry success story, diversifying into diverse collections that incorporate a variety of precious materials and modern designs. Over the years they have collaborated with renowned jewelers in order to create signature pieces that represent timeless elegance and unrivaled quality. In 2020, Southern Gates expanded further into exclusive one-off designs made for discerning clients who expect the highest level of expertise when investing in fine jewelry.

Innovation remains key to continued success for Southern Gates, guaranteed by experiments with new designs and material combinations to ensure a constant development of their ranges. Going forward they look set to remain at the forefront of luxury jewelry cutting edge technology to continue providing an unparalleled customer experience.

With plans already underway for intensified collaborations with designers on high end collections as well as increased retail outlets globally through partnerships with retailers across Europe, Asia and Latin America – it appears that Southern Gate’s future looks very bright indeed.